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[1/24/2019] Kazuya Fukuura planning to retire at the end of the season

The media is reporting that forty-three-year-old Kazuya Fukuura is planning to retire at the end of the season. Fukuura told Nikkan Sports in an interview that his body was no longer as resilient as it once was and that he did not want to play while holding back out of fear of getting hurt. The veteran also said that if he really felt he could still play full-time, he probably never would have accepted the added responsibility of being a Ni-gun hitting coach this season.

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[12/25/2018] Kensuke Tanaka to retire after 2019 season

Thirty-seven-year-old Kensuke Tanaka spoke to the media today after meeting the Nippon Ham Fighters to finalize his contract for the 2019 season and announced his plan to retire after the season. He told reporters that he decided to make the announcement early because he wanted to make it easier on everyone. The Fighters asked him to reconsider because he might feel differently later on, but his mind was set: there was a growing gap between what he thought he could do and what he could actually do.

Source: Nippon Ham 12/25/2018, Nikkan Sports 12/25/2018, Daily Sports 12/25/2018


[10/22/2018] Takahito Kudo to retire

The Chunichi Dragons announced that thirty-seven-year-old Takahito Kudo is retiring. They released the following comment from Kudo.

I managed to have a fulfilling fourteen-year career.

I was senryokugaied and then picked up by the Chunichi Dragons. I never thought I would get to play five more years.

I was not a lifer, but I still have many memories with this team.

I am grateful to the Chunichi Dragons staff and fans.

Thank you for the fourteen years.

Source: Chunichi 10/22/2018


[10/17/2018] Hiroyasu Tanaka set to retire

The Yokohama Bay Stars announced that thirty-six-year-old Hiroyasu Tanaka will be retiring this year. They released the following statement from Tanaka:

I will be retiring at the end of the season. I had a fourteen-year professional career after joining the Yakult Swallows. I spent the last two years with the Yokohama Bay Stars. They allowed me to keep my dream alive. With a new start, I was able to enjoy my days with the younger players. I will also not forget how the team, behind captain Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, welcomed me. To those that supported me over the years, and to the fans that cheered for me, thank you.

Source: Yokohama 10/16/2018


[10/15/2018] Shinichi Takeuchi to retire

The media learned on October 14 that thirty-four-year-old Shinichi Takeuchi is planning to retire. The Yakult Swallows could offer him a job in the organization. An official announcement is expected within the next few days.

Source: Sanspo 10/15/2018, Sponichi 10/15/2018, Nikkan Sports 10/15/2018

[UPDATE 10/16 @ 7:05am]

The Swallows announced on October 15 that Takeuchi is retiring. Takuechi also held a press conference to announce his decision. He will remain in the organization with a staff job.


  • This was a difficult year for Takeuchi. He got hurt before opening day and then missed some time around the All-Star break. He had a hard time at Ni-gun because he wanted to stay sharp by practicing, but was also worried about getting hurt. The young players around him also made things difficult for him. All these things combined pushed him toward retirement.
  • Takeuchi was unsure about how things were going to turn out the last two or three years.
  • Takeuchi jokingly said Norichika Aoki pushed him out of the starting line-up. Aoki’s return meant less time for him at first base because Tomotaka Sakaguchi would also see some playing time at first.

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[10/13/2018] Takayuki Terauchi to retire

Thirty-five-year-old Takayuki Terauchi will be retiring this year. He was senryokugai’ed by the Yomiuri Giants earlier this month and did not want to think about playing for another team.


  • He visited Giants Stadium on October 12 to thank teammates and staff for their support over the years.
  • He was able to do everything he wanted over his twelve-year career, though he regrets missing the opportunity to play at Ichi-gun this year.
  • He did not want to think about tryouts or playing for other teams after he turned thirty, so his focus was to do the best he could to extend his career with the Giants for as long as possible.
  • He remembers the home runs he hit off Kenta Maeda and Masahiro Tanaka, but more than that, he remembers his twelve-year career and how he never thought he would be able to make it when he first joined the Giants.

