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[2/2/2019] ENEOS Samurai Japan Series: Coaching Staff and Broadcast Details

The Samurai Japan coaching staff for the upcoming ENEOS Samurai Japan Series in March was posted by the NPB on January 31. Broadcast details for the series were also posted.

Coaching Staff

Uni Pos Name JPN Name ENG
88 Head/Hitting Coach 金子 誠 Kaneko, Makoto
81 Pitching Coach 建山 義紀 Tateyama, Yoshinori
84 Battery Coach 村田 善則 Murata, Yoshinori
82 Infield/Base Coach 井端 弘和 Ibata, Hirokazu
87 Outfield/Base Coach 清水 雅治 Shimizu, Masaji

Broadcast Details

March 9 (Saturday) at 19:00

  • Mexico (Home) vs Japan (Away)
  • TV Asahi and affiliates
    18:56 – 21:54
  • BS Asahi
    21:54 –
  • J Sports 3
    18:30 –

March 10 (Sunday) at 19:00

  • Japan (Home) vs Mexico (Away)
  • TBS and affiliates
    19:00 – 20:54
  • BS-TBS
    20:53 –
  • J Sports 3
    18:30 –

Source: Samurai Japan 1/31/2019 (coaching staff), Samurai Japan 1/31/2019 (broadcast times)


[1/31/2019] Kris Johnson gets another year with Hiroshima

The Hiroshima Carp announced that they signed Kris Johnson through to 2020. Johnson will be in the final year of a three-year contract this season. The new contract is a one-year deal worth an estimated 2.5 million US dollars plus incentives. The deal also includes a signing bonus worth an estimated 500,000 US dollars.

Source: Daily Sports 1/31/2019, Sponichi 1/31/2019, Nikkan Sports 1/31/2019, Sanspo 1/31/2019


[1/31/2019] Hanshin Tigers 2019 Uru-Tora Yellow Uniforms

The Hanshin Tigers unveiled their 2019 Uru-Tora Yellow Uniforms on January 31. The base color for the uniform is Hanshin yellow with added flames, taken from the Uru-Tora logo and symbolizing the fighting spirit of the players and the excitement of the fans.


  • Initial Unveiling Series
    • April 30 – May 2 vs Hiroshima
  • Uru-Tora Summer 2019 (fans will receive a free original jersey)
    • July 23 – 25 vs Yokohama
    • July 30 – August 1 vs Chunichi

Source: Hanshin 1/31/2019, Daily Sports 1/31/2019, Sponichi 1/31/2019, Nikkan Sports 1/31/2019


[1/31/2019] Toshiaki Imae diagnosed with central serous chorioretinopathy

Toshiaki Imae was examined at a hospital in Sendai on January 29 after complaining of problems with his right eye. He was later diagnosed with central serous chorioretinopathy. Imae will remain in Sendai until he is ready to join the others in Okinawa.

Source: Sanspo 1/30/2019, Nikkan Sports 1/30/2019, Sponichi 1/30/2019, Daily Sports 1/30/2019


[1/31/2019] Chunichi Dragons unveil 2019 uniforms

The Chunichi Dragons unveiled slightly revamped uniforms for the 2019 season on January 30. In the picture found at the Chunichi link down below, first round draft pick Akira Neo is wearing the alternate uniform, Shuhei Takahashi the home uniform, Yota Kyoda the road uniform, and second round draft pick Kodai Umetsu the fan club uniform.

The home uniform returns with simple classic Dragons blue lines. The road uniforms are the reverse of the home uniforms with CHUNICHI across the chest. The alternate uniforms are based on their slogan for this season, 昇竜復活!WITH BLUE (Shoryu Fukkatsu! With Blue). The captain symbol C, in the shape of a dragon, also returns this season.

Source: Chunichi 1/30/2019, Nikkan Sports 1/30/2019, Sponichi 1/30/2019, Daily Sports 1/30/2019


[1/31/2019] 101st Summer Koshien Schedule Adjustment Plans

The steering committee for the 101st Summer Koshien met in Osaka on January 30 to discuss the schedule for the upcoming tournament.

