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[12/21/2017] Takuya Furuya decides to retire and join Lotte staff

The Chiba Lotte Marines formally announced today that Takuya Furuya decided to retire after the 2017 season and will begin working for the team beginning in January 2018.

When Furuya was first told he was not a part of Lotte’s plans for the 2018 season, he felt he could still play, but he also received an offer to remain with the organization as a member of their staff. He decided to retire in early November and accepted the team’s offer.

Furuya turned pro after he was selected in the fifth round of the 2005 draft. He pitched in 148 games over his career and made forty-eight starts. He allowed 178 runs (166 earned) on 354 hits, including twenty-eight home runs, over 353.0 innings of work and went 23-15 with fourteen holds, a 4.23 ERA, and a 1.46 WHIP.

Source: Lotte 12/21/2017


[11/24/2017] Atsushi Kita to retire after eleven years

Twenty-eight-year-old Atsushi Kita told the media on November 24 that he is planning to retire. He thanked the fans that supported him over the years, despite having a disappointing career.

Kita was drafted by Yokohama out of Komatsu Kogyo High School in 2006. He was traded twice after that: to Nippon Ham for Kenji Tsuchiya in November 2012 and to Yomiuri in a package with Toshiyuki Yanuki for Kenji Yano and Hideki Sunaga in June 2015. He went 23-for-93 with a slash line of .247/.330/.333 in fifty-six Ichi-gun games over his career.

Source: Daily Sports 11/24/2017, Sponichi 11/24/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/24/2017


[10/29/2017] Takehiro Donoue decides to retire

Thirty-two-year-old Takehiro Donoue announced that he will be retiring this year. He finalized his decision after he was told by the Yomiuri Giants that they were not going to offer him a contract for 2018.

Donoue visited Giants Stadium in Kawasaki today and told teammates and coaches about his decision. He told reporters he appreciated the extra three years the Giants gave him and was able to make the best of each day. He also told reporters a part of him still wanted to keep playing, but that that decision was not his to make.

The Dragons gave Donoue his start after they selected in the sixth round of the 2003 draft. He was released after the 2014 season and attended the joint tryouts. He managed to sign an Ikusei contract with the Giants in November and made it to the seventy-man roster during spring camp.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/29/2017, Sponichi 10/29/2017, Daily Sports 10/29/2017


[10/14/2017] Tatsuyuki Uemoto will be retiring

Masayo Uemoto posted an announcement on her blog that her husband, Tatsuyuki Uemoto, was going to retire after a fifteen-year career. She was not sure if it was her place to make the announcement at her blog, but also wanted the opportunity to thank people she met through her husband for their support.

Source: Masayo Uemoto blog post, Sports Hochi 10/14/2017

[UPDATE 10/21 @ 4:22pm]

Uemoto has accepted the Seibu Lions’ offer to become a bullpen catcher.

Source: Tokyo Sports 10/19/2017


[10/14/2017] Daisuke Fujimura retires and takes job with Giants

Daisuke Fujimura announced on October 14 that he was retiring. He visited Giants Stadium and told reporters of his decision.

The Yomiuri Giants informed Fujimura they were not going to offer him a new contract on October 7. The twenty-eight-year-old considered attending the twelve team tryout, but ultimately wanted to end his career with the Giants. He decided to retire on October 13. Fujimura is slated to get a job in the organization.

Fujimura was selected by the Giants in the first round of the high school draft in 2007. He played in his first Ichi-gun game on May 10, 2011. He went on to lead the league in stolen bases with twenty-eight and won the Rookie of the Year award.

Source: Yomiuri 10/14/2017Daily Sports 10/14/2017, Daily Sports 10/14/2017, Sponichi 10/14/2017, Tokyo Sports 10/14/2014, Nikkan Sports 10/14/2017

[UPDATE 11/24 @ 3:45pm]

The Giants held a retirement ceremony for Fujimura during Fan Festa on November 23.

Source: Yomiuri 11/24/2017


[10/11/2017] Tatsuya Shimozono, Yota Kosugi decide to retire

The Yokohama Bay Stars announced on October 11 that thirty-two-year-old Tatsuya Shimozono and thirty-one-year-old Yota Kosugi are retiring.

Shimozono got his professional start with the Bay Stars in 2007. He played in a career high 131 games in 2010 and recorded a slash line of .286/.365/.376. Outside of that one season, he never played in more than ninety games in a year. He was the chief player representative between 2013 and 2015. He decided to retire because he wanted to end his career with the Bay Stars.

Kosugi began his professional career with the Bay Stars in 2009. He pitched in eighty-six Ichi-gun games and made fourteen starts over his career. This year was the first time he failed to pitch in an Ichi-gun game. He decided to retire because he was finding in increasingly more difficult to get himself ready to play.

Source: Yokohama 10/11/2017 (Shimozono), Yokohama 10/11/2017 (Kosugi)


[10/10/2017] Ryota Arai to retire after the season

The media learned on October 9 that thirty-four-year-old Ryota Arai is planning to retire after the season. A press conference is scheduled for tomorrow (October 11).

Arai began his professional career in 2006 with the Chunichi Dragons. He never played in more than forty-five games in a season while playing for the Dragons. He later had a chance to play alongside his older brother, Takahiro, when he was traded to the Hanshin Tigers for Keisuke Mizuta on December 24, 2010.

The Arai brothers became the first brothers in NPB history to record walk-off hits for the same team in the same year in 2011 (Ryota on April 19, 2010 and Takahiro on April 22, 2010). They also became the third brother combo to hit home runs in the same game on July 29, 2012.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/10/2017

[UPDATE 10/11 @