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[9/28/2018] Yoshinobu Yamamoto taken off active roster

Yoshinobu Yamamoto felt some discomfort near his left side while playing catch during pre-game practices on September 27. Yamamoto was examined at a hospital in Osaka and diagnosed with an injury in his left internal oblique muscle. He was taken off the active roster on September 28.

Source: Sponichi 9/28/2018, Nikkan Sports 9/28/2018


[9/27/2018] Eiichi Koyano to retire after the season

The Orix Buffaloes announced today that thirty-seven-year-old Eiichi Koyano will be retiring after the season. According to media reports, the Buffaloes received and accepted Koyano’s decision to retire on September 26. The veteran told reporters that his body was no longer responding the way he wanted it to and that a gap developed between mind and body.

Source: Orix 9/27/2018, Sports Hochi 9/27/2018, Daily Sports 9/27/2018, Nikkan Sports 9/27/2018, Sponichi 9/27/2018, Sanspo 9/27/2018


[9/25/2018] Junichi Fukura to step down as Orix manager

The media learned on September 24 that Junichi Fukura is planning to step down as manager of the Orix Buffaloes at the end of the season. The organization was interested in bringing him back next year, but Fukura turned them down because of the team’s performance this year.

The Buffaloes reached out to Fukura earlier this month with a request for him to stay (they were pleased with the development of young talent). Initial reports indicated that Fukura asked for more time, but the media learned on September 24 that he turned them down. They two sides met a number of times after that, but nothing changed. Fukura told reporters today that he was taking responsibility for the team’s performance because it was all about the results.

Source: Daily Sports 9/25/2018, Daily Sports 9/25/2018, Sports Hochi 9/25/2018, Sponichi 9/25/2018, Sanspo 9/25/2018, Sanspo 9/25/2018, Nikkan Sports 9/25/2018

[UPDATE 9/26 @ 4:06am]

Team official Hiroyuki Nagamura spoke to the media at Kyocera Dome on September 25 and told reporters that they received a resignation request from Fukura in early September and accepted his request four to five days ago (they gave him some time, but his feelings never changed). Nagamura also told reporters that they are hoping he accepts their offer to join the front office.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/25/2018, Sports Hochi 9/25/2018, Tokyo Sports 9/25/2018


[9/21/2018] Hitomi Honda has surgery on right elbow

The Orix Buffaloes announced on September 21 that Hitomi Honda had surgery to treat a fatigue fracture in his right elbow at a hospital in Osaka. He should be able to start a throwing program in about three months.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/21/2018


[9/18/2018] Takahiro Matsuba leaves game with discomfort near right hip

Takahiro Matsuba felt discomfort near his right hip while playing defense in the fourth inning of a game against the Rakuten Eagles at Kyocera Dome on September 18. He was removed from the game after he finished out the fifth inning. An examination at a hospital in Osaka did not reveal any abnormalities.

Source: Sanspo 9/18/2018, Daily Sports 9/18/2018


[9/15/2018] Hitomi Honda to have elbow surgery

Hitomi Honda will have surgery on his right elbow (fatigue fracture) at a hospital in Osaka some time early next week. Honda felt discomfort in the elbow during an outing in August. The fatigue fracture was discovered during an examination. He should be able to resume throwing practices before the end of the year.

Source: Daily Sports 9/14/2018


Tatsuya Yamaashi: Did You Know

First Home Run: September 7 vs Softbank at YafuOku Dome, third inning, runners on second and third, one out, off Kodai Senga.

Source: Daily Sports 9/7/2018, Sponichi 9/7/2018


[9/4/2018] Yuki Nishi interested in the Majors

Twenty-seven-year-old v earned his domestic free agent option earlier this year in May. According to media reports posted earlier today, he asked the Orix Buffaloes about getting posted during the off-season, but was turned down. Assuming no injuries, Nishi should earn his international free agent option next year. Scouts from a number of MLB teams, including the Cubs, Dodgers, Angels, Diamondbacks, and Phillies, have been spotted at his starts. It is possible the Buffaloes might be willing to post him to avoid losing him as a domestic free agent this year, or an international free agent next year.

Source: Chunichi Sports 9/4/2018, Daily Sport 9/4/2018


[9/2/2018] Yutaro Sugimoto suffers left pinky fracture

Yutaro Sugimoto was hit by a pitch on his left hand during his at bat in the fourth inning of tonight’s game against the Seibu Lions at Kyocera Dome. He was pulled from the game and taken to a hospital in Osaka for tests. He was diagnosed with a fracture in the fifth metacarpal. He will be re-evaluated on September 4.

Source: Daily Sports 9/2/2018, Sports Hochi 9/2/2018, Sponichi 9/2/2018, Nikkan Sports 9/2/2018, Sanspo 9/2/2018

[UPDATE 9/7 @ 5:37am]

The Orix Buffaloes announced on September 6 that Sugimoto had surgery at a hospital in Osaka. He might need about three months before he can resume swinging the bat.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/6/2018


[9/1/2018] Brandon Dickson taken off active roster

Brandon Dickson was examined at a hospital in Osaka earlier today and diagnosed with inflammation in his right shoulder. He was taken off the active roster and reassigned to Ni-gun.

Source: Sanspo 9/1/2018

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Hiroshima 143 88 51 4
Hanshin 143 78 61 4
Yokohama 143 73 65 5
Yomiuri 143 72 68 3
Chunichi 143 59 79 5
Yakult 143 45 96 2
Softbank 143 94 49 0
Seibu 143 79 61 3
Rakuten 143 77 63 3
Orix 143 63 79 1
Nippon Ham 143 60 83 0
Lotte 143 54 87 2
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