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[7/21/2018] Masayuki Kuwahara’s hit for the cycle on Friday

Masayuki Kuwahara hit for the cycle during Friday night’s game against the Hanshin Tigers at Yokohama Stadium. He became the sixty-seventh player (accomplished seventy-two times) in NPB history, thirty-fourth (accomplished thirty-seven times) in Central League history, and seventh (accomplished nine times) in Yokohama history, first since Boi Rodriguez on July 27, 2002, to achieve the feat. Kuwahara joined Sachio Kinugasa (July 7, 1976), Akinobu Mayumi (May 20, 1979), Rainel Rosario (September 2, 2014), and Yohei Oshima (July 20, 2016) as the only players in NPB history to record a lead-off home run in the first inning while hitting for the cycle.

  • 1st inning – lead off home run
  • 2nd inning – single to left
  • 4th inning – triple to right
  • 6th inning – walk
  • 8th inning – double to left-center

Softbank’s Yuki Yanagita (April 21) and Yakult’s Tetsuto Yamada (July 9) have also hit for the cycle this year.

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[7/9/2018] Tetsuto Yamada hits for the cycle

Tetsuto Yamada hit for the cycle during a game against the Yomiuri Giants at Shizuoka on July 9.

  • single to left in the first
  • walk in the third
  • two-run home run to left in the fifth
  • double off the fence in left in the seventh
  • RBI triple to right in the ninth

Yamada became the sixty-sixth player (accomplished seventy-one times) in NPB history, thirty-third player (accomplished thirty-six times) in the Central League, to hit for the cycle. He is the first player to hit for the cycle since Yuki Yanagita on April 31 and the first Yakult Swallow since Atsunori Inaba on July 1, 2003.

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[4/21/2018] Yuki Yanagita hits for the cycle

Yuki Yanagita hit for the cycle (home run in the first, single in the fourth, double in the fifth, and triple in the eighth) during a game against the Nippon Ham Fighters at Sapporo Dome on April 21. Sixty-five players have now hit for the cycle seventy times in NPB history (thirty-two players and thirty-three times in the Pacific League). Yanagita is the first player in the NPB to hit for the cycle since Kosuke Fukudome on July 30, 2016; the first in the Pacific League since Julio Zuleta on September 22, 2007; and the first Hawk since Arihito Muramatsu on July 1, 2003.

Other facts:

  • Yanagita became the thirteenth player (accomplished fourteen times) to hit for the cycle while recording five hits. He is the ninth player (accomplished ten times) and first Hawk to complete the cycle with their fifth hit.
  • Yanagita became the fifth player to hit for the cycle by going HR, single, double, and triple (first since Takahiro Ikeyama on August 23, 1990).
  • Yanagita became the second player to complete a cycle with their fifth hit a triple. The other player was Robert Rose on May 2, 1995 and April 29, 1997.
  • Yanagita joined Tokuji Iida (August 24, 1955), Hiroshi Fujimoto (July 7, 1990), and Muramatsu as the only players in Hawk history to hit for a cycle.

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[7/30/2016] Kosuke Fukudome becomes fourth player to hit for multiple cycles

Kosuke Fukudome hit for the cycle during tonight’s game against the Chunichi Dragons at Koshien Stadium. This was the second cycle of his career. He recorded his first cycle on June 8, 2003. He joined Fumio Fujimura (October 2, 1948 and May 25, 1950), Hiromi Matsunaga (October 8, 1982 and May 24, 1991), and Robert Rose (May 2, 1995; April 29, 1997; and June 30, 1999) as the only players in NPB history to record multiple cycles during their career. Sixty-four players have now hit for the cycle sixty-nine times. At thirty-nine years and three months, Fukudome is the oldest player to hit for the cycle. The previous record of thirty-six years and six months was set by Koji Yamamoto on April 30, 1983.

  • 2nd inning: home run to right
  • 4th inning: single to center
  • 5th inning: triple to right-center
  • 6th inning: double to left

The YouTube links below were working as of July 30, 10:30pm.

YouTube 1, YouTube 2

Source: Sponichi 7/30/2016

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[7/20/2016] Yohei Oshima hits for the cycle

Yohei Oshima hit for the cycle during a game against the Hiroshima Carp at Mazda Stadium today. He is the sixty-fourth player (accomplished sixty-eight times) in NPB history to hit for the cycle, first since Rainel Rosario against Yomiuri on September 2, 2014; first Japanese player since Michihiro Ogasawara against Hiroshima on September 3, 2008. He is the seventh Dragon to hit for the cycle, first since Alex Ochoa against Yomiuri on April 13, 2004; first Japanese player since Kosuke Fukudome against Hiroshima on June 8, 2003. He is also the sixteenth player to accomplish the feat in four plate appearances.

  • 1st inning: lead-off home run to right
  • 2nd inning: double to left-center
  • 4th inning: triple to left-center
  • 6th inning: single to left

He popped out to third and walked in his last two at bats.

The YouTube links below were working as of July 20, 10:44pm.

YouTube 1, YouTube 2, YouTube 3

Source: Sports Hochi 7/20/2016, Sponichi 7/20/2016, Tokyo Sports 7/20/2016

[UPDATE 7/21 @ 11:17pm]

Other notes about the cycle:

  • Oshima is the thirty-second player (accomplished thirty-four times) in Central League history to hit for the cycle.
  • He is the fourth player to hit for the cycle and hit a home run to lead off the game. The other three: Sachio Kinugasa in 1976, Akinobu Mayumi in 1979, and Rainel Rosario in 2014.
  • He is the twentieth player to hit for the cycle in July.

Source: Nikkan Sports 7/21/2016, Sponichi 7/21/2016