[9/2/2016] Rakuten farm team to play four games against Chinese Taipei U-23 Team

Rakuten Eagles farm team is scheduled to play four games against the Chinese Taipei U-23 national team.

  • September 18 (Sun) at Rakuten Eagles Izumi Ground – 13:00
  • September 19 (Mon) at Rakuten Eagles Izumi Ground – 13:00
  • September 20 (Tue) at kobo Stadium – 13:00
  • September 21 (Wed) at kobo Stadium – 13:00

Admission will be free. Games one September 18 and 19 will only be open to fan club members through a special drawing.

Source: Rakuten announcement


[9/1/2016] Saburo formally announces decision to retire

Saburo held a press conference at QVC Marine Field on September 1 to formally announce his decision to retire.

Some notes from various sources:

  • Age played into his decision to retire. But the biggest reason was not being able to contribute at the Ichi-gun level.
  • His greatest memory was the Nippon Series championship in 2005.
  • He was grateful when fan accepted him when he returned after spending some time with the Yomiuri Giants.
  • His goal was to play until he was forty and in that sense, he has no regrets. He is thankful to the organization for allowing him to reach his goal.
  • He contacted Lotte on October 29 about his decision.
  • He felt bad his two sons had to learn about his decision while watching the news. He wanted to tell them, but could not because he knew they would cry.
  • He spent a Lotte of time this year giving younger players advice.
  • He has not thought about what he wants to do after retirement. He is open to taking a job in the organization.

The Chiba Lotte Marines are planning to hold a retirement ceremony for Saburo on September 25.

Source: Lotte announcementDaily Sports 9/1/2016Sponichi 9/1/2016, Sponichi 9/1/2016Nikkan Sports 9/1/2016, Nikkan Sports 9/1/2016, Nikkan Sports 9/1/2016

[UPDATE 9/25 @ 10:33pm]

Saburo was tossed into the air ten times during his retirement ceremony after an Orix game at QVC Marine earlier today.

Box Score

Source: Daily Sports 9/25/2016



[9/1/2016] Rakuten Eagles planning to stick with Masataka Nashida

The Rakuten Eagles signed Masataka Nashida to a three-year contract during the off-season. The media learned on September 1 that they are planning to stick with Nashida next year. A formal decision could be made before the end of the month.

Source: Daily Sports 9/2/2016, Sponichi 9/1/2016


[9/1/2016] Juri Hara and Tetsuya Yamamoto pitch in Ni-gun game

Juri Hara (right subscapularis) and Tetsuya Yamamoto (right elbow, Tommy John) pitched in a Ni-gun game against Lotte at Lotte Urawa on September 1.

Hara started the game and gave up six runs on seven hits over 2.2 innings of work. He threw sixty-four pitches and topped out at 145km/h.

Yamamoto entered the game in the seventh inning and gave up three runs on three hits, including a solo home run and two-run home run, over one inning of work. He topped out at 144km/h.

Source: Sanspo 9/2/2016


[9/1/2016] Alfredo Despaigne leaves with wrist pain

Alfredo Despaigne had been feeling pain in his left wrist, but it got worse after his third at bat in Thursday (September 1) night’s game against the Orix Buffaloes at QVC Marine. He was replaced by a pinch-hitter for his fourth at bat in the eighth inning.

The Chiba Lotte Marines are planning to see how Despaigne is feeling on Friday before they made a decision on hi status.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/1/2016


[9/1/2016] Yuki Yanagita fractures finger in sliding catch

Yuki Yanagita hurt his right ring finger while playing defense in the third inning of a game against the Seibu Lions at Seibu Prince Dome on September 1.

Seibu’s Ginjiro Sumitani led off the third inning with a fly ball to center field. Yanagita made a nice sliding catch for the first out of the inning. In doing so, he hurt his right ring finger — the ball hit the finger before it went into the glove. He remained in the game and struck out looking during his at bat in the fourth inning. He was replaced on defense in the bottom half of the inning and taken to a hospital for tests.

CT scans and x-rays revealed a fracture in his fourth (ring finger) distal phalanx. He will require about six weeks for a full recovery.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/1/2016Tokyo Sports 9/1/2016, Sports Hochi 9/1/2016, Daily Sports 9/1/2016

The play in question

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[9/1/2016] U18 Baseball Championship: Indonesia 0 – Japan 35

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Indonesia 0 0 0 0 0         0 0 8
Japan 11 12 6 6 X         35 22 0

Called after five innings.


One Comment

[9/1/2016] Tadahito Iguchi and Kazuya Fukuura planning to play in 2017

Forty-one-year-old Tadahito Iguchi and forty-year-old Kazuya Fukuura are planning to continue playing next year. Chiba Lotte Marine officials are expected to talk to both players once the season ends.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/1/2016


[9/1/2016] Norio Tanabe to step down as Seibu manager

Norio Tanabe would like to step down as manager of the Seibu Lions as a way to take responsibility for the team’s poor performance. He is expected to formally submit a request once the regular season ends.

