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[9/25/2018] Kenji Otonari and Yoshifumi Okada to retire

The Chiba Lotte Marines announced today that thirty-three-year-old Kenji Otonari and thirty-four-year-old Yoshifumi Okada will retire at the end of the season. The Marines released the following statements from the two players.


Thank you for all the support you provided over my twelve-year career. It was not easy career, but I was able to get through it with the help and support from various people. I am really grateful. Thank you very much.


Ten years was a short time, but I had a good baseball career. The Chiba Lotte Marines selected me during the Ikusei draft and they gave me an opportunity to play baseball. I hope to use what I learned during the next part of my life. I have no regrets. I feel I was able to have such a fulfilling career because of all the support the fans provided. Thank you for cheering for me.

Source: Lotte 9/25/2018

[UPDATE 9/28 @ 3:37am]

The Marines announced that they will hold retirement ceremony for Okada after a Softbank game on October 8.

Source: Lotte 9/28/2018


[9/22/2018] Yuya Ishii to retire after the season

The Nippon Ham Fighters announced today that thirty-seven-year-old Yuya Ishii will retire after the season. They also posted the following statement from Ishii:

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a professional baseball player for fourteen years. I learned about mental strength and perseverance through tough practices while playing for the Chunichi Dragons, under people like Hiromitsu Ochiai, Shigekazu Mori, and others.

After the Bay Stars, I became a members of the Fighters. I was impressed by the warm fans. Their cheers became my strength. I am grateful to Hideki Kuriyama because even in difficult jams, he had faith in me and kept playing me. I was lucky to have a lot of great people around me and I was happy to be a member of the Fighters.

Thank you for the fourteen years.

Source: Nippon Ham 9/22/2018, Sanspo 9/22/2018, Daily Sports 9/22/2018, Nippon Ham 9/22/2018

[UPDATE 11/1 @ 3:10pm]

The Fighters are planning to add Ishii to their staff as a batting practice pitcher.

Source: Sponichi 11/1/2018

[UPDATE 11/13 @ 12:27pm]

The Fighters announced that they added Ishii to their staff as a batting practice pitcher.

Source: Nippon Ham 11/12/2018


[9/19/2018] Ryota Wakiya to retire after the season

Thirty-six-year-old Ryota Wakiya held a press conference at Tokyo Dome on September 19 and announced his decision to retire after the season.

  • He has a hard time summing up his thirteen-year career because so many things happened to him, but he feels he was able to have a good career because of all the support he got from people around him.
  • He is grateful to all the teams he played for, even though he was not able to do as much for them as he wanted.
  • He started thinking about retirement in August because there was not any talk about him making the active roster.
  • He would like to get into coaching after retirement.
  • Hisayoshi Chono asked him what he wanted to eat, he said he wanted to eat junk food.
  • Yoshiyuki Kamei presented him with flowers at the end of the press conference.

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[9/12/2018] Toshiya Sugiuchi announces decision to retire

Thirty-seven-year-old Toshiya Sugiuchi held a press conference at the Tokyo Dome Hotel on September 12 to announce his decision to retire at the end of the season.

  • He was hoping to have a longer career. He decision to retire comes with regrets: could he have done more, would things have been different if he did not get hurt.
  • He does not think he had an easy career. He suffered failures and made mistakes. He also went through periods where he was afraid to throw the ball, had difficulty sleeping, and just wanted to run away. But all that went away when he stepped on the mound and felt the support from fans, teammates, and family.
  • After spending time with younger players the last few years, he began to feel that he was no longer an active player and that maybe his time had come.
  • He remembers two games: a shutout he tossed against Yu Darvish on September 25, 2010 and a no-hitter he threw against Masahiro Tanaka on May 30, 2012.
  • He had right hip surgery in 2015 and was, more recently, struggling with left shoulder pain.
  • Tetsuya Utsumi made a surprise appearance after he was finished and presented him with flowers.

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[9/10/2018] Shigeru Kaga to retire after the season

The Yokohama Bay Stars announced today that they received and accepted a request to retire from Shigeru Kaga.

More than the happy memories or the fun memories, I remember the difficult rehab I had to go through because of my injury. I was able to get this far with the support of the trainers and everyone else that supported me. There were times I received critical comments from the fans, but their warm support during my appearances helped push me over the top.

Thank you for the nine years. I am really grateful for being able to have a happy baseball life.

The team is fighting for a chance to make the Climax Series. I believe we will make the Climax Series and become champions this year. The Bay Stars have a lot of young players so please continue to support them!

Source: Yokohama 9/10/2018

[UPDATE 9/18 @ 4:18pm]

The Bay Stars announced that they will hold a retirement ceremony for Kaga after a game against the Chunichi Dragons on September 21 (Friday).

Source: Yokohama 9/18/2018


[9/10/2018] Last season for Taketoshi Goto

The Yokohama Bay Stars announced today that Taketoshi Goto will retire after the current season.

