[10/11/2016] Softbank Hawks interested in Alfredo Despaigne

The Softbank Hawks are interested in thirty-year-old Alfredo Despaigne. Adding a power bat this winter is reportedly a top priority for the organization.

Despaigne finished out the second year of a two-year deal with Lotte this season. He has already told reporters that he would like to return to the Marines next year, however, the decision is not his to make. If Softbank makes a strong offer, they might be able to sway Cuban baseball officials to take their deal.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/11/2016


[10/11/2016] Yomiuri Giants interested in Casey McGehee

According to a report by Daily Sports, thirty-three-year-old Casey McGehee is interested in returning to Japan next year. The Yomiuri Giants are apparently interested.

Source: Daily Sports 10/11/2016

[UPDATE 11/7 @ 2:15am]

The Hanshin Tigers are also interested.

Source: Sponichi 11/7/2016


[10/11/2016] Softbank Hawks possible starters for Final Stage

Possible starting pitchers for the Final Stage of the Climax Series:

vs Nippon Ham 2016 G GS W L IP H SO BB R ER ERA WHIP
Takeda, Shota 3 3 0 2 17.1 25 13 7 12 12 6.23 1.85
Nakata, Kenichi 2 2 0 2 9.0 9 8 4 6 5 5.00 1.44
Senga, Kodai 5 5 1 2 33.1 24 45 10 31 12 3.24 1.02
van den Hurk, Rick 3 3 1 1 19.0 15 18 6 12 11 5.21 1.11
Settsu, Tadashi 1 1 0 0 7.0 5 5 2 3 3 3.86 1.00


  • If the Final Stage goes to six games, Takeda will most likely get the start on four days of rest.
  • Nao Higashihama will be used in relief.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/11/2016, Sponichi 10/11/2016


[10/11/2016] Hiroki Kuroda might have some shoulder discomfort

Hiroki Kuroda may have developed some discomfort in his right shoulder while playing catch during practices at Mazda Stadium on October 10. He temporarily stopped playing catch for treatment (massage) and resumed by playing catch at a distance of about sixty meters.

Kuroda is projected to start the third game of the Final Stage. It is uncertain if the shoulder will keep him from the start. However, it should also be noted that he told reporters the discomfort was nothing new and not a problem.

Source: Sports Hochi 10/11/2016, Daily Sports 10/11/2016


[10/11/2016] Hiroyasu Tanaka to leave Yakult organization

Thirty-four-year-old Hiroyasu Tanaka held a press conference at the Yakult Swallows’ team office on October 11 to announce his decision to leave the organization because he wants to continue playing. The Swallows told Tanaka they no longer needed him as a player and offered him a job as a coach.

The following comment from Tanaka was posted to the Swallows’ website:

I spent twelve years in the Yakult organization. I want to express my gratitude [to everyone] including team officials. Tough veterans and energetic young players, everything was a great experience. And most of all, the fans that cheered through good and bad times, kept me going. I do not know what the future holds, but I hope to use my experiences to guide me.

Source: Yakult announcement 10/11/2016, Sponichi 10/11/2016


[10/11/2016] Sapporo City to hold Pennant Parade for Nippon Ham on 11/20

Sapporo Mayor Katsuhiro Akimoto announced during a general press conference on October 11 that the city is planning to hold a parade to celebration Nippon Ham’s Pacific League Pennant on November 20. Additional details will be decided after a committee is selected.

Source: Sapporo Announcement, Sponichi 10/11/2016


2017 Yomiuri Giants Coaching Staff Rumors

The Yomiuri Giants are planning to reassign Ni-gun Batting Coach Tomohiro Nioka to Ichi-gun batting coach. Current Ichi-gun Batting Coach Junzo Uchida will be reassigned to roving farm batting coach.

The Giants are not planning to make any other major changes to the coaching staff (head coach, pitching coaches, battery coaches, fielding/base coaches).

Source: Sponichi 10/11/2016, Nikkan Sports 10/11/2016, Daily Sports 10/11/2016

Ichi-gun pitching coach Kiyoshi Toyoda could be re-assigned to Ni-gun.

Source: Sponichi 10/12/2016

The Giants are planning to go with three pitching coaches next season. Pitching Coach Takao Obana will be joined by Ni-gun Pitching Coaches Kazuya Tabata and Yuji Kimura. Kimura will also act as a training coach.

Ni-gun Batting Coach Tomohiro Nioka is set to be reassigned to Ichi-gun as well.

Source: Sponichi 10/22/2016


[10/11/2016] Noriyuki Makihara to sing national anthem before Game 1 of CL Final Stage

The Hiroshima Carp announced on October 11 that Noriyuki Makihara will sing the national anthem before the first game of the Final Stage of the Climax Series on October 12. Katsuya Kobayashi is set to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

Source: Hiroshima announcement 10/11


[10/11/2016] Final Stage Public Viewing at Yokohama Stadium

The Yokohama Bay Stars announced on October 11 that they will be hosting a public viewing at Yokohama Stadium for the Final Stage of the Climax Series.

Dates Times Gates Open Venue
10/12 Wed 18:00 17:00 – end of the game 17:00 Yokohama Stadium
10/13 Thu 18:00 17:00 – end of the game 17:00 Yokohama Stadium
10/14 Fri 18:00 17:00 – end of the game 17:00 Yokohama Stadium
10/15 Sat 13:30 To be decided
10/16 Sun 13:30 To be decided
10/17 Mon 18:00 To be decided


  • Subject to change without any notice
  • Addmission: free
  • Entrance: Gates 3 and 4
  • Seats: Infield Stands (excluding some areas)

Source: Yokohama announcement 10/11


2017 Seibu Lions Coaching Staff


Position  Name JPN Name ENG Age
Manager* 辻 発彦 Tsuji, Hatsuhiko 57
Position Player Coach* 橋上 秀樹 Hashigami, Hideki 50
Pitching Coach 土肥 義弘 Doi, Yoshihiro 40
Pitching Coach 森 慎二 Mori, Shinji 42
Battery Coach* 秋元 宏作 Akimoto, Kosaku 48
Batting Coach 嶋 重宣 Shima, Shigenobu 40
Batting Coach 阿部 真宏 Abe, Masahiro 38
Infield/Base Coach* 馬場 敏史 Baba, Toshifumi 51
Outfield/Base Coach 佐藤 友亮 Sato, Tomoaki 38


Position  Name JPN Name ENG Age
Manager* 潮崎 哲也 Shiozaki, Tetsuya 47
Position Player/Batting Coach 高木 浩之 Takagi, Hiroyuki 43
Pitching Coach* 西口 文也 Nishiguchi, Fumiya 44
Pitching Coach 清川 栄治 Kiyokawa, Eiji 55
Battery Coach* 野田 浩輔 Noda, Kosuke 38
Infield/Base Coach 黒田 哲史 Kuroda, Satoshi 41
Batting/Outfield/Base Coach* 赤田 将吾 Akada, Shogo 36
Ikusei Coach* 星 孝典 Hoshi, Takanori 34

Training Coaches

Position  Name JPN Name ENG Age
Training Coach 坂元 忍 Sakamoto, Shinobu 41
Training Coach 里 隆文 Sato, Takafumi 34
Training Coach 黒川 春樹 Kurokawa, Haruki 34
Training Coach* 工藤 建太 Kudo, Kenta 41

* New to the position in 2017

2016 Ni-gun Manager Hisanori Yokota was named Farm Director by the Lions on October 13. 2016 Farm Director Tetsu Suzuki was reassigned to chief pro scout.

Source: Seibu 10/11, Seibu 10/13

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