Legends vs West Africa?


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    I don’t remember where I found this, I didn’t know Japan had many African baseball players to be able to organize this.




    Can someone please translate the article in the first post?



    The link to the article you posted expired, but I did find another article at the Nippon Ham Fighters website.

    I won’t translate the article word-for-word, but here are the basic details.

    A number of players from West Africa are visiting Japan under something called the West Africa Baseball Project. As part of that project, a team of Nippon Ham Fighter old timers played an exhibition game against the team from West Africa on July 17 at Muroran Shin Nittetsu Sumikin Stadium in Hokkaido. Over 2,000 people attended the game. The Nippon Ham Fighter old timers beat West Africa 10-2.

    There is also a Japanese site about the West Africa Baseball Project. The team is playing a number of exhibition games in Japan between June 27 and August 2. The site also has a list of players on the West Africa team.

    Kafando Hamidou
    Ouedoraogo Nombanba Moussa
    Bonkoungou Aboubaker Kader
    Sanon Hamidou
    Dao Moustapha
    Sanou Farice Ussene
    Sanfo Lassina *play for an Independent League team in for Kochi
    Mwssanh Yao Raphael
    Konkpe Gogoua Juste
    Michael Aklesi
    Henry Kotei Nikoi
    Sawadogo Boukare

    I just copied and pasted the names from the site, so any spelling mistakes are not mine.

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