I joined the Lions in 2002, became a member of the Bay Stars in 2012, and for sixteen years received a lot of support. Thank you.

I am very sorry that this personal announcement comes at a time when the team is fighting for a chance to make the Climax Series. The biggest reason why I decided to retire is because my body is no longer responding in the way that I want it to and I am no longer feeling satisfied with my hitting. I feel I have done all that I can because I don’t feel like there is anything more that I can do and because I have no regrets.

The loud cheering at Yokohama Stadium gave me goosebumps every time I got called in as a pinch-hitter. There is no doubt the DeNA Bay Stars cheering is number one among the twelve NPB teams. Thank you for everything.

Source: Yokohama 9/10/2018

[UPDATE 9/18 @ 4:20pm]

The Bay Stars announced that they will hold a retirement ceremony for Goto after a game against the Chunichi Dragons on September 22 (Saturday).

Source: Yokohama 9/18/2018


[9/5/2018] Takahiro Arai to retire after the season

Forty-one-year-old Takahiro Arai held a press conference at Mazda Stadium earlier today to announce his plans to retire after the season. Points taken from his press conference:

  • Arai told the Carp about wanting to retire in early August.
  • The Carp asked him to reconsider and Arai spent the rest of August re-thinking his plans. Nothing changed.
  • There was no one moment that made him consider retirement. He starting thinking about retirement around Inter-league play.
  • When considering the timing, he thought about the current group of young players on the roster and what things would be like three and five years from now.
  • Arai came to the Carp with nothing but a desire to help the team. He wanted to retire the moment he knew he could no longer help.
  • He spoke to Hiroki Kuroda and Yoshiyuki Ishihara.
  • His kids did not want him to retire.
  • He does not consider himself to be a great player, just one that practices a lot and happened to be in the right place at the right time.
  • Arai was okay with making an announcement after the season, but the Carp wanted him to say something sooner to give fans a chance to watch him play.

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[8/1/2018] Shuichi Murata not “officially” retiring, just yet

Thirty-seven-year-old Shuichi Murata is planning to retire after the 2018 season. He is expected to make a statement during a press conference on August 1.

Murata was released by the Yomiuri Giants after the 2017 season. He signed with the BC League’s Tochigi Golden Braves with hopes of a possible return to the NPB this year. However, the trade deadline ended on July 31 with no offers.

In forty-two games with Tochigi so far this year (through July 31), Murata is 51-for-145 (.352 batting average) with nine home runs and forty-four RBI.

Source: Nikkan Sports 7/31/2018, Daily Sports 8/1/2018, Sanspo 8/1/2018, Sponichi 8/1/2018

[UPDATE 8/1 @ 2:07pm]

Murata held a press conference at a hotel in Tochigi earlier today to talk about his thoughts after the trade deadline.

  • In Murata’s mind, if he was going to return to the NPB, it would have happened before the July 31 trade deadline.
  • Murata plans to play until the last game of Tochigi’s season (September 9).
  • Unless something changes, Murata is not thinking about waiting for a return to the NPB in 2019. He also finds it difficult to think about playing baseball somewhere else.
  • Murata does not regret his decision to play for Tochigi this season.
  • Murata was not really trying to make a case for his return to the NPB by continuing to play baseball this year. His goal was to become the kind of player kids want to watch and emulate.
  • Murata is not retiring. He wants to avoid using the word right now because he is still an active player for Tochigi.

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[UPDATE 9/10 @ 3:10pm]

Murata got the start a third and batted clean-up during his retirement game on September 9. He went 1-for-5 (Fo2, F9, Ks, 1B8, G3) at the plate. Over 6,000 fans were in attendance. During a post-game ceremony, he told fans that he was retiring.

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[6/24/2018] Shota Omine to retire

The Chiba Lotte Marines announced on June 23 that they received and approved a request for retirement from twenty-six-year-old Shota Omine. According to media reports, Omine decided to retire because of financial problems that, according to a Lotte representative, started about two-and-a-half years ago.

In a statement released by Lotte, Omine explained he borrowed money from people and was unable to pay them back. He said he wanted a change of pace and decided retirement was his best option. He then apologized to staff and fans for letting them down.

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[12/22/2017] Shota Kurosawa to retire join Lotte staff

The Chiba Lotte Marines announced today that Shota Kurosawa will retire this year and become a member of their staff beginning in January 2018. Kurosawa decided to retire because he felt there was nothing more for him to accomplish as a player and he remained with Lotte because he wanted to give back to the organization that gave him a chance to play professionally.

Kurosawa started his professional career when the Marines selected him in the first round of the 2010 Ikusei draft. He made the seventy-man roster in 2013 and went on to pitch in fourteen Ichi-gun games between 2013 and 2017.

Source: Lotte 12/22/2017