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[9/4/2017] Umpire School in Ishinomaki

The NPB and the Baseball Federation of Japan will be holding an Umpire School in Ishinomaki between November 25 (Sat) and 26 (Sun). Eighty spots available. The fee will be 6,000 yen for no accommodations and 15,000 yen for accommodations. Anyone over eighteen can apply. Registration will be open until noon October 10 (Tue). People residing in or near the Ishinomaki area will have higher priority.

Note: this is not a replacement for the NBP Umpire School that usually takes place in December.

Source: NPB 9/4/2017


[8/7/2017] Suntory Dream Match 2017

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R
Dream Heroes 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 4
Premium Malts 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 0 x 5

The Suntory Dream Match 2017 took place at Tokyo Dome on August 7 (Mon).

Dream Heroes Scoring Details

  • First inning: RBI single to center by G.G. Sato
  • Third inning: solo home run by Teppei
  • Fourth inning: Ken Kato reaches on E6 (throwing?) as run scores
  • Fifth inning: RBI double to center by Takeshi Yamasaki

Premium Malts Scoring Details

  • Fifth inning: RBI single to right by Shinya Miyamoto; RBI single to right by Kazunori Shinozuka; two-run single to right by Atsunori Inaba; Norihiro Nakamura reaches on E5 (throwing?) as run scores.


  • MVP Award: Atsunori Inaba
  • Fighting Spirit Award: Teppei
  • Beam Award: Takahiro Suzuki

[3/31/2017] Kenjiro Nomura to attend Hiroshima University’s Graduate School of Education

Former Hiroshima Carp manager Kenjiro Nomura will begin attending Hiroshima University’s Graduate School of Education in April. He will be enrolled in a doctoral program in Health and Sports Sciences.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/31/2017


[3/27/2017] Kensuke Uchimura still playing baseball

Thirty-one-year-old Kensuke Uchimura has not yet officially retired from baseball. He was released by the Yokohama Bay Stars last year and tried to find a new home by attending the twelve team tryouts in November, but did not receive any offers from NPB teams. He did receive an offer from JFAM Corporation and began working for them in January this year. He is also playing shortstop for the company team, REVENGE99.

Source: Sponichi 3/27/2017


[3/19/2017] Kenshin Kawakami to retire

Forty-one-year-old Kenshin Kawakami has decided to retire. He has not played for a team since he left the Chunichi Dragons in 2015. He was attempting to make a comeback from reconstructive surgery on his right shoulder, but things did not work out as planned for the forty-one-year-old pitcher.

Kawakami was drafted by the Chunichi in 1997. He exercised his international free agent option in 2008 and spent three seasons with the Atlanta Braves. He returned to the Dragons in 2012 and remained in the organization until his departure in October 2015.

Source: Sponichi 3/19/2017, Nikkan Sports 3/19/2017

[UPDATE 3/26 @ 10:08pm]

Kawakami is slated to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before a Hiroshima vs Chunichi game at Nagoya Dome on April 5.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/25/2017, Sponichi 3/25/2017


[2/27/2017] Yoshihiro Ito to attend Nippon Taiiku University’s graduate program

Yoshihiro Ito got into Nippon Taiiku University’s graduate program. He is planning to study coaching while working on a teaching license and master’s degree.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/27/2017


[1/25/2017] Dae-Ho Lee to return to the Lotte Giants (KBO)

Former Softbank Hawk Dae-Ho Lee has decided to return to the Lotte Giants with a four-year contract worth an estimated fifteen billion won (or about 1.5 billion yen). Lee started his professional career with the Lotte Giants in 2001. He spent four years in the NPB (Orix between 2012 and 2013 and Softbank between 2014 and 2015) before signing with the Seattle Mariners in 2016.

Source: Sponichi 1/25/2017


[1/24/2017] Ricardo Nanita has TJ surgery, wants to return to NPB in 2018

The media learned today that former Chunichi Dragon Ricardo Nanita had Tommy John surgery on January 12. He is hoping to recover in time to play winter ball later this year with his eye on a possible return to the NPB in 2018.

