[6/15/2016] Hanshin planning to add Hayata Ito to the active roster

Hayata Ito suffered a labral tear in his right shoulder just before the start of spring camp this year. He played in his first rehab game on May 31. Since then, he has gone 7-for-27 with a double, two homers, three RBI, and a slash line of .259/.333/.519 in eight games.

The Hanshin Tigers are planning to add Ito to the active roster today.

Source: Sanspo 6/15/2016


[6/15/2016] Kazuhiro Hatakeyama to undergo more tests

Kazuhiro Hatakeyama is slated to undergo additional tests on his left wrist later today. The Yakult Swallows want to make sure nothing was missed during previous examinations.

Source: Sanspo 6/15/2016


[6/14/2016] Rick van den Hurk to undergo tests

Rick van den Hurk is still feeling the effects of fatigue and will undergo tests at a hospital in the Kanto region this week. The Softbank Hawks are saying the fatigue is general and not located to any specific region, like the shoulder or elbow.

Source: Sponichi 6/14/2016

[UPDATE 6/15 @ 9:19pm]

Kimiyasu Kudo does not want van den Hurk to feel rushed and wants him to return when he is at full strength.

Source: Sponichi 6/15/2016


[6/14/2016] Luis Cruz in the US for a second opinion

The Yomiuri Giants announced that Luis Cruz left for the United States for medical tests, most likely for a second opinion on his left ankle. He is not expected to be gone for very long.

Source: Sponichi 6/14/2016

[UPDATE 6/15 @ 10:59am]

Cruz could end up missing a larger portion of the season than originally estimated. Surgery has not been completely ruled out. For now, the plan is for him to consult with doctors in the United States for a few days and return to Japan for rehab.

Source: Nikkan Sports 6/15/2016, Sponichi 6/15/2016


[6/14/2016] Mazda All-Star Game 2016, latest voting results from June 14

Entry Type Valid Entries Invalid Entries Total Entries
Internet 129,062 0 129,062
Mobile Phone 243,187 0 243,187
Paper 230,568 1,983 232,551
Totals 602,817 1,983 604,800

Total number of votes: 10,170,544



[6/14/2016] Garrett Jones leaves after taking elbow to face

Garrett Jones was accidentally elbowed in the faced by teammate Itaru Hashimoto as the two converged on a fly ball hit by Toshihito Abe in the eighth inning against the Rakuten Eagles at Tokyo Dome. Jones was able to walk off the field on his own, but was in no condition to continue playing. Hashimoto also left the field for treatment (left elbow), but was able to return.

[UPDATE 6/16 @ 4:52am]

Jones did not suffer a concussion and could be in the starting line-up on Wednesday if he is feeling okay in the morning. He told reporters he could not hear Hashimoto calling for the ball because of the crowd.

Source: Sponichi 6/14/2016, Nikkan Sports 6/14/2016

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[6/14/2016] Fan tumbles onto field after attempting to catch a foul ball hit by Louis Okoye

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Umpires ruled Louis Okoye out on the play due to spectator interference.

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[6/14/2016] Toshiaki Imae homers in Ni-gun game

Toshiaki Imae played in a Ni-gun game against Nippon Ham earlier today and collected two hits: a single to enter in the fifth inning and a solo home run to left in the eighth inning.

Imae was taken off the active roster on May 27 because of his struggles at the plate. He also developed lower back pain and played in his first rehab game on June 11.

Source: Sports Hochi 6/14/2016


[6/14/2016] Naomichi Donoue’s wife give birth to second child

The Chunichi Dragons announced today that Naomichi Donoue’s wife gave birth to the couple’s second child, a boy weighing 2,908 grams, at a hospital in Toyoake, Aichi.

Source: Nikkan Sports 6/14/2016


[6/14/2016] Schedule Changes

The following additions were made to the Central League schedule.

  • September 20 – Yomiuri vs Hanshin at Koshien – 18:00 (May 10 rain out)

Source: NPB announcement, Hanshin announcement