Source: Yomiuri 10/12/2018, Sanspo 10/12/2018


[10/6/2018] Masahiro Araki holds press conference to announce retirement

Forty-one-year-old Masahiro Araki held a press conference at Nagoya Dome earlier today and formally announced his decision to retire.

  • He first started thinking this might be his last year when he started the season at Ni-gun. The idea grew stronger over time.
  • He feels like he was able to do everything he wanted to over his twenty-three year career.
  • He never thought he was good enough to play at the professional level and still feels the same way. This could be what kept him going for so long.
  • He always gave it his all because he felt that was the only way he could compete at the professional level.
  • Practice made him the player he was/is.
  • He views his former double-player partner (Hirokazu Ibata) as a good rival and motivator. He may not have had a career without him.
  • He takes pride in his stolen bases.
  • He has no regrets, other than perhaps retiring when the team is not doing well.
  • He wants to be in the starting line-up for the last game of his career. He also wants to steal a base.

Source: Chunichi 10/6/2018


[10/5/2018] Tetsuya Yamauchi to retire

Thirty-four-year-old Tetsuya Yamauchi is planning to retire at the end of the season. A press conference is expected within the next few days.

Yamaguchi told reporters that he wanted to end his career with the Giants. He also told reporters his shoulder had been giving him problems the last few years.

Source: Tokyo Sports 10/5/2018, Daily Sports 10/5/2018, Sponichi 10/5/2018, Sanspo 10/5/2018, Nikkan Sports 10/5/2018

[UPDATE 10/6 @ 6:43am]

Yamaguchi held a press conference at a hotel in Tokyo on October 5. He told the media that he decided to retire because he was never called up to Ichi-gun this season and because he hurt his left shoulder in September. He also told the media he never thought he would have a career that lasted over ten years and felt there was nothing else for him to accomplish.

Tetsuya Utsumi, Hisayoshi Chono, Hayato Sakamoto, Hirokazu Sawamura, Tomoyuki Sugano, Ryosuke Miyaguni, Toshiya Sugiuchi, and Shuichi Murata made appearances at the end of the press conference. They gave Yamaguchi flowers.

Source: Yomiuri 10/5/2018


[10/3/2018] Kentaro Nishimura planning to retire

The media learned on October 2 that thirty-three-year-old Kentaro Nishimura is planning to retire. An announcement and press conference is expected some time within the next few days.

Nishimura struggled with right elbow problems and had two surgeries earlier in his career, one in 2009 and another in 2015. He also bounced back and forth between the bullpen and starting rotation and pitched in a career-high seventy-one games in 2013.

Nishimura suffered a dislocated right shoulder earlier this year in July. He decided to retire because he was not making sufficient progress in his rehab.

Source: Sponichi 10/3/2018, Tokyo Sports 10/3/2018, Nikkan Sports 10/3/2018, Sports Hochi 10/3/2018

[UPDATE 10/4 @ 12:55am]

Nishimura held a press conference at the Giants’ offices in Otemachi on October 3. He told reporters he decided to retire because he was not sure if he would be able to pitch next year after he dislocated his shoulder earlier this year in July. He also told reporters he had no regrets because he was able to win his share of championships and titles over his fifteen-year career.

Source: Yomiuri 10/3/2018


[10/2/2018] Hitoki Iwase announces decision to retire

Forty-three-year-old Hitoki Iwase held a press conference at Nagoya Dome on October 2 to formally announce his decision to retire after the season.

Notes from the interview:

  • He decided to retire because his numbers dropped from last year and he did not want to burden the team. He talked about retiring if his performance dipped during contract discussions last year.
  • He told Shigekazu Mori he wanted to retire when the manager asked him what he wanted to do last month (September).
  • He waited to make the announcement because he wanted to make it to 1000 games first.
  • He thought about retiring two years ago. But he played last year and this year. He has no regrets.
  • More than any title, he felt the most pride in pitching fifty or more games in fifteen consecutive seasons, beginning with his first year.
  • As a veteran member of the pitching staff, he does feel responsible for the team’s poor performance this year.

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