[4/1/2016] Ryoichi Adachi could join the Ichi-gun team next week

Ryoichi Adachi was hospitalized with ulcerative colitis in January and missed spring camp. He is making good progress and could join the Ichi-gun team some time next week (ahead of schedule).

Source: Sanspo 4/1/2016

[UPDATE 4/1 @ 10:06am]

Adachi is scheduled to play in his first rehab game at Ni-gun on April 2 against Softbank. He will start three to five games and could make the active roster for the Nippon Ham series that begins on April 12.

Source: Sponichi 4/1/2016


[3/31/2016] Kyle Davies gives up lead-off home run on first NPB pitch

Kyle Davies made his first NPB start on March 31 against Hanshin and gave up two runs (one earned) on four hits and four walks over five innings. He also became the first pitcher in NPB history to give up a lead-off home run to the first batter he faced with his very first pitch.

Source: Sanspo 4/1/2016

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[3/31/2016] Wladimir Balentien close to being ready

Wladimir Balentien (mild strain in his left side) could be ready make the active roster for a Chunichi series that begins on April 3. He participated in Ichi-gun practices for the second day in a row on March 31. He hit fifteen (including six in a row) over the fence during batting practice. He is scheduled to play in a rehab game at Ni-gun on April 1.

Source: Sponichi 3/31/2016, Sponichi 3/31/2016


Injury Notes for Yuri Furukawa

Yuri Furukawa did not pitch in any games last year because of right elbow problems during spring camp in February and right shoulder problems in June. He has so far pitched in four Ni-gun games this year.

Source: Sports Hochi 3/31/2016


[3/31/2016] Hiroki Yokoyama wins first NPB game

Second round draft pick Hiroki Yokoyama picked up a victory in his first game on March 30 against Chunichi and became the eleventh rookie pitcher in franchise history to record a win in his first outing, first since Kazuki Yabuta on July 1, 2015.

Yokoyama also joined Ryutaro Sugiura (April 7, 1951) and Hiroki Kuroda (April 25, 1997) as the only rookies in franchise history to record a win and an RBI.

Sixth round draft pick Oscar Nakaoshi picked up a victory during his outing on March 27 against Yokohama. Hiroshima became the first team in the Central League since Yomiuri in 1960 (Ritsuo Horimoto, Masaki Oscar Nakaoshi) to field two rookie pitchers that recorded their first career wins within their team’s first five games of the season.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/31/2016


[3/31/2016] Shun Takayama blasts first career home run

Shun Takayama blasted the first home run of his NPB career during a Yakult game on March 31. The home run led off the start of the game and came against Kyle Davies. Takayama is the first rookie in franchise history since Tomochika Tsuboi in 1998 to hit a lead-off home run for his first career blast.

Source: Tokyo Sports 3/31/2016

[UPDATE 4/1 @ 6:54am]

Thirty Japanese players, including Takayama, recorded lead-off home runs for their first career home runs (eleven Central League, fourteen Pacific League, five single league). The last player before Takayama was Shogo Nakamura in 2015. Of the thirty, ten were rookies, including Takayama and Nakamura (seven since the two league format began in 1950).

Since the start of the two leagues, three players have recorded lead-off home runs in the top of the first inning for their first career home runs: Yuki Miyazaki in his second year in 2012, Seiya Suzuki in his second year in 2014, and Takayama in his first year in 2016.

Takayama joined Yoshito Fujino (July 1, 1944) as the only rookies in NPB history that can say their first career home run was off the first pitch of a game.

Source: Sponichi 4/1/2016, Sanspo 4/1/2016

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[3/31/2016] Shinsaburo Tawata tosses batting practice

Shinsaburo Tawata is working his way back from a right shoulder injury he suffered in May 2015. He tossed batting practice at Seibu 2 Stadium on March 31. He threw forty-five pitches to Hotaka Yamakawa and Nien Ting Wu at about sixty percent. It was the first time he faced live hitters in about a year.

Source: Tokyo Sports 3/31/2016, Sanspo 4/1/2016


[3/31/2016] Messenger’s first outing at Jingu since 2014

Randy Messenger started the Yakult game at Jingu Stadium on March 31. It was his first appearance at the stadium since August 5, 2014.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/31/2016


[3/31/2016] Scoring change: HAN vs YAK, March 29, 2016

The NPB announced a scoring change on March 31.

Hanshin vs Yakult on March 29

  • Tsuyoshi Ueda was credited with an infield hit in the bottom of the 6th.
  • Takashi Toritani was given an error.

Source: official announcement 3/31/2016


[3/31/2016] Hiroshi Katayama to return to pitching

Hiroshi Katayama attempted a conversion to infielder in February 2015. The Eagles announced today that he will go back to pitching. Katayama decided to go back to pitcher because his left elbow is feeling better.

Source: official announcement 3/31/2016Sports Hochi 3/31/2016

NPB Standings [Full]
Hiroshima 21 13 7 1
Yomiuri 19 11 8 0
Hanshin 19 11 8 0
Yokohama 20 8 10 2
Yakult 19 7 12 0
Chunichi 20 6 11 3
Rakuten 17 13 4 0
Seibu 17 11 6 0
Orix 17 11 6 0
Softbank 20 10 10 0
Lotte 19 6 13 0
Nippon Ham 20 4 16 0
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