Tanabe took over as interim manager for Haruki Ihara in June 2014 and became full-time manager at the end of the season.

Rumored names: Tetsuya Shiozaki, Koji Akiyama, Shinya Miyamoto

Source: Daily Sports 9/1/2016, Nikkan Sports 9/1/2016, Sponichi 9/1/2016, Sports Hochi 9/1/2016Tokyo Sports 9/1/2016

Year Team Pos G W L T WPCT HR AVG ERA Age
2014 Seibu 5 91 43 44 4 .623 125 .248 3.77 48
2015 Seibu 4 143 69 69 5 .500 136 .263 3.69 49
2016 Seibu 5 121 53 66 2 .445 100 .266 3.85 50
  355 165 179 11 .480  

Note: 2016 season record through August 31.


[9/1/2016] 2016 Draft Eligible College Players

Below is a list of college players that have formally submitted draft eligibility forms. I will update this post as needed.

Last Updated: 10/6/2016 @ 6:15pm (111 players)

* players that were added during last update

College Name Name Pos Date  
北海道学生野球連盟 / Hokkaido Universities Baseball League
函館大学 Hakodate 吉田 雅貴 Yoshida, Masataka P 09/01  
旭川大学 Asahikawa 生田 雄也 Ikuta, Yuya C 09/16  
旭川大学 Asahikawa 竹中 成 Takenaka, Naru INF 09/16  
旭川大学 Asahikawa 岩田 巧 Iwata, Takumi P 09/16  
札幌学生野球連盟 / Sapporo Gakusei League
東海大学北海道キャンパス Tokai Hokkaido Campus 水野 滉也 Mizuno, Koya P 09/23  
北東北大学野球連盟 / North Tohoku Universities Baseball League
富士大学 Fuji 小野 泰己 Ono, Taiki P 09/20  
仙台六大学野球連盟 / Sendai Big 6 Baseball League
仙台大学 Sendai 松本 桃太郎 Matsumoto, Momotaro INF 09/03  
東北福祉大学 Tohoku Fukushi 長坂 拳弥 Nagasaka, Kenya C 09/30  
東北福祉大学 Tohoku Fukushi 井澤 凌一朗 Izawa, Ryoichiro OF 09/30  
南東北大学野球連盟 / Minami Tohoku University Baseball League
福島大学 Fukushima 益子 弦 Mashiko, Yuzuru C 10/01  
福島大学 Fukushima 加藤 颯太 Kato, Sota INF 10/01  
千葉県大学野球連盟 / Chiba Prefecture University Baseball League
千葉工業大学 Chiba Kogyo 川上 祐作 Kawakami, Yusaku OF 10/03  
千葉工業大学 Chiba Kogyo 橋詰 循 Hashizume, Jun P 10/03  
城西国際大学 Josai Kokusai 松濤 皇 Matsunami, Ko INF 10/04  
関甲新学生野球連盟 / Kankoshin Student Baseball Federation
白鴎大学 Hakuoh 中塚 駿太 Nakatsuka, Shunta P 09/07  
白鴎大学 Hakuoh 大山 悠輔 Oyama, Yusuke INF 09/07  
新潟医療福祉大学 Niigata Iryo Fukushi 笠原 祥太郎 Kasahara, Shotaro P 09/09  
平成国際大学 Heisei Kokusai 狩野 行寿 Karino, Yukikazu INF 09/13  
関東学園大学 Kanto Gakuen 原田 将 Harada, Sho P 09/27  
作新学院大学 Sakushin Gakuin 目崎 晃也 Mezaki, Koya INF 10/03  
埼玉大学 Saitama 富田 大貴 Tomita, Daiki C 10/04  
松本大学 Matsumoto 山本 優太 Yamamoto, Yuta INF 10/04  
東京新大学野球連盟 / New Tokyo University Baseball League
流通経済大学 Ryutsu Keizai 生田目 翼 Nabatame, Tsubasa P 09/23  
流通経済大学 Ryutsu Keizai 高橋 俊 Takahashi, Shun OF 09/23  
創価大学 Soka 田中 正義 Tanaka, Seigi P 10/03 *
創価大学 Soka 池田 隆英 Ikeda, Takahide P 10/03 *
東京六大学野球連盟 / Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League