  • Brackets will be selected on August 3. The tournament will begin on August 6 and end on August 21 (assuming no rain outs).
  • Organizers are planning to add another rest day to the tournament schedule for a total of two. Days of rest will be scheduled after the quarterfinals and semifinals. Three days of rain outs will cancel the rest day after the semifinals. Four or more rain outs will cancel both rest days.
  • To combat the summer heat, days with three games (day five and nine) will start ninety minutes earlier, from 9:30am to 8:00am. Semifinals will start an hour earlier, from 10:00am to 9:00am.

Source: Sponichi 1/30/2019, Nikkan Sports 1/30/2019, Nikkan Sports 1/30/2019, Daily Sports 1/30/2019


[1/26/2019] 91st Spring Koshien High Schools

Slot Prefecture School JPN School ENG Appearances Type
Hokkaido Hokkaido 札幌大谷 Sapporo Otani 1 Private
  Hokkaido 札幌第一 Sapporo Daiichi 3 Private
Tohoku Aomori 八戸学院光星 Hachinohe Gakuin Kosei 10 Private
  Iwate 盛岡大付 Morioka DaiFu 5 Private
Kanto Kanagawa 桐蔭学園 Toin Gakuen 6 Private
  Saitama 春日部共栄 Kasukabe Kyoei 3 Private
  Yamanashi 山梨学院 Yamanashi Gakuin 3 Private
  Chiba 習志野 Narashino 4 Public
  Kanagawa 横浜 Yokohama 16 Private
Tokyo Tokyo 国士舘 Kokushikan 9 Private
Tokai Aichi 東邦 Toho 30 Private
  Mie 津田学園 Tsuda Gakuen 3 Private
Hokushinetsu Ishikawa 星稜 Seiryo 13 Private
  Fukui 啓新 Keishin 1 Private
Kinki Kyoto 龍谷大平安 Ryukoku Dai Heian 41 Private
  Hyogo 明石商 Akashi Shogyo 2 Public
  Osaka 履正社 Riseisha 8 Private
  Wakayama 智弁和歌山 Chiben Wakayama 13 Private
  Kyoto 福知山成美 Fukuchiyama Seibi 3 Private
  Wakayama 市和歌山 Shiritsu Wakayama 6 Public
Chugoku Hiroshima 広陵 Koryo 24 Private
  Tottori 米子東 Yonago Higashi 9 Public
  Hiroshima Kure 2 Public
Shikoku Kagawa  高松商 Takamatsu Shogyo 27 Public
  Ehime 松山聖陵 Matsuyama Seiryo 2 Private
Kyushu Fukuoka 筑陽学園 Chikuyo Gakuen 1 Private
  Oita 明豊 Meiho 3 Private
  Oita 大分 Oita 1 Private
  Miyazaki 日章学園 Nissho Gakuen 1 Private
21st Century Ibaraki 石岡一 Ishioka Daiichi 1 Public
  Tokushima 富岡西 Tomioka Nishi 1 Public
  Kumamoto 熊本西 Kumamoto Nishi 1 Public
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[1/26/2019] Kento Fujishima might have blood circulation problems in his right hand

Kento Fujishima skipped workouts at Nagoya Stadium on January 25 and visited a hospital for tests on his right hand after complaining about cold hands. The Chunichi Dragons are concerned he might be having problems with blood circulation in the hand. Fujishima was set to attend the Okinawa workouts that start today, but will stay in Nagoya for additional tests by specialists.

Source: Sponichi 1/25/2019, Sponichi 1/26/2019, Sports Hochi 1/25/2019, Daily Sports 1/25/2019

[UPDATE 2/8 @ 11:31pm]

The Dragons announced that Fujishima went under the knife at a hospital in Aichi on February 8. Doctors were able to confirm improved blood flow in the finger after the procedure. He will have to stay in the hospital for about two weeks.

Source: Daily Sports 2/8/2019, Sponichi 2/8/2019, Nikkan Sports 2/8/2019


[1/26/2019] Katsuki Azuma slowed by elbow discomfort

Katsuki Azuma might miss the start of the season due to discomfort in his left elbow. Azuma pulled out of the Japan All-Star Series in November last year due to inflammation in the same elbow. He will most likely start things out at Ni-gun spring camp.

Source: Sports Hochi 1/25/2019, Sports Hochi 1/26/2019, Sponichi 1/26/2019, Nikkan Sports 1/25/2019