Reply To: Can the Carp clinch tonight?



The Carp began taking apart the celebration area The 4800 bottles of beer and two barrels of sake were removed from the celebration area some time during the seventh inning, after the Giants finalized their victory over the Tigers. The Carp are now making preparations for a celebration at their hotel in Tokyo.

If the Carp clinch first place on their day off today, they will celebrate with beer, but will save doage celebrations (tossing people into the air) until they return to Mazda Stadium on September 15. If they clinch over the weekend, they will perform doage celebrations on the field.

Team owner Hajime Matsuda will be in Tokyo for an owner meeting on September 12. He will arrive in Tokyo on September 11.

Source: Sponichi 9/9/2016, Daily Sports 9/9/2016