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[3/20/2018] Yakult adds Tagawa, Omura to the seventy-man roster

The Yakult Swallows announced today that they added Ikusei players Kengo Tagawa and Hajime Omura to their seventy-man roster. Tagawa’s uniform number will change from 117 to 62, Omura from 120 to 59. They each agreed to contracts worth an estimated five million yen.

Source: Yakult 3/20/2018, Daily Sports 3/20/2018, Sponichi 3/20/2018, Nikkan Sports 3/20/2018


[3/16/2018] Hitoki Iwase, Masahiro Araki lose coaching titles

The Chunichi Dragons announced on March 16 that pitcher/pitching coach Hitoki Iwase and infielder/infield coach Masahiro Araki will no longer be coaches. The team made the decision because the Central League agreement only allows up to eight coaches in the dugout. Iwase and Araki will maintain their duties as coaches.

Source: Sports Hochi 3/16/2018, Nikkan Sports 3/16/2018, Sponichi 3/16/2018


[3/16/2018] Buffaloes add Tsubasa Sakakibara to seventy-man roster

The Orix Buffaloes announced that they added nineteen-year-old Ikusei pitcher Tsubasa Sakakibara to their seventy-man roster. His uniform number will change from 124 to 61.

Source: Orix 3/15/2018, Nikkan Sports 3/15/2018, Daily Sports 3/15/2018, Sponichi 3/16/2018


[3/14/2018] Hanshin Tigers, Seibu Lions agree to trade

The Hanshin Tigers and Seibu Lions announced earlier today that they agreed to a one-for-one player trade. The Tigers will send thirty-one-year-old Daiki Enokida to the Lions for thirty-two-year-old Yosuke Okamoto.

Source: Hanshin 3/14/2018, Seibu 3/14/2018


[3/13/2018] Kotaro Kiyomiya diagnosed with localized peritonitis

Kotaro Kiyomiya left the Ichi-gun team in Hiroshima and returned to Tokyo on the evening of March 12 because he was feeling pain and malaise in his abdominal region over the last few days. The Nippon Ham Fighters announced on March 13 that Kiyomiya was examined at a hospital in Tokyo and diagnosed with localized peritonitis. He will remain in the hospital for treatment until March 15. The Fighters will re-evaluate their plans for him once he returns to the team.

Kiyomiya had been struggling at the plate. In seven exhibition games, he was 0-for-15 with eight strikeouts.

Source: Sanspo 3/13/2018, Sponichi 3/13/2018, Sports Hochi 3/13/2018, Tokyo Sports 3/13/2018, Daily Sports 3/13/2018, Nikkan Sports 3/13/2018

[UPDATE 3/15 @ 12:17am]

Kiyomiya is apparently feeling better and will not require surgery. He is slated to leave the hospital in March 15 and could rejoin practices as early as March 17.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/14/2018, Sanspo 3/14/2018, Sponichi 3/14/2018

[UPDATE 3/16 @ 1:14pm]

Kiyomiya was re-evaluated at the hospital on March 15. The Fighters announced on the same day that they are going to delay his return to the team so that he can continue to receive treatment for his condition. He is improving, but needs more time to heal. He will continue to receive treatment at the hospital after his release on March 16. He will be re-evaluated again some time after March 18.

Source: Daily Sports 3/16/2018, Tokyo Sports 3/16/2018, Sponichi 3/16/2018, Sports Hochi 3/16/2018

[UPDATE 3/20 @ 10:08pm]

Kiyomiya has decided to go with conservative treatment because his condition continues to improve. He is still in the hospital and might be able to check out completely some time this weekend. He started eating and resumed light workouts today.

Source: Tokyo Sports 3/20/2018, Nikkan Sports 3/20/2018, Nikkan Sports 3/20/2018, Sponichi 3/20/2018, Sponichi 3/20/2018


[3/9/2018] Koji Uehara to sign with the Yomiuri Giants

The Yomiuri Giants announced today that they reached an agreement with forty-two-year-old Koji Uehara. He was assigned the uniform number 11. A press conference is scheduled for later today.

Source: Sponichi 3/9/2018, Daily Sports 3/9/2018, Sports Hochi 3/9/2018, Nikkan Sports 3/9/2018

[UPDATE 3/9 @ 9:58pm]

The Giants held a press conference for Uehara at a hotel in Tokyo today. He is set to join the Ni-gun team at Giants Stadium for practices on March 10. According to media reports, he agreed to a one-year contract worth an estimated 200 million yen plus incentives. The contract also includes a signing bonus worth an estimated 100 million yen.

Source: Yomiuri 3/9/2018, Sponichi 3/9/2018, Tokyo Sports 3/9/2018, Nikkan Sports 3/9/2018, Sanspo 3/9/2018


[3/7/2018] Hiroshima signs Tavarez, Franzua to Ikusei contracts

The Hiroshima Carp announced that they signed two Carp Academy players to Ikusei contracts: twenty-three-year-old right-handed pitcher Yohan Tavarez and twenty-four-year-old left-handed pitcher Geronimo Franzua. Tavarez was assigned the uniform number 142, Franzua the uniform number 143. According to media reports, the two agreed to Ikusei contract worth an estimated 2.3 million yen.

Source: Hiroshima 3/7/2018 (Tavarez), Hiroshima 3/7/2018 (Franzua), Daily Sports 3/7/2018


[3/7/2018] Starting pitcher announcements for CL Climax Series

A number of issues were approved during NPB meetings on Monday. Among them:

  • Inter-league play will continue in 2019 and 2020 using the current format (eighteen games per team).
  • The Central League will use starting pitcher announcements for the Climax Series, beginning this season.

Source: Sanspo 3/5/2018, Daily Sports 3/5/2018


[3/2/2018] Chunichi to sign Ariel Martinez to Ikusei contract

The Chunichi Dragons announced on March 2 that they are going to sign twenty-one-year-old Cuban catcher Ariel Martinez to an Ikusei contract. He was assigned the uniform number 210. Martinez is scheduled to arrive in Japan on March 10.

Source: Chunichi 3/2/2018, Nikkan Sports 3/2/2018, Daily Sports 3/2/2018, Sports Hochi 3/2/2018


Hiroya Shimamoto: Did You Know


The Hanshin Tigers announced on March 1, 2018 that Shimamoto filed marriage papers with a twenty-five-year-old woman from Fukuoka.

Source: Hanshin 3/1/2018, Nikkan Sports 3/1/2018, Daily Sports 3/1/2018

NPB Standings [Full]
Hiroshima 143 88 51 4
Hanshin 143 78 61 4
Yokohama 143 73 65 5
Yomiuri 143 72 68 3
Chunichi 143 59 79 5
Yakult 143 45 96 2
Softbank 143 94 49 0
Seibu 143 79 61 3
Rakuten 143 77 63 3
Orix 143 63 79 1
Nippon Ham 143 60 83 0
Lotte 143 54 87 2
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