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[11/24/2018] Any sports-loving iOS/Android coders out there?

Are any sports-loving iOS/Android coders out there currently looking for a job? I have a project that might be of some interest to you. If you live in Japan, have experience coding and deploying iOS/Android apps, and enjoy watching all kinds of sports (especially baseball), please drop me a line at jobs_eng[at] Please include a resume or CV, as well as real-world examples (if available).


A note about today’s draft

I was hoping to live blog the draft again this year, but due to scheduling issues beyond my control (I have a meeting and I have to pick-up my daughter from day care), I probably won’t be able to provide any real-time updates. If I have time, I might be able to get in some of the later rounds, but I can’t say for sure. I will, however, post the final results after the draft. I will also try to include individual player grades from the various media outlets.

On a side note, I do apologize for a slower posting schedule this season. I know some people were upset that I wasn’t posting full box scores this year and wasn’t really covering the high school tournaments as much. There are good reasons for this, but I can’t really get into them right now. All I can say is that this isn’t a sign that I’m about to close the site and that if anything, things should be much better next season. There are a lot of exciting developments going on in the background and I’m hoping to post a little bit about them some time during the upcoming off-season. So don’t give up on this site just yet!


[3/31/2017] Happy 2017 Opening Day

NPB players and rosters have been updated for the 2017 season. Sorry for the delay.

Players and rosters for other leagues have not yet been updated.


Thank you and Happy New Year