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[4/26/2017] Eigoro Mogi misses game with heel pain

Eigoro Mogi did not play in tonight’s game against the Chiba Lotte Marines at Kobo Park Miaygi because of pain in his left heel. He suffered the injury while running the bases during the Lotte game on April 25.

Source: Sanspo 4/26/2017, Sports Hochi 4/26/2017


[4/26/2017] Kenta Ishida has discomfort in left elbow

Kenta Ishida was taken off the active roster today with discomfort in his left elbow. He started having problems with his elbow after his last start on April 22. His schedule moving forward will be set after the team doctor has had a chance to exam him.

Source: Daily Sports 4/26/2017, Sponichi 4/26/2017, Nikkan Sports 4/26/2017


[4/26/2017] Edwin Escobar tosses a bullpen session

Edwin Escobar is currently at Ni-gun. He was scratched from a start against Rakuten on April 14 because of tightness in his right hamstring. He threw forty-four pitches in the bullpen on April 25 and felt good (no pain). It was his first session since his injury. He might be ready to pitch in a rehab game in early May.

Source: Nikkan Sports 4/26/2017


[4/26/2017] Tatsuro Hamada has elbow surgery again

The Chunichi Dragons announced today that Tatsuro Hamada had ablative surgery on his left elbow (ulnar nerve) at a hospital in Aichi on April 25. He had a similar surgery in October last year.

Source: Daily Sports 4/26/2017, Nikkan Sports 4/26/2017, Sports Hochi 4/26/2017


[4/25/2017] Takeya Nakamura misses game with ankle inflammation

The Seibu Lions announced today that Takeya Nakamura was diagnosed with inflammation in his right ankle. His condition is not considered serious. He did not play tonight as a precaution. He is considered day-to-day.

Source: Sports Hochi 4/25/2017, Sponichi 4/25/2017, Nikkan Sports 4/25/2017

[UPDATE 4/26 @ 10:50pm]

Nakamura first started feeling some pain in his right ankle a few days ago. He returned to the starting line-up tonight against Orix at designated hitter and went 0-for-4.

Source: Daily Sports 4/26/2017, Sponichi 4/26/2017


[4/23/2017] Shinnosuke Abe having leg problems

Shinnosuke Abe did not play in Saturday’s (April 22) because pain in his lower half. He did make it into tonight’s game as a pinch-hitter.

Source: Sanspo 4/23/2017


[4/23/2017] Takayuki Kishi late scratch from start

Takayuki Kishi was scratched from his start during line-up exchanges before the start of today’s game against the Softbank Hawks. He was replaced as a precaution after he complained of pain in his lower back during his pre-game bullpen session. He is not expected to be with the team when they travel to Tokyo. The Rakuten Eagles are planning to take a wait and see approach.

Source: Sport Hochi 4/23/2017, Nikkan Sports 4/23/2017, Sponichi 4/23/2017

[UPDATE 4/25 @ 6:48pm]

Kishi did not participate in practices on April 24 and instead rested. His back condition is not considered serious. There are currently no plans for him to get it tested at a hospital. He is considered day-to-day. The Eagles might skip him once in the rotation, depending on his condition. If not, his next start could come on April 30 against Nippon Ham at Sapporo Dome.

Source: Nikkan Sports 4/25/2017, Daily Sports 4/25/2017, Sports Hochi 4/25/2017, Sponichi 4/25/2017


[4/22/2017] Stefen Romero leaves after hurting knee

Stefen Romero crashed into the wall padding in foul territory while attempting to catch a ball in the bottom of the eighth inning. In the process, he slammed his left knee in the base of the wall. He had to be carried off the field on a stretcher. He was taken to a hospital in Chiba for tests.

Source: Nikkan Sports 4/22/2017, Daily Sports 4/22/2017

[UPDATE 4/22 @ 10:52pm]

Romero had x-rays and an MRI. He was diagnosed with a bruise on his left knee. He is considered day-to-day for the time being.

Source: Sports Hochi 4/22/2017

[UPDATE 4/23 @ 6:43pm]

Romero did not play today and returned to Kobe. He will be re-examined at a hospital in Kobe on April 24.

Source: Nikkan Sports 4/23/2017, Sanspo 4/23/2017

[UPDATE 4/25 @ 12:48am]

The Buffaloes announced on April 24 that Romero was examined at a hospital in Kobe and diagnosed with bone contusion in his left femur.

Source: Nikkan Sports 4/24/2017, Daily Sports 4/24/2017

[UPDATE 4/25 @ 6:55pm]

Romero was taken off the active today. He will most likely require about four to five weeks for a full recovery.

Source: Sanspo 4/25/2017, Sponichi 4/25/2017, Sponichi 4/25/2017Nikkan Sports 4/25/2017, Nikkan Sports 4/25/2017Daily Sports 4/25/2017



[4/22/2017] Kazuma Okamoto taken off active roster on April 21

Kazuma Okamoto was taken off the active roster on April 21 because he was not feeling well due to a fever. He did not participate in Ni-gun practices on April 21 and instead rested.

Source: Sponichi 4/22/2017


[4/20/2017] Hisayoshi Chono may have some lower body discomfort

Hisayoshi Chono left the Yakult game on April 19 early (replaced on defense in the fifth inning) because of discomfort in his lower body (legs). However, he has also been struggling at the plate: he got the start in right in the season’s first twelve games, but was then bumped to the bench, where he made three appearances as a pinch-hitter. He returned to the starting line-up on April 19. His early removal on April 19 may have been a mix of issues.

Source: Sanspo 4/20/2017

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Orix 20 14 6 0
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Softbank 23 12 11 0
Lotte 21 6 15 0
Nippon Ham 23 5 18 0
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