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[11/24/2017] Koichi Ogata signs one-year contract

Koichi Ogata met with the Hiroshima Carp on November 23 and agreed to a new one-year contract. According to Daily Sports, the contract will be worth an estimated ninety million yen (up ten million from this year). Nikkan Sports is reporting that the contract will be worth an estimated eighty million yen plus incentives.

Ogata has been signing one year deals since he first took over as manager in 2015.

Source: Daily Sports 11/24/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/24/2017


[10/12/2017] Chiba Lotte Marines name Tadahito Iguchi their next manager

The Chiba Lotte Marines announced through their website earlier today that reached an agreement with their new manager, Tadahito Iguchi. The Marines are scheduled hold a press conference for Iguchi at a hotel in Chiba on October 14.

According to media reports, the two sides likely agreed to a three-year contract worth an estimated eighty million yen a year and the uniform number 6.

Source: Lotte 10/12/2017, Daily Sports 10/12/2017

[UPDATE 10/15 @ 6:00am]

The Marines held a press conference for Iguchi on October 14. He was assigned the uniform number 6.

Source: Lotte 10/14/2017


[10/11/2017] Hideki Kuriyama agrees to one-year deal

The Nippon Ham Fighters announced today that they signed fifty-six-year-old Hideki Kuriyama to a new one-year deal for the 2018 season. Kuriyama has compiled a 437-403-21 record as manager of the Fighters over the last six seasons.

Source: Nippon Ham 10/11/2017



[10/5/2017] Junji Ogawa introduced as new Yakult Swallows manager

The Yakult Swallows held a press conference today and introduced sixty-year-old Junji Ogawa as their new manager. This will be Ogawa’s second tour of duty as manager of the Swallows. He was named interim manager during the 2010 season and took over as official manager in 2011. He stepped down after the 2014 season and remained in the organization and took on the role of senior director.

The two sides agreed to a two-year contract. Ogawa will wear the uniform number 80.  He will retain his title as senior director until the end of December.

Source: Yakult 10/5/2017, Nikkan Sports 10/5/2017

[UPDATE 10/6 @ 5:09pm]

According to media reports, Ogawa’s annual salary will be an estimated 80 million yen.

Source: Sanspo 10/6/2017, Sports Hochi 10/6/2017


[9/20/2017] Junichi Fukura will stay on as manager in 2018

Buffaloes’ President Hiroaki Nishina told reporters today that Junichi Fukura will remain manager of the team in 2018 (they will most likely agree to a one-year contract). Fukura took over as an interim manager during the 2015 season. He became the official manager in 2016. Team officials are not fully satisfied with the team’s performance this year, but like the general direction the team is currently heading. They are not expecting a championship next year, but rather continued improvement (so at least a ticket to the Climax Series).

Source: Sports Hochi 9/20/2017, Daily Sports 9/20/2017, Nikkan Sports 9/20/2017


[9/17/2017] Hanshin Tigers could offer Tomoaki Kanemoto multi-year deal

Forty-nine-year-old Tomoaki Kanemoto is in he final year of a two-year deal. The media learned on September 16 that the Hanshin Tigers might be getting ready to offer their manager a three-year extension. Tigers’ Owner Shinya Sakai has faith in Kanemoto’s ability to manage and develop players.

Formal negotiations are expected to take place at the end of the season.

Source: Daily Sports 9/17/2017

[UPDATE 12/7 @ 12:52am]

Kanemoto signed a new contract on November 25. It may have been a three-year deal.

Source: Sports Hochi 12/6/2017, Daily Sports 12/6/2017, Tokyo Sports 12/6/2017


[8/21/2017] Mitsuru Manaka to step down after the season

Mitsuru Manaka is in the final year of a three-year contract. According to Nikkan Sports, the Yakult Swallows are planning to ask Manaka to return next season because they still think highly of his abilities to manage the team. The report also adds that it is uncertain if Manaka is open to staying, considering the team’s performance the last two seasons (fifth place last year and last place so far this year).

Sponichi expects this to be Manaka’s last year. They name current Ni-gun manager Shingo Takatsu as a possible replacement. Sanspo also thinks that there is a good chance Manaka will step down.

