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Michihiro Ogasawara returns to Nippon Ham as head coach / hitting coach

The Nippon Ham Fighters announced on Wednesday (October 9) that Michihiro Ogasawara was returning to the organization as a head coach / hitting coach. They held a press conference for him in Sapporo on Thursday (October 10).

Ogasawara started his professional career with the Fighters in 1997. Wanting to be closer to his family, he exercised his free agent option after the 2006 season and signed with the Yomiuri Giants. He spent the last two years of his active playing career with the Chunichi Dragons. After retirement, he remained with the Dragons’ organization as a Ni-gun manager.

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[9/26/2016] Sports Hochi: Michihiro Ogasawara to be named next manager

According to Sports Hochi, the Chunichi Dragons have selected Michihiro Ogasawara to be their next manager. They could make an official announcement on September 29.

Source: Sports Hochi 9/26/2016

[UPDATE 9/27 @ 9:42pm]

Sports Hochi is also reporting that Interim Manager Shigekazu Mori will keep his job as head coach next year because of his experience and because of his knowledge of the team. He is also expected to continue his scouting trips to the Dominican Republic.

Source: Sports Hochi 9/27/2016


[8/10/2016] Chunichi Dragons Managerial Situation Update

Updates for the Chunichi Dragons’ managerial situation, from August 10:

  • Motonobu Tanishige was said to have signed a four-year deal, but it seems as though he may have been working year-to-year.
  • There was a rift between Tanishige and General Manager Hiromitsu Ochiai that never went away. Ochiai often got his way over Tanishige, leaving the latter without much say over coaching assignments and player decisions. It also led to problems between Tanishige and the coaching staff — the only person he really trusted was Fielding Coach Takahiro Saeki.
  • Chunichi Dragons’ President Takao Sasaki told reporters the organization had him to step down at this point during the season because they received a lot strongly worded messages from fans after the All-Star break and they felt they were at a breaking point where something needed to be done.
  • Sasaki stopped short of assigning responsibility to other parties, i.e. Ochiai, but did say that they would continue to evaluate everyone’s performance.
  • Ni-gun Manager Michihiro Ogasawara may be the current front-runner to take over as manager in 2017.

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[UPDATE 8/11 @ 11:55am]

The Dragons received a number of calls from fans that were wondering why the organization wanted to place all the blame on Tanishige and not on other officials, like Ochiai. There were also some calls asking why Ochiai was not named interim manager over Head Coach Shigekazu Mori.

Source: Sports Hochi 8/11/2016

[UPDATE 8/30 @ 2:50pm]

Tanishige may have been working year-to-year, but the Dragons publicly spoke about giving him at least four years and will most likely be paying him for the fourth year to avoid any problems. They are said to be discussing options.

Tanishige has already left his home in Nagoya and returned to his family in Yokohama.

Source: Sports Hochi 8/30/2016