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[3/26/2017] Tomoyuki Sugano could be replaced as opening day starter

Tomoyuki Sugano is still slated to get the opening day start on March 31, but could be replaced if he needs a little more time to rest (not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally) after participating in the World Baseball Classic. If he is replaced, his first start of the regular season will most likely be pushed back to the Yokohama at Yokohama series that begins on April 4.

Source: Sanspo 3/26/2017, Sponichi 3/26/2017


[3/26/2017] Ginjiro Sumitani leaves game after twisting ankle

Ginjiro Sumitani hit a double during his first at bat in the third inning of today’s exhibition game against the Yokohama Bay Stars. He made his way over to third base on a sac bunt, but tumbled over when his foot got stuck in the dirt and lightly twisted his left ankle. He still reached third safely and was replaced by a pinch-runner as a precaution.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/26/2017


[3/26/2017] Takayuki Kishi’s opening day start could be in jeopardy

The Rakuten Eagles announced today that Takayuki Kishi was examined at a hospital in Tokyo and diagnosed with influenza B. He was recently named this year’s opening day starter, but might end up having to miss the game.

Japhet Amador (March 22) and Yuichi Adachi (March 23) are also out with influenza B.

Source: Daily Sports 3/26/2017, Daily Sports 3/26/2017, Sports Hochi 3/26/2017


[3/25/2017] Yuhei Nakamura misses exhibition game against Nippon Ham

Yuhei Nakamura missed today’s exhibition game against the Nippon Ham Fighters at Sapporo Dome because he was not feeling well.

Source: Sanspo 3/25/2017


[3/25/2017] Shogo Akiyama played with fracture in toe

The media learned that Shogo Akiyama participated in the World Baseball Classic with a fracture in his right fifth toe (pinky). He suffered the fracture when he was hit by a pitch during a practice game against Hanshin on March 3. The Seibu Lions were notified immediately after Samurai Japan found out he was hurt.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/25/2017, Nikkan Sports 3/25/2017, Sponichi 3/25/2017

[UPDATE 3/26 @ 9:19pm]

According to reports posted this morning, the fracture was in the fourth toe (the toe next to the pinky).

Source: Daily Sports 3/26/2017, Sponichi 3/26/2017


[3/25/2017] Takuya Kori suffers fissure fracture in wrist

Takuya Kori took a pitch off his left wrist during a Ni-gun game on March 24 and was removed early. The Nippon Ham Fighters announced today Kori was examined at a hospital in Tokyo and diagnosed with a fissure fracture in his left ulnar styloid. He will require about four weeks for a full recovery (he will also need to immobilize the wrist for about two weeks).

Source: Sponichi 3/25/2017, Daily Sports 3/25/2017


[3/24/2017] Shinnosuke Abe overcoming some tightness in his legs

Shinnosuke Abe left a game on March 15 early because of some tightness in his legs. Since then, he has spent most of his time either as a designated hitter or bat off the bench. He may be having trouble adjusting his workload: he took thing slow last year and ended up hurting his right shoulder before the start of the season; he increased his workouts this year and may have ended up overworking himself.

Abe was able to return to the starting line-up yesterday against Nippon Ham and went 0-for-3 (F9, G4, F8, BB).

Source: Tokyo Sports 3/24/2017


[3/23/2017] Hiromi Oka misses game with acute gastroenteritis

Hiromi Oka was not feeling well during practices on March 23. He visited a hospital in Tokyo for tests and was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis. He will remain with the Ichi-gun team.

Source: Sanspo 3/23/2017


[3/23/2017] Tomohiro Anraku out with biceps femoris injury

The Rakuten Eagles announced today that Tomohiro Anraku was diagnosed with an injury to his right biceps femoris and will require six to eight weeks for a full recovery. He suffered the injury during practices before the Yokohama game on March 22.

Source: Daily Sports 3/23/2017, Sponichi 3/23/2017, Nikkan Sports 3/23/2017, Sports Hochi 3/23/2017


[3/23/2017] Seiji Uebayashi leaves game after fouling three pitches off legs

Seiji Uebayashi fouled three pitches off his legs during an at bat in the fourth inning of a game against the Hanshin Tigers earlier tonight (seventh, eighth, and tenth pitches). The at bat lasted thirteen pitches and ended with him striking out. He was replaced on defense in the fifth inning.

Source: Daily Sports 3/23/2017

[UPDATE 3/24 @ 9:55pm]

Uebayashi fouled a ball off the inside part of his right knee. He was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a bruise. He visited the hospital again today for additional tests.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/24/2017

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