立教大学 Rikkyo 澤田 圭佑 Sawada, Keisuke P 09/10  
立教大学 Rikkyo 田村 伊知郎 Tamura, Ichiro P 09/10  
立教大学 Rikkyo 佐藤 拓也 Sato, Takuya OF 09/10  
立教大学 Rikkyo 田中 和基 Tanaka, Kazuki OF 09/10  
早稲田大学 Waseda 竹内 諒 Takeuchi, Ryo P 09/28  
早稲田大学 Waseda 石井 一成 Ishii, Kazunari INF 09/28  
慶應義塾大学 Keio Gijuku 加藤 拓也 Kato, Takuya P 09/28  
法政大学 Hosei 金子 凌也 Kaneko, Ryoya INF 10/03  
明治大学 Meiji 柳 裕也 Yanagi, Yuya P 10/03  
明治大学 Meiji 星 知弥 Hoshi, Tomoya P 10/03  
明治大学 Meiji 中道 勝士 Nakamichi, Katsushi C 10/03  
明治大学 Meiji 佐野 恵太 Sano, Keita INF 10/03  
東都大学野球連盟 / Tohto University Baseball League
日本大学 Nihon 京田 陽太 Kyoda, Yota INF 09/05  
國學院大學 Kokugakuin 久保田 昌也 Kubota, Masaya OF 09/20  
専修大学 Senshu  森山 恵佑 Moriyama, Keisuke OF 09/21  
立正大学 Rissho 神戸 文也 Kanbe, Fumiya P 09/22  
立正大学 Rissho 黒木 優太 Kuroki, Yuta P 09/22  
立正大学 Rissho 樋口 龍之介 Higuchi, Ryunosuke INF 09/22  
中央大学 Chuo 松田 進 Matsuda, Shin INF 09/29  
駒澤大学 Komazawa 箱島 章矢 Hakoshima, Toshiya P 09/30  
駒澤大学 Komazawa 三好 一生 Miyoshi, Issei C 09/30  
順天堂大学 Juntendo 小川 五月 Ogawa, Satsuki INF 10/03  
大正大学 Taisho 田中 寛人 Tanaka, Hiroto P 10/03  
拓殖大学 Takushoku 稲葉 武昭 Inaba, Takeaki P 10/03  
亜細亜大学 Asia 宗接 唯人 Munetsugu, Yuito C 10/04  
亜細亜大学 Asia 法兼 駿 Norikane, Shun INF 10/04  
首都大学野球連盟 / Tokyo Metropolitan Area University Baseball League
桜美林大学 Obirin 佐々木 千隼 Sasaki, Chihaya P 09/16  
獨協大学 Dokkyo 龍谷 晃議 Ryutani, Akinori P 09/16  
帝京大学 Teikyo 松本 匠 Matsumoto, Takumi P 09/17  
明治学院大学 Meiji Gakuin 松本 友 Matsumoto, Yu OF 09/23  
明星大学 Meisei 南 要輔 Minami, Yosuke INF 09/23  
明星大学 Meisei 中島 奎司郎 Nakashima, Keijiro P 09/23  
明星大学 Meisei 松原 聖弥 Matsubara, Seiya OF 09/23  
東海大学 Tokai 丸山 泰資 Maruyama, Taisuke P 09/28  
神奈川大学野球連盟 / Kanagawa University Baseball League
桐蔭横浜大学 Toin Yokohama 高橋 拓己 Takahashi, Takumi P 09/10  
桐蔭横浜大学 Toin Yokohama 齋藤 友貴哉 Saito, Yukiya P 09/10  
神奈川大学 Kanagawa 濱口 遥大 Hamaguchi, Haruhiro P 09/17  
神奈川大学 Kanagawa 濱元 航輝 Hamamoto, Koki OF 09/17  
愛知大学野球連盟 / Aichi University Baseball League
愛知学泉大学 Aichi Gakusen 伊藤 弘夢 Ito, Hiromu OF 09/01  
愛知学泉大学 Aichi Gakusen 中島 佑斗 Nakashima, Yuto INF 09/01  
東海学園大学 Tokai Gakuen 山口 隆 Yamagchi, Takashi P 09/10  
愛知東邦大学 Aichi Toho 小林 弘郁 Kobayashi, Hirofumi P 09/10  
名古屋経済大学 Nagoya Keizai 後藤 庸輔 Goto, Yosuke P 09/23  
名古屋経済大学 Nagoya Keizai 眞野 聖也 Mano, Seiya P 09/23  
名古屋経済大学 Nagoya Keizai 中尾 輝 Nakao, Hikaru P 09/23  
愛知大学 Aichi 西川 拓馬 Nishikawa, Takuma P 09/24  
愛知大学 Aichi 安藤 優作 Ando, Yusaku OF 09/24  
愛知学院大学 Aichi Gakuin 大藏 彰人 Okura, Akito P 09/28  
愛知工業大学 Aichi Kogyo 近藤 凌太 Kondo, Ryota P 10/05  
名古屋商科大学 Nagoya Shoka 田中 優佑 Tanaka, Yusuke P 10/06 *
東海地区大学野球連盟 / Tokai University Baseball League
