[4/5/2016] Ryosuke Hirata taken off active roster with left hip pain

Ryosuke Hirata has had problems with his left hip since the end of March. He was taken off the active roster on April 5. He is in pain and has trouble walking. He will spend the next few days resting.

Source: Chunichi Sports 4/5/2016

[UPDATE @ 10:18pm]

Hirata had difficult walking due to pain on April 4. He felt better this morning and believed he could play through the pain, but when he actually started moving around on the field during practices, he realized the pain was too much.

Hirata had similar problems last May and missed ten games. He was told it was groin pain syndrome.

Source: Tokyo Spots 4/5/2016


[4/4/2016] Hitoki Iwase and Kazuki Yoshimi injury updates

Hitoki Iwase and Kazuki Yoshimi joined the Ichi-gun team for workouts at Nagoya Dome on April 4.

Iwase is looking to make his first Ichi-gun appearance since August 6, 2014. He told reporters he felt good and was able to throw. He could be added to the active roster on April 5.

Yoshimi had surgery on his right elbow in October last year. He told head coach Shigekazu Mori that he was ready to play. He could start an Ichi-gun game at Nagoya Dome on either April 9 or 10 (both games against the Giants).

Source: Nikkan Sports 4/4/2016, Tokyo Sports 4/4/2016, Sports Hochi 4/4/2016


[4/4/2016] Softbank Ni-gun manager Mizukami fined 50,000 yen

Softbank Ni-gun manager Yoshio Mizukami was ejected from a game against Orix on April 2 for arguing with an umpire. The NPB commissioner issued Mizukami a stern warning and a 50,000 yen fine.

Source: Chunichi Sports 4/4/2016, Sponichi 4/4/2016


[4/4/2016] Ayumu Ishikawa scratched from start on April 5

Ayumu Ishikawa slept on his neck wrong and was scratched from his start on April 5. Kota Futaki, who was scheduled to pitch on April 6, will be shifted up a day. If Ishikawa is feeling better, he could get the start on April 6.

Source: Daily Sports 4/4/2016

[UPDATE 4/5 @ 6:58pm]

Ishikawa is expected to be taken off the active roster because Lotte is planning to skip him once in the rotation. He participated in workouts at YafuOku Dome on the same day, but kept things light.

Source: Chunichi Sports 4/5/2016, Daily Sports 4/5/2016

[UPDATE 4/6 @ 3:53am]

Ishikawa has slept on his neck wrong before, but the pain has never been as bad. He has difficultly turning his head to the left.

Kuan-Yu Chen will be called up to make the start on April 6.


[4/4/2016] Takumi Akiyama leaves game with cramp

Takumi Akiyama was removed from a Rakuten game on March 3 after he developed a cramp in his left hamstring while running the bases in the eighth inning.

Source: Sanspo 4/4/2016

[UPDATE 4/6 @ 2:30pm]

Akiyama did not play in the Nippon Ham game on April 5 because of tightness in his left hamstring.

Source: Sanspo 4/6/2016


[4/4/2016] Hirokazu Sawamura: three wins in four days

Hirokazu Sawamura recorded three wins in four days (March 31 against Yokohama, April 1 and April 3 against Hiroshima. The last Yomiuri pitcher to accomplish the feat was Makoto Kurata in 1975 (May 5 against Chunichi and May 7-8 against Yakult).

Source: Nikkan Sports 4/4/2016


[4/4/2016] Kensuke Kondo leaves game with tightness in lower back

Kensuke Kondo started feeling some tightness in his lower back on April 2. He was pulled from a game against Softbank in the fourth inning on March 3 as a precaution. The Fighters are planning to take a wait and see approach.

Source: Nikkan Sports 4/4/2016


[4/4/2016] Shinnosuke Ogasawara suffers first Ni-gun loss

First round draft pick Shinnosuke Ogasawara made his second start of the season at Ni-gun on April 3 and took the loss. He gave up five runs on four hits over 3.2 innings against Hiroshima. He threw eighty-six pitches.

Date Opponent Desc NP IP BF H BB HBP SO ER
2016/03/27 Softbank ND 66 3.1 15 2 3 0 4 0
2016/04/03 Hiroshima L 86 3.2 21 4 4 0 2 5

Source: Sponichi 4/4/2016


[4/4/2016] Ryo Toda to spend the season with the Fukui

The Orix Buffaloes will send Ryo Toda to the BC League’s Fukui Miracle Elephants from April until the end of the season. His assignment could end after the first half of Fukui’s season depending on discussions between to the two organizations.

Source: Fukui announcement 4/4/2016


[4/3/2016] Kyuji Fujikawa picks up first NPB win since 2012

Kyuji Fujikawa started a game against Yokohama on April 3 and picked up the win. He struggled with his control, but still tossed six shutout innings.

The victory was Fujikawa’s first in the NPB since July 14, 2012 and his first in the NPB as a starter since September 19, 2003.

Source: Daily Sports 4/3/2016

NPB Standings [Full]
Hiroshima 91 58 31 2
Yokohama 90 47 40 3
Hanshin 87 46 41 0
Yomiuri 90 41 48 1
Chunichi 92 39 50 3
Yakult 90 31 57 2
Rakuten 82 56 25 1
Softbank 90 58 32 0
Seibu 87 48 37 2
Orix 87 38 48 1
Nippon Ham 90 33 57 0
Lotte 88 29 58 1
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