Rumor: Matt Murton and Yokohama

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    I considered making an actual post out of this, but thought it might be more interesting as a forum post.

    Sankei Shimbun, via Yahoo Sports, mentions a baseball insider that feels Murton might approach his agent some time in mid-May with a request to see if any teams in the NPB are interested in his services. The insider also believes Murton might be happy to sign for about one billion yen plus incentives. It would only be about a fourth of what he made with Hanshin, but well more than his current minor league deal (not just in terms of money, but also playing conditions as well).

    Yokohama could be a possibility. A ZakZak article posted today reveals that the Bay Stars are thinking about adding another foreign player. If they do, their priority will be players with past NPB experience. Adding a bat like Murton could give the Yokohama offense a nice boost.

    Source: Sankei Shimbun 4/19/2016, ZakZak 4/22/2016



    Looks like Murton is playing pretty regularly for the Iowa Cubs so far.
    Are the Japanese media only speculating or did Murton or his agent indicate anything?
    The Chi. Cubs are a competitive team this year, if I were Murton I’d stick it out at AAA.
    You never know when injuries will happen, he could be part of a MLB pennant race.



    As far as I can tell, it’s just speculation at this point (although it does seem as though Yokohama would be interested if Murton became available).

    Incidentally, for those curious, Murton’s numbers at Yokohama Stadium:

    Yokohama Stadium
    2015 16-for-58, .276/.311/.362
    2014 16-for-44, .364/.408/.455
    2013 20-for-48, .417/.509/.750
    2012  6-for-29, .207/.258/.276
    2011 18-for-50, .360/.373/.520
    2010 14-for-47, .298/.365/.362
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    A new ZakZak report mentions that the Buffaloes are interested in Murton. They are also interested in former Carp Rainel Rosario.

    Source: ZakZak 5/12/2016

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