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[11/6/2017] Hanshin Tigers sign left-handed pitcher Yen-Ching Lu

The Hanshin Tigers announced on November 6 that they signed twenty-one-year old left-handed pitcher Yen-Ching Lu. The Tigers are set to hold a press conference in Nishinomiya on November 7.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/6/2017, Sponichi 11/6/2017, Daily Sports 11/6/2017, Sanspo 11/6/2017

[UPDATE 11/7 @ 4:03pm]

The Tigers held a press conference for Lu today. He is scheduled to join Ni-gun practices at Naruohama on November 8.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/7/2017, Daily Sports 11/7/2017

[UPDATE 11/7 @ 11:26pm]

According to media reports, Lu agreed to a multi-year contract that will be worth an estimated eight million yen next year.

Source: Sanspo 11/7/2017 (additional reports: Sponichi 11/8/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/8/2017, Daily Sports 11/7/2017

[UPDATE 11/8 @ 4:35pm]

Lu moved into the team dormitory after his press conference yesterday. He joined Ni-gun practices at Naruohama today.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/8/2017, Daily Sports 11/8/2017

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Hanshin Tigers: 2017 Fall Camp

Hanshin Tigers 2017 Fall Camp Details

November 2 (Thu) – November 19 (Sun)
Days Off: November 6 (Mon), 10 (Fri), 15 (Wed)

Venue: Aki Tigers Stadium in Aki, Kochi



2018 Hanshin Tigers Coaching Staff

Ichi-gun Coaching Staff

Position Name JPN Name ENG Uni Age
Manager 金本 知憲 Kanemoto, Tomoaki 6 49
Head/Hitting Coach 片岡 篤史 Kataoka, Atsushi 80 48
Strategy/General Coach 高代 延博 Takashiro, Nobuhiro 70 63
Chief/Fielding/Base Coach 平田 勝男 Hirata, Katsuo 78 58
Pitching Coach 香田 勲 Koda, Isao 90 52
Pitching Coach 金村 暁

Kanemura, Satoru

73 41
Battery Coach 山田 勝彦 Yamada, Katsuhiko 82 48
Hitting Coach 平野 恵一 Hirano, Keiichi 76 38
Infield/Base Coach 久慈 照嘉 Kuji, Teruyoshi 71 48
Outfield/Base Coach 中村 豊 Nakamura, Yutaka 87 44
Training Coach 伊藤 敦規 Ito, Atsunori 91 54

Ni-gun Coaching Staff

Position Name JPN Name ENG Uni Age
Manager 矢野 燿大 Yano, Akihiro 88 48
Pitching Coach 高橋 建 Takahashi, Ken 72 48
Pitching Coach 福原 忍 Fukuhara, Shinobu 85 40
Battery Coach 藤井 彰人 Fujii, Akihito 89 41
Hitting Coach 濱中 治 Hamanaka, Osamu 79 39
Fielding/Base Coach 藤本 敦士 Fujimoto, Atsushi 74 40
Fielding/Base Coach 筒井 壮 Tsutsui, So 96 42
Ikusei Coach 安藤 優也 Ando, Yuya 86 39
Ikusei Coach 新井 良太 Arai, Ryota 83 34


Source: Hanshin 10/23/2017


[10/22/2017] Hanshin Tigers interested in Ryoma Nogami

Thirty-year-old Ryoma Nogami earned his domestic free agent option last year. He may be thinking about exercising the option this winter. The Hanshin Tigers are interested and might consider pursuing him if he becomes available.

The Tigers are looking for additional arms for their starting rotation, particularly after they lost Randy Messenger to an injury and struggled to fill his spot. It did not help that Shintaro Fujinami needed to spend a bulk of time at Ni-gun making adjustments to his mechanics this year. Takumi Akiyama and Atsushi Nomi were the only two pitchers that managed to keep their spots in the rotation the entire season.

Nogami does like playing for the Seibu Lions and could end up staying with them, but is also said to be interested in listening to offers from other teams.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/22/2017

[UPDATE 11/4 @ 1:59pm]

Nogami has not yet made a decision about his option. He did tell reporters on November 3 that Hisanobu Watanabe (Lions senior director) asked him to stay. He also told reporters that he wants to take his time with his decision, is asking people around him for their thoughts, was told by his wife that the decision was his to make.

Source: Sponichi 11/4/2017, Daily Sports 11/4/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/4/2017

[UPDATE 11/5 @ 12:04pm]

The Bay Stars may also be interested in Nogami. They are looking to upgrade their starting rotation with another right-handed pitcher.

Source: Daily Sports 11/5/2017, Sponichi 11/5/2017


[10/19/2017] Tomoaki Kanemoto wants to focus on player development

Tomoaki Kanemoto wants to avoid free agency (if possible) and continue to work on internal player development. He also wants a power bat from the overseas market. Some names that have been dropped in articles: twenty-eight-year-old Wilin Rosario, twenty-eight-year-old Rob Segedin, and twenty-nine-year-old Will Middlebrooks, twenty-seven-year-old O’Koyea Dickson, and twenty-eight-year-old Bryce Brentz.

Source: Sponichi 10/19/2017, Nikkan Sports 10/19/2017, Sports Hochi 10/19/2017, Daily Sports 10/19/2017, Sanspo 10/19/2017


[10/19/2017] Hanshin could offer Shunsuke a multi-year deal

Thirty-year-old Shunsuke Fujikawa earned his free agent option this year and could test the market depending on what kind of offer he receives from Hanshin. The Tigers could be preparing a multi-year deal.

