[9/7/2016] 2016 Iwate Kokutai (National Sports Festival) Schedule, Rubber Baseball Division

Gm Date Time Venue   Score  
First Round
1 10/02 09:40 Yamada 仙台商
Sendai Shogyo
5-4 柳井商工
Yanai Shoko
2 10/02 12:00 Yamada 専大北上
Senshu Daigaku Kitagami
3-2 登別明日中教校
Noboribetsu Akebi Chuto Kyoiku Gako
Second Round
3 10/02 14:20 Yamada 桜丘
6-2 上田西
Ueda Nishi
4 10/03 10:00 Yamada 作新学院
Sakushin Gakuin
1-2 天理
5 10/03 09:00 Yamada 早大学院
SoDai Gakuin
5-1 仙台商
Sendai Shogyo
6 10/03 12:30 Yamada 専大北上
Senshu Daigaku Kitagami
3-1 文徳
7 10/04 10:00 Yamada 早大学院
SoDai Gakuin
2-1 桜丘
8 10/04 12:30 Yamada 天理
8-2 専大北上
Senshu Daigaku Kitagami
9 10/05 10:00 Yamada 早大学院
SoDai Gakuin
0-4 天理

[9/7/2016] Dennis Sarfate racks up fortieth save of the year

Dennis Sarfate notched his fortieth save of the year during tonight’s game against the Orix Buffaloes at YafoOku Dome and became the first pitcher in Pacific League history to save forty or more games in back-to-back seasons (41 last year).

Hiroki Iwase recorded forty or more saves in consecutive seasons twice: in three consecutive seasons between 2005 and 2007 (46, 40, 43) and in two consecutive seasons between 2009 and 2010 (41, 42).

Source: Sponichi 9/7/2016, Nikkan Sports 9/7/2016


[9/7/2016] Sachiya Yamasaki out with left shoulder injury

Sachiya Yamasaki was taken off the active roster today because of left shoulder injury.

Yamasaki started a game against the Nippon Ham Fighters on September 4. He developed pain near his left side the following day on September 5. He was examined at a hospital in Kobe on September 6 and diagnosed with an injury to his left subscapularis. There is a good chance he will miss the rest of the season.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/7/2016, Daily Sports 9/7/2016, Sports Hochi 9/7/2016


[9/7/2016] Preliminary details for 89th Spring Koshien

The Steering Committee for the 89th Spring Koshien met in Osaka today to go over details of next year’s tournament.

  • Date: Twelve days beginning on March 19 (includes day off)
  • Venue: Koshien Stadium
  • Number of Schools: 32 slots
    • 28 x general slots
      • 1 x Hokkaido
      • 2 x Tohoku
      • 6 x Kanto/Tokyo
      • 2 x Tokai
      • 2 x Hokushinetsu
      • 6 x Kinki
      • 5 x Chugoku/Shikoku
      • 4 x Kyushu
    • 3 x twenty-first century slots
    • 1 x  Jingu Tournament winner slot
  • Schools will be selected by a Selection Committee on January 27, 2017
  • Bracket Lottery will be held on March 10, 2017

Source: Daily Sports 9/7/2016


[9/7/2016] Hiroshima Carp making preparations for a celebration

The Hiroshima Carp have prepared 4,800 500-milliliter bottles of beer at Mazda Stadium in case they clinch first place during their current homestand. The Yakult Swallows prepared 1,000 and Softbank 3,000 last year. Hanshin and Rakuten prepared 5,000 in 2005 and 2013, respectively.

If the Carp clinch at Mazda Stadium (September 8), they will celebrate in an indoor parking lot under the concourse area on the first base side. They are also planning to hold a press conference on the field in front of fans.

The team will travel to Tokyo on September 9 ahead of a two-game series against the Yomiuri Giants at Tokyo Dome (September 10, 11). If they clinch on September 9, they will hold a celebration at their hotel in Tokyo after practices.

The Carp have also prepared about 30,000 Central League Championship t-shirts that will go on sale at team shops the day after they clinch first.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/6/2016, Nikkan Sports 9/6/2016, Sponichi 9/6/2016, Sanspo 9/6/2016


[9/6/2016] Softbank Hawks could hold a tryout in Latin America

The Softbank Hawks are thinking about holding tryouts in Latin America after finding success with Robert Suarez. Softbank’s overseas scout spotted Suarez playing in the Mexican League last year. He signed with the Hawks in November 2015 and immediately provided them with help out of the bullpen.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/6/2016


[9/6/2016] New turf to be installed at Kyocera Dome

According to a report by Sponichi, new turf will be installed at Kyocera Dome during the upcoming off-season. The turf was last replaced in 2011 and was considered, at the time, soft and similar to natural grass. However, baseballs also bounced higher off the turf compared to other stadium. The players voiced their opinions during the off-season last year and the Buffaloes apparently decided to comply.

Source: Sponichi 9/6/2016


[9/6/2016] Ryosuke Kikuchi asks fans not to do the wave

Nikkan Sports is carrying an article about Ryosuke Kikuchi asking fans not to do the wave because it makes the ball difficult to see.

I know everyone is excited, but please do not do the wave while the ball is in play. It makes the ball harder to see…

Incidentally, the Hiroshima Carp website includes the following note about waves during pro yakyu games at Mazda Stadium:

Please do not take the lead in “wave” (wave-like) cheering or wave cheering.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/6/2016


[9/6/2016] Hayato Sakamoto out of the starting line-up because of pain in calf

Hayato Sakamoto was left out of the starting line-up against the Hanshin Tigers at Koshien Stadium on September 6 because of pain in his left calf. Sakamoto fouled a pitch off the same area of his leg during a game against the Chunichi Dragons on September 4.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/6/2016


[9/6/2016] Nippon Ham Fighters to add Yuki Saito to active roster

Yuki Saito joined the Ichi-gun team for workouts in Sapporo on August 6. The Nippon Ham Fighters are planning to add Saito to the active roster on September 7. They will most likely him as a long man out of the bullpen.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/6/2016

NPB Standings [Full]
Hiroshima 143 88 51 4
Hanshin 143 78 61 4
Yokohama 143 73 65 5
Yomiuri 143 72 68 3
Chunichi 143 59 79 5
Yakult 143 45 96 2
Softbank 143 94 49 0
Seibu 143 79 61 3
Rakuten 143 77 63 3
Orix 143 63 79 1
Nippon Ham 143 60 83 0
Lotte 143 54 87 2
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