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[7/7/2018] 100th Summer Koshien: no practices at Koshien Stadium, ceremonial first pitch schedule

The Japan High School Baseball Federation is not planning to schedule pre-tournament practice days at Koshien Stadium this year. Teams will instead get a tour of the facilities and a chance to check the field.

A tournament-high fifty-six high schools will be participating in this year’s 100th anniversary Summer Koshien. The tournament is slated to start on August 5.

Legend Ceremonial First Pitches

  • August 5 – Hideki Matsui, Seiryo
  • August 6 – Takeshi Kimura (Takeshi Kimura), Minoshima
  • August 7 – Shoji Sadaoka, Kagoshima Jitsugyo
  • August 8 – Kazuhiko Ushijima, Namisho
  • August 9 – Masaji Hiramatsu, Okayama Higashi Shogyo
  • August 10 – Masaji Hiramatsu, Go-no Kawa
  • August 11 – Katsuhito Mizuno, Ikeda
  • August 12 – Atsushi Honma, Komazawa University Tomakomai
  • August 13 – Yoshikazu Sakamoto, Toho
  • August 14 – Kiyooki Nakanishi, Kochi Shogyo
  • August 15 – Sohachi Aniya, Okinawa
  • August 16 – Eiji Bando, Tokushima Shogyo
  • August 17 – Yoshiaki Kanemura, Hotoku Gakuen
  • August 18 – Futoshi Nakanishi, Takamatsu Daiichi
  • August 20
    • Game 1 – Masumi Kuwata, PL Gakuen
    • Game 2 – Kazuhiro Sasaki, Tohoku
  • August 21
    • Koji Ota, Misawa
    • Akira Inoue, Matsuyama Shogyo

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[4/12/2018] Summer Koshien Ticket Price Increases

The steering committee for the 100th Summer Koshien held a meeting in Osaka on April 11 and approved revisions for ticket sales and costs.

Price changes

  • Outfield Seats (adults) = free → 500 yen
  • Outfield Seats (children) = free → 100 yen
  • Center Special Seats (behind home plate) = 2000 yen, non-reserved → advance purchase only, 2800 yen, reserved
  • First / Third Base Special Seats (adults) = 1500 yen → 2000 yen
  • First / Third Base Special Seats (children) = 600 yen → 800 yen
  • Alps Seats = 600 yen → 800 yen

The Japan High School Baseball Federation made the decision to raise prices due to accidents caused by fans waiting in long lines for games. The extra money raised will be put towards a fund for high school baseball.

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[1/11/2018] Tie Break Rules for Spring and Summer Koshien

The steering committee for the 90th Spring Koshien (Senbatsu) met in Osaka on January 10 and selected Ima Arite for the opening march. Ima Arite is also currently the tournament song. The thirty-six participating high schools will be decided by the selection committee on January 26.

The following tie break rules will also be introduced, not just to the Spring Koshien, but also to the Summer Koshien and various spring, summer, and fall tournaments.

  • the tie break will be used beginning in the thirteenth inning. Innings will begin with runners on first and second and no out.
  • the batting order will resume where it ended in the previous inning.
  • if the game has to be canceled after the start of a tie break, the game will end in a tie and a rematch will be played on the following day (or at the earliest possible date).
  • if the game is still tied after the fifteenth inning, the game will continue, however, each pitcher will be limited to a total fifteen innings. Pitchers that reach fifteen innings will only be able to continue playing as a position player.
  • the tie break will not be used during the final game. If the game is still tied after fifteen innings, then the game will end and a rematch will be played the following day (or at the earliest possible date). The tie break will be used for the rematch game.

Additional rules:

  • the two runners on base at the start of tie break innings will not count as earned runs if they score. The two runners will not get credit for being on base. Stolen bases, caught stealing, runs, and left on base will count, as will other stats connected to the runners, like RBI and double plays.
  • there will be no complete games.
  • there will be no hitters.

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[11/26/2017] Senbatsu Tie-Break Rules, Kanagawa split into two for 100th Summer Koshien

The Japan High School Baseball Federation (JHBF) decided that the new tie-break rules for the 90th Spring Koshien next year will be finalized in January 2018. The JHBF originally planned to set the final rules before the end of the year, but they decided to extend the deadline so that they can take all suggestions (provided through surveys given by regional federations across Japan) in consideration.

Source: Sponichi 11/26/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/26/2017Sanspo 11/26/2017

The JHBF decided the 100th Summer Koshien message will be, “Arigato Natsu 100-kai Korekaramo” (Thank you, summer 100 times, from here on too).

Source: Daily Sports 11/24/2017

The Kanagawa High School Baseball Federation (KHBF) decided to split the Kanagawa region into two tournaments for the 100th Summer Koshien: the South Kanagawa Tournament and the North Kanagawa Tournament. The federation has 194 high school members and ninety-six will be in the South Kangawa and ninety-eight in the North. The Kanagawa Tournament will be split into North and South for the first time since the 90th Koshien Tournament in 2008.

Source: Daily Sports 11/24/2017Sponichi 11/24/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/24/2017, Official List of North/South Schools (pdf, in Japanese)

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[4/19/2017] Fifty-six high schools to participate in 100th Summer Koshien

The steering committee for the Summer Koshien met in Osaka today and decided that the 2018 Summer Koshien will feature a tournament-high fifty-six high schools as part of its 100th anniversary celebration. The decision will be approved during a board of directors meeting on April 26.

Regions that will have with an extra bracket (total two):

  • Saitama
  • Chiba
  • Kanagawa
  • Aichi
  • Osaka
  • Hyogo
  • Fukuoka

Source: Sponichi 4/19/2017

In other related news:

  • Brackets for this year’s Summer Koshien will be selected on August 4. The committee decided today that they will go back to setting the schedule for the first three rounds (instead of first two rounds) during initial bracket selections. The committee feels they can improve security assignments if schedules are set before the start of the tournament.
  • The 100th Summer Koshien will take place over seventeen days, beginning on August 5, 2018. Bracket selections will be made on August 2.
  • The deadline to decide whether or not to introduce tie-break rules to the Spring/Summer Koshien next year is late-November.

Source: Daily Sports 4/19/2017, Daily Sports 4/19/2017, Daily Sports 4/19/2017


[4/18/2017] Fukuoka could get extra bracket in 2018 Summer Koshien

The 100th Summer Koshien next year could feature two schools from Fukuoka, as part of a special rule to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Summer Koshien. In the past, six brackets (Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Aichi, Osaka, Hyogo) were added to the 80th (1998) and 90th (2008) tournaments.

Fukuoka is a large region that has been highly competitive. 134 high schools competed for one spot in last year’s Summer Koshien. Two high schools from Fukuoka made it to the Spring Koshien this year for the first time in twelve years and both managed to advance to the quarterfinals.

Source: Daily Sports 4/18/2017, NishiNippon Shimbun 4/18/2017