Source: Daily Sports 10/18/2017

[UPDATE 10/22 @ 10:23pm]

Shunsuke told reporters he was still thinking about what to do with his option and that he was going to be meeting with officials soon.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/22/2017

[UPDATE 11/7 @ 11:42pm]

Shunsuke will not be using his free agent option. He told the media today that spoke to the team officials and told them he wanted to play for the Tigers and help them win a Nippon Series.

Source: Daily Sports 11/7/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/7/2017, Sponichi 11/7/2017


[10/19/2017] Yamato planning to exercise FA option

Yamato is thinking about exercising the domestic free agent option he earned this year. A number of teams, including Orix, Yokohama, and Yakult, are said to be interested in the twenty-nine-year-old. If he exercises the option, he will most likely be a rank B free agent, which means signing him will require compensation.

Hanshin will try to keep Yamato in a Hanshin uniform by offering a multi-year deal (around three years).

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/19/2017, Nikkan Sports 10/19/2017, Nikkan Sports 10/18/2017Sports Hochi 10/18/2017

[UPDATE 10/21 @ 12:13am]

The Tigers began discussions with Yamato during the season. They are planning to give Yamato time to figure out what he wants to do. They are also open to signing him even if he exercises his option.

Source: Daily Sports 10/20/2017, Nikkan Sports 10/20/2017, Sponichi 10/20/2017

[UPDATE 10/22 @ 11:15pm]

The Tigers are planning to offer Yamato a three-year deal. The Buffaloes and Bay Stars are interested in the twenty-nine-year-old.

Source: Sanspo 10/22/2017, Sanspo 10/22/2017

[UPDATE 10/26 @ 6:09pm]

Yamato met with Hanshin on October 25. He informed them he was thinking about exercising his free agent option. The Tigers may have in turn offered him a three- to four-year contract.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/26/2017

[UPDATE 10/29 @ 11:00am]

The Tigers may have offered Yamato a four-year deal.

Source: Sports Hochi 10/29/2017

[UPDATE 10/29 @ 5:16pm]

Yamato is apparently fifty-fifty on staying versus leaving.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/29/2017

[UPDATE 11/2 @ 3:30pm]

The Buffaloes are interested in Yamato and will consider approaching him if he decides to exercise his option.

Source: Sponichi 11/2/2017

[UPDATE 11/5 @ 12:01pm]

If Yamato decides to exercise his option, the Bay Stars might approach him with a three-year offer.

Source: Sports Hochi 11/5/2017, Daily Sports 11/5/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/5/2017

[UPDATE 11/5 @ 12:18pm]

According to Nikkan Sports, Yamato has informed the Tigers on November 4 that he intends to exercise his free agent option.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/5/2017

[UPDATE 11/6 @ 3:41pm]

The Tigers may have made Yamato a solid offer, but he wants playing time and could sign with another team if he feels they will give him more opportunities to play. If he decides to leave, his preference might be for a team in the Kanto region. That could put Yokohama in the lead.

The Buffaloes might be preparing a three-year deal worth around 300 million yen (in total).

Hanshin would like Yamato to stay and might make adjustments to their offer if he exercises his option.

Source: Sports Hochi 11/6/2017, Sponichi 11/6/2017, Daily Sports 11/6/2017


[10/17/2017] Yokohama beats Hanshin 6-1, advances to Final Stage

The Yokohama Bay Stars beat the Hanshin Tigers tonight, 6-1, and will advance to the Final Stage of the Climax Series. For the Bay Stars, this will be their second straight appearance in the Final Stage. And for the fourth time in Climax Series history, the third place teams from both leagues will be advancing to the Final Stage.

Third Place Teams that Advanced to the Final Stage (Second Stage)

  • 2008 – Chunichi (W, L, W) and Nippon Ham (W, W)
  • 2010 – Yomiuri (W, W) and Lotte (W, W)
  • 2013 – Hiroshima (W, W) and Lotte (W, L, W)
  • 2017 – Yokohama (L, W, W) and Rakuten (L, W, W)

This is the first time that both third place teams came back to win the series after dropping the first game.

The Final Stage is set to begin on October 18.

Source: Sponichi 10/17/2017


[Climax Series] Yokohama Bay Stars 6 – Hanshin Tigers 1 (October 17, 2017)

Yokohama Bay Stars vs Hanshin Tigers @ Koshien Stadium – 18:00
Starters: Wieland, Joe (YOK) 10-2, 2.98 – Nomi, Atsushi (HAN) 6-6, 3.72

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Yokohama 3 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 6 10 0
Hanshin 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 8 0

Attendance: 46319 | Time: 3h10m



[Climax Series] YOKOHAMA DeNA BAYSTARS vs Hanshin Tigers (October 16, 2017) – CANCELED

Yokohama Bay Stars vs Hanshin Tigers @ Koshien Stadium – 18:00
Starters: Wieland, Joe (YOK) 10-2, 2.98 – Nomi, Atsushi (HAN) 6-6, 3.72

Canceled at 15:00 due to bad weather.

NPB Standings [Full]
Hiroshima 143 88 51 4
Hanshin 143 78 61 4
Yokohama 143 73 65 5
Yomiuri 143 72 68 3
Chunichi 143 59 79 5
Yakult 143 45 96 2
Softbank 143 94 49 0
Seibu 143 79 61 3
Rakuten 143 77 63 3
Orix 143 63 79 1
Nippon Ham 143 60 83 0
Lotte 143 54 87 2
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