Source: Nikkan Sports 8/21/2017, Sponichi 8/21/2017, Sanspo 8/21/2017

[UPDATE 8/22 @ 3:53pm]

Manaka met Yakult Swallows’ President Tsuyoshi Kinugasa on August 21 and was asked to return next year. He turned down their offer and told them he wanted to take responsibility for the team’s performance by stepping down after the season. Manaka addressed the media today at Jingu Stadium and informed them of his decision. The Swallows also made an official announcement of Manaka’s decision.

Kinugasa also addressed the media today and said that owner Takashige Negishi wanted Manaka to return for at least one more year because he felt he did a good job despite losing a lot of key players to injuries. Manaka also turned down the possibility of taking another position within the organization.

Possible candidates: Ni-gun manager Takatsu is the front runner. Other possibilities could include Atsuya Furuta and Daisuke Araki.

Source: Yakult 8/22/2017ZakZak 8/22/2017, Sponichi 8/22/20170, Sponichi 8/22/2017Sanspo 8/22/2017, Daily Sports 8/22/2017, Daily Sports 8/22/2017, Daily Sports 8/22/2017, Nikkan Sports 8/22/2017Nikkan Sports 8/22/2017, Nikkan Sports 8/22/2017Sports Hochi 8/22/2017, Sports Hochi 8/22/2017Tokyo Sports 8/22/2017

[UPDATE 10/3 @ 11:27pm]

Manaka managed his last game on October 3. Players tossed him into the air seven times after the game.

Source: Sponichi 10/3/2017


[10/3/2016] Seibu Lions: Hatsuhiko Tsuji named next manager

The Seibu Lions held a press conference today and announced that Hatsuhiko Tsuji will be taking over as their new manager. He has been assigned the uniform number 85. According to media reports, he agreed to a two-year contract.

Source: Seibu announcement 10/3, Daily Sports 10/3, Jiji 10/3, Nikkan Sports 10/3

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[9/29/2016] Shigekazu Mori named new Chunichi manager

Head Coach and Interim Manager Shigekazu Mori is expected to become the next Chunichi Dragons manager. An announcement could be made later today.

Ni-gun Manager Michihiro Ogawasara was considered the front runner, but the Dragons were worried the task of rebuilding the team at this stage might be too difficult for him. Nikkan Sports believes he could be promoted to Ichi-gun head coach while Daily Sports believes he will stay put as Ni-gun manager. According to Sponichi, the Dragons are planning to offer Masaru Uno a job on the coaching staff and is a candidate for a number positions, including Ni-gun manager and hitting coach.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/29/2016, Nikkan Sports 9/29/2016, Daily Sports 9/29/2016, Daily Sports 9/29/2016, Sports Hochi 9/29/2016, Sports Hochi 9/29/2016, Sponichi 9/29/2016

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[UPDATE 9/30 @ 5:21am]

The Chunichi Dragons announced on September 29 that Mori will take over as manager full time in 2017. The two sides may have agreed to a multi-year deal that has to be renewed each year. The Dragons formally offered the job after the last home game of the season on September 25.

Mori knows the team is in a difficult place right now and understands that his job might be about getting things ready for the next manager.

Source: Chunichi announcement, Daily Sports 9/29/2016, Nikkan Sports 9/29/2016, Sponichi 9/29/2016

[UPDATE 9/30 @ 6:57am]

Mori may have signed a two-year contract worth an estimated 100 million yen a year.

Source: Sanspo 9/30/2016


[9/1/2016] Norio Tanabe to step down as Seibu manager

Norio Tanabe would like to step down as manager of the Seibu Lions as a way to take responsibility for the team’s poor performance. He is expected to formally submit a request once the regular season ends.

Tanabe took over as interim manager for Haruki Ihara in June 2014 and became full-time manager at the end of the season.

Rumored names: Tetsuya Shiozaki, Koji Akiyama, Shinya Miyamoto

Source: Daily Sports 9/1/2016, Nikkan Sports 9/1/2016, Sponichi 9/1/2016, Sports Hochi 9/1/2016Tokyo Sports 9/1/2016

Year Team Pos G W L T WPCT HR AVG ERA Age
2014 Seibu 5 91 43 44 4 .623 125 .248 3.77 48
2015 Seibu 4 143 69 69 5 .500 136 .263 3.69 49
2016 Seibu 5 121 53 66 2 .445 100 .266 3.85 50
  355 165 179 11 .480  

Note: 2016 season record through August 31.