Nanita signed with Chunichi in December 2014. Injuries limited him to fifty-two games in 2015 (lower back, left elbow). He played in ninety-two games in 2016 and recorded a twenty game hitting streak between April and May. He was let go after the season.

Source: Sports Hochi 1/24/2017


[1/16/2017] Five elected into the Hall of Fame

Players Division

Committee Members 345
Voting Members 334
Valid Votes 333
Required Votes (75%) 250

Vote Results

Name JPN Name ENG Votes Percentage
伊東 勤 Ito, Tsutomu 265 79.6%
立浪 和義 Tatsunami, Kazuyoshi 217 65.2%
高津 臣吾 Takatsu, Shingo 158 47.4%
佐藤 義則 Sato, Yoshinori 155 46.5%
川相 昌弘 Kawai, Masahiro 133 39.9%
野村 謙二郎 Nomura, Kenjiro 132 39.6%
T.ローズ Rhodes, Tuffy 122 36.6%
桑田 真澄 Kuwata, Masumi 114 34.2%
田口 壮 Taguchi, So 65 19.5%
佐々岡 真司 Sasaoka, Shinji 51 15.3%
松永 浩美 Matsunaga, Hiromi 38 11.4%
赤星 憲広 Akahoshi, Norihiro 29 8.7%
斉藤 和巳 Saito, Kazumi 18 5.4%
小林 雅英 Kobayashi, Masahide 9 2.7%
豊田 清 Toyoda, Kiyoshi 2 0.6%
佐伯 貴弘 Saeki, Takahiro 1 0.3%

Expert Division

Committee Members 120
Voting Members 113
Valid Votes 112
Required Votes (75%) 84

Vote Results

Name JPN Name ENG Votes
星野 仙一 Hoshino, Senichi 88
平松 政次 Hiramatsu, Masaji 84
原 辰徳 Hara, Tatsunori 62
権藤 博 Gondo, Hiroshi 59
R.バース Bass, Randy 40
土橋 正幸 Dobashi, Masayuki 30
田淵 幸一 Tabuchi, Koichi 29
大沢 啓二 Osawa, Keiji 26
長池 徳士 Nagaike, Tokuji 15
新井 宏昌 Arai, Hiromasa 11
中畑 清 Nakahata, Kiyoshi 11
岡田 彰布 Okada, Akinobu 8
郭 源治 Kaku, Genji 5
山下 大輔 Yamashita, Daisuke 3

Special Division

Committee Members 14
Voting Members 14
Valid Votes 14
Required Votes (75%) 11

Voting Results

Name JPN Name ENG Votes
郷司 裕 Goshi, Hiroshi 12
鈴木 美嶺 Suzuki, Mirei 12
脇村 春夫 Wakimura, Haruo 7
瀧 正男 Taki, Masao 4
岡田 功 Okada, Isao 2
谷村 友一 Tanimura, Tomoichi 2
神田 順治 Kanda, Junji 1
前田 祐吉 Maeda, Yukichi 1
石井 連藏 Ishii, Renzo 0
松原 徹 Matsubara, Toru 0

Source: NPB announcement, HoF announcement, HoF Press Release (pdf, English), HoF Player Bios (Japanese)


[1/12/2017] New rules on dangerous slides to break up double plays

The Japan Baseball Rules Committee met in Tokyo on January 11 to discuss rule changes. Among the changes:

  • dangerous slides – runners will be expected to perform proper slides (does not change course to purposely come into contact with the fielder, tries to stay on the base after the slide) into bases. Both the runner and batter will be out when interference is called. Additional details for pro rules will be decided on January 23. Equivalent changes were added to amateur rules in 2014.
  • if a fielder ends up into the dugout after catching a ball in foul territory, the ball will become dead and the runners will be awarded a base.

Source: Nikkan Sports 1/11/2017Daily Sports 1/12/2017, Sponichi 1/12/2017