Climax Series, Nippon Series revenue

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    For those interested about Climax Series and Nippon Series revenue, Tokyo Sports posted a piece on how money will be broken up this year, from the point of view of the Yokohama Bay Stars.

    The Bay Stars will not receive any ticket or broadcast revenue during the Climax Series because all of it goes to the home team. Ticket/broadcast revenue for the First Stage of the Climax series is estimated at about 200 million yen per game. All of that will go to the Yomiuri Giants. Yokohama will some money to cover expenses, about one million yen per game.

    The story is a little different for the Nippon Series, since the NPB will be handling the revenue and the sharing. In the past, winners have received about 120 million yen and losers about 75 million yen.

    The Bay Stars can generate some revenue from merchandise and food if they host their own public viewings.

    Source: Tokyo Sports 10/12/2016

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