中京学院大学 Chukyo Gakuin 吉川 尚輝 Yoshikawa, Naoki INF 09/04  
中部学院大学 Chubu Gakuin 床田 寛樹 Tokoda, Hiroki P 09/10  
東海大学海洋学部 TokaiDai Kaiyo Gakubu 今村 亮 Imamura, Ryo P 09/22  
皇學館大学 Kogakkan 岡村 雄斗 Okumura, Yuto INF 09/23  
北陸大学野球連盟 / Hokuriku Universities Baseball League
福井工業大学 Fukui Kogyo 高橋 康二 Takahashi, Koji P 09/29  
金沢学院大学 Kanazawa Gakuin 金山 開 Kanayama, Kai INF 10/.04  
関西学生野球連盟 / Kansai BIG 6 Baseball League
近畿大学 Kinki 畠 世周 Hatake, Seishu P 09/16  
近畿大学 Kinki 安井 勇輝 Yasui, Yuki INF 09/29  
立命館大学 Ritsumeikan 北本 亘 Kitamoto, Wataru INF 10/04  
関西六大学野球連盟 / Kansai 6 Baseball League
神戸学院大学 Kobe Gakuin 河本 光平 Kawamoto, Kohei INF 09/02  
大阪学院大学 Osaka Gakuin 堀田 晃 Hotta, Akira P 09/11  
龍谷大学 Ryukoku 中村 崇友紀 Nakamura, Takayuki OF 09/12  
大阪学院大学 Osaka Gakuin 藤田 一輝 Fujita, Kazuki OF 09/25  
阪神大学野球連盟 / Hanshin University Baseball League
大阪体育大学 Osaka Taiiku 菅原 秀 Sugahara, Shu P 09/13  
姫路獨協大学 Himeji Dokkyo 三木 怜拳 Miki, Ryoken INF 09/26  
帝塚山大学 Tezukayama 菅谷 潤哉 Sugaya, Junya P 10/06 *
近畿学生野球連盟 / Kinki University Baseball League
大阪教育大学 Osaka Kyoiku 真山 勝範 Mayama, Katsunori INF 09/26  
京滋大学野球連盟 / Keiji University Baseball League
花園大学 Hanazono 泉 祐介 Izumi, Yusuke OF 09/20  
花園大学 Hanazono 杉本 拓哉 Sugimoto, Takuya OF 09/20  
花園大学 Hanazono 北條 葵己 Hojo, Hazuki INF 09/20  
びわこ成蹊スポーツ大学 Biwako Seikei Sports 鈴木 志廣 Suzuki, Motohiro P 09/26  
佛教大学 Bukkyo 柏原 大 Kashiwara, Masaru P 09/26  
京都学園大学 Kyoto Gakuen 漆戸 駿 Urushido, Suguru P 10/05  
広島六大学野球連盟 / Hiorshima Big-Six 6 Universities Baseball League
広島経済大学 Hiroshima Keizai 尾仲 祐哉 Onaka, Yuya  P 09/06  
四国地区大学野球連盟 / Shikoku Universities Baseball League
四国学院大学 Shikoku Gakuin 岡上 浩幸 Oue, Hiroyuki P 09/23  
四国学院大学 Shikoku Gakuin 山本 侑 Yamamoto, Yu P 09/23  
福岡六大学野球連盟 / Fukuoka Big 6 Baseball League
日本経済大学 Nihon Keizei 楊 成源 Yoh, Seigen P 09/06  
日本経済大学 Nihon Keizei 楊 鑄真 Yoh, Iruma P 09/06  
日本経済大学 Nihon Keizei 瀬口 拓也 Seguchi, Takuya INF 09/06  
日本経済大学 Nihon Keizei 張 奕 Cho, Yaku OF  09/06  
九州共立大学 Kyushu Kyoritsu 古野 和斗 Furuno, Kazuto P 09/26  
九州共立大学 Kyushu Kyoritsu 岩本 喜照 Iwamoto, Kisho P 09/26  
九州産業大学 Kyushu Sangyo 高良 一輝 Takara. Kazuki P 09/28  
九州産業大学 Kyushu Sangyo 高山 竜太朗 Takayama, Ryutaro C 09/29  
九州地区大学野球連盟 / Kyushu University Baseball League
久留米工業大学 Kurume Kogyo 河津 大樹 Kawazu, Daiki P 10/02  
NPB Standings [Full]
Hiroshima 143 88 51 4
Hanshin 143 78 61 4
Yokohama 143 73 65 5
Yomiuri 143 72 68 3
Chunichi 143 59 79 5
Yakult 143 45 96 2
Softbank 143 94 49 0
Seibu 143 79 61 3
Rakuten 143 77 63 3
Orix 143 63 79 1
Nippon Ham 143 60 83 0
Lotte 143 54 87 2
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