[8/10/2016] 98th Summer Koshien: Day 4

08:00 1 関東第一
Kanto Ichiko
Higashi Tokyo
1-2 広島新庄
Hiroshima Shinjo
10:30 2 京都翔英
Kyoto Shoei
1-9 樟南
13:00 3 星稜
2-8 市和歌山
Shiritsu Wakayama
15:30 4 花咲徳栄
Hanasaki Tokuharu
6-1 大曲工
Omagari Kogyo




[8/10/2016] Chunichi Dragons Managerial Situation Update

Updates for the Chunichi Dragons’ managerial situation, from August 10:

  • Motonobu Tanishige was said to have signed a four-year deal, but it seems as though he may have been working year-to-year.
  • There was a rift between Tanishige and General Manager Hiromitsu Ochiai that never went away. Ochiai often got his way over Tanishige, leaving the latter without much say over coaching assignments and player decisions. It also led to problems between Tanishige and the coaching staff — the only person he really trusted was Fielding Coach Takahiro Saeki.
  • Chunichi Dragons’ President Takao Sasaki told reporters the organization had him to step down at this point during the season because they received a lot strongly worded messages from fans after the All-Star break and they felt they were at a breaking point where something needed to be done.
  • Sasaki stopped short of assigning responsibility to other parties, i.e. Ochiai, but did say that they would continue to evaluate everyone’s performance.
  • Ni-gun Manager Michihiro Ogasawara may be the current front-runner to take over as manager in 2017.

Source: Sports Hochi 8/10/2016, Nikkan Sports 8/10/2016Nikkan Sports 8/10/2016, Nikkan Sports 8/10/2016Sponichi 8/10/2016, Sponichi 8/10/2016

[UPDATE 8/11 @ 11:55am]

The Dragons received a number of calls from fans that were wondering why the organization wanted to place all the blame on Tanishige and not on other officials, like Ochiai. There were also some calls asking why Ochiai was not named interim manager over Head Coach Shigekazu Mori.

Source: Sports Hochi 8/11/2016

[UPDATE 8/30 @ 2:50pm]

Tanishige may have been working year-to-year, but the Dragons publicly spoke about giving him at least four years and will most likely be paying him for the fourth year to avoid any problems. They are said to be discussing options.

Tanishige has already left his home in Nagoya and returned to his family in Yokohama.

Source: Sports Hochi 8/30/2016


[8/10/2016] Mizuno MVP of the Month Awards for July

Eastern League

Takahiro Kakizawa, Rakuten
16 G, 21-for-41, 0 HR, 9 RBI, 1 SB, .477 BA

Kakizawa played mostly second base in July. He led the league in batting average. He played a big part in the team’s 11-6 finish in July. He was added to the seventy-man roster on July 31.

Western League

Go Kamamoto, Softbank
18 G, 24-for-69, 0 HR, 12 RBI, 4 SB, .400 BA

Kamamoto made the starting line-up in sixteen of his team’s eighteen games in July. He led the league in batting average and hits. He was tied for first in RBI and stolen bases. His on base percentage (.456) and slugging percentage (.583) were also top in the league.


[8/10/2016] Toshiya Sugiuchi throws eighty-six pitches in Ni-gun start

Toshiya Sugiuchi (right hip) started a Ni-gun game against Nippon Ham at Giants Stadium on August 9. He gave up two runs on five hits, including a solo home run, over five innings of work. He faced twenty hitters, threw eighty-six pitches, struck out six, and topped out at 136km/h. This was his fourth rehab game. He is scheduled to start another Ni-gun game on August 16 against Yakult at Tokyo Dome.

Source: Nikkan Sports 8/10/2016, Sponichi 8/10/2016


[8/9/2016] Yuki Nishi limited to five innings because of back pain

Yuki Nishi left tonight’s (August 9) game against the Softbank Hawks at Kyocera Dome after five shutout innings because of fairly strong tightness in his left waist (he first started feeling it in the morning). He later told reporters that he thought things could get worse if he continued to pitch and that he would not know the full extent of his condition until tomorrow.

Source: Daily Sports 8/9/2016, Sports Hochi 8/9/2016, Nikkan Sports 8/9/2016, Sponichi 8/9/2016


[8/9/2016] Tetsuto Yamada leaves game with back pain

Tetsuto Yamada left tonight’s (August 9) game against the Chunichi Dragons at Nagoya Dome in the second inning on defense because of pain in his back.

Yamada made the starting line-up at second and batted third. He grounded out to third in his first trip to the plate and was replaced on defense in the second inning. He complained of back pain and was taken to a Nagoya hospital for tests during the game. CT scans did not reveal any problems. He is scheduled for an MRI on August 10.

The pain may have first started when he was hit by a pitch on the left side of his back during a game against the Yomiuri Giants at Tokyo Dome on July 30.

Yamada’s consecutive “full inning” games streak ended at 316.

Source: Sports Hochi 8/9/2016, Sponichi 8/9/2016, Nikkan Sports 8/9/2016


[8/9/2016] Samurai Japan add NTT Plala as Official Partner

Samurai Japan announced on August 9 that they added NTT Plala to their list of Official Partners.

Source: Samurai Japan announcement

Current Partners

Diamond Partners

  • Mizuno
  • Nippon Tsuun
  • GungHo Online Entertainment (GungHo)

Official Partners

  • JTB Corporate Sales (JTB)
  • ANA
  • Rakuten Card
  • Meiji (SAVAS)
  • Asahi Beer (Asahi)
  • Nissan
  • Aoen Financial Service (Aeon Ginko)
  • NTT Plala (Hikari TV)

Official Suit Partner

  • Brooks Brothers

Official Ticketing Partner

  • Lawson Ticket

[8/9/2016] Masaki Sakaguchi gets married

Masaki Sakaguchi (25) filed marriage papers with a twenty-five-year-old woman from Osaka on August 7.

Source: Nikkan Sports 8/9/2016


[8/9/2016] 98th Summer Koshien: Day 3

08:00 1 市尼崎
Ichiritsu Amagasaki
4-5 八戸学院光星
Hachinohe Gakuin Kosei
10:30 2 山梨学院
Yamanashi Gakuin
5-3 長崎商
Nagasaki Shogyo
13:00 3 東北
1-7 横浜
15:30 4 近江
0-11 常総学院
Joso Gakuin




[8/9/2016] Shohei Otani’s next game as pitcher still a question mark

Hideki Kuriyama is still not sure when Shohei Otani (right middle finger) will take the mound as a pitcher. He could be given the ball for either a start or relief appearance (most likely the latter since Kuriyama is not too keen about dropping him into a start all of a sudden) on August 14 against the Rakuten Eagles at kobo Stadium. A lot will depend on how Otani looks during his next bullpen session. He did throw twenty-nine pitches to a standing catcher on August 7.

Source: Nikkan Sports 8/9/2016, Sports Hochi 8/9/2016