[10/18/2018] Lawson Ticket Speed Up Award

Lawson Ticket Speed Up Award
Supported by Lawson HMV Entertainment

Awarded to players and teams that help keep games moving at a brisk and interesting pace.

Individual Awards

Pitchers (bases empty)

Central League 三上 朋也 Mikami, Tomoya Yokohama 10.4s
Pacific League 多和田 真三郎 Tawata, Shinsaburo Seibu 11.1s

Hitters (bases empty)

Central League 京田 陽太 Kyoda, Yota Chunichi 11.4s
Pacific League 藤岡 裕大 Fujioka, Yudai Lotte 12.0s

Kyoda is a Special Recognition Player because he won the Speed Up Award for the second straight year. He will not be eligible for the Speed Up Award in 2019.

Team Awards

Nine inning games

Central League 読売ジャイアンツ Yomiuri Giants 3h9m
Pacific League オリックス・バファローズ Orix Buffaloes 3h6m

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