Ginjiro Sumitani 2018 Off-season Updates

Date Updates
12/8/2018 4:03pm – The Lions received a list of protected players from the Yomiru Giants. They have forty days from November 26 to make a decision about their compensation package from the Giants. Sports Hochi 12/8/2018, Tokyo Sports 12/8/2018, Nikkan Sports 12/7/2018
11/25/2018 4:45pm – Ginjiro Sumitani to sign with the Yomiuri Giants … According to Tokyo Sports, the Rakuten Eagles may have also made Sumitani an informal offer. Tokyo Sports 11/24/2018
11/24/2018 3:15am – Senior Director Hisanobu Watanabe told reporters on November 23 that Sumitani told the team he was planning to sign with another team. He will most likely join the Yomiuri Giants. Nikkan Sports 11/23/2018, Sponichi 11/23/2018, Daily Sports 11/23/2018, Sanspo 11/23/2018, Tokyo Sports 11/23/2018
11/17/2018 1:39pm – Sumitani met the Giants at a hotel in Tokyo on November 16. Their meeting last about an hour. The Giants may have offered a three-year deal worth about 600 million yen. They also reportedly passed on a message from Tatsunori Hara. After the meeting Sumitani told reporters he did not think it would take too long for him to make a decision. The Giants apparently feel pretty good about their chances. Daily Sports 11/16/2018, Daily Sports 11/16/2018, Daily Sports 11/17/2018, Sponichi 11/16/2018, Sponichi 11/17/2018, Sports Hochi 11/16/2018, Nikkan Sports 11/16/2018, Tokyo Sports 11/16/2018, Sanspo 11/16/2018, Sanspo 11/17/2018
11/15/2018 12:10pm – Latest offer rumors: Yomiuri three years and about 600 million yen (Nikkan Sports 11/15/2018).
11/9/2018 12:06pm – The Giants might be front runners to land Sumitani because the Eagles no longer seem to be as interested. Sanspo 11/9/2018
11/8/2018 3:15pm – Sumitani filed his option and held a press conference on November 8. He told reporters he struggled with his decision, but ultimately wanted a chance to field offers from other teams. Tokyo Sports 11/8/2018, Sports Hochi 11/8/2018, Daily Sports 11/8/2018, Sponichi 11/8/2018, Nikkan Sports 11/8/2018, Sanspo 11/8/2018 … 4:50am – The Lions announced that Sumitani will exercise his free agent option. Seibu 11/7/2018 … Sumitani’s decision is not necessarily about money, but playing time. Tokyo Sports 11/7/2018 … Sumitani is planning to file on November 8. He is also slated to hold a press conference on the same day. The Lions met with him three times. They feel they made him their best offer. Sponichi 11/7/2018, Sponichi 11/7/2018, Nikkan Sports 11/7/2018, Nikkan Sports 11/7/2018
11/6/2018 11:29pm – The Giants might be the current front runner. Tokyo Sports 11/6/2018 … 3:58am – Sumitani met team officials and November 5. The Lions already offered him a multi-year deal and again asked him to stay. He thanked the team for their offer and said he still wanted to test the free agent waters and planned to exercise his option. Nikkan Sports 11/5/2018, Nikkan Sports 11/5/2018 … The Giants are still very much interested. They have options at catcher (Shinnosuke Abe also wants to do more catching again), but Sumitani could provide more stability. Nikkan Sports 11/5/2018
11/5/2018 The Lions are planning to leave the window open even if Sumitani uses his option. Daily Sports 11/5/2018, Sports Hochi 11/5/2018
11/4/2018 Sumitani is planning to speak to the Lions one more time before making a decision about his option. Nikkan Sports 11/4/2018, Sponichi 11/4/2018, Sports Hochi 11/4/2018
10/31/2018 Senior Director Hisanobu Watanabe told reporters on October 30 that they are negotiating with Sumitani. Right now, he feels they have a 50-50 chance. Daily Sports 10/31/2018, Sports Hochi 10/31/2018, Nikkan Sports 10/31/2018
10/20/2018 The Yomiuri Giants are interested. Sponichi 10/20/2018, Daily Sports 10/20/2018
10/01/2018 The Rakuten Eagles are interested. Sports Hochi 10/1/2018, Sponichi 10/6/2018, Daily Sports 10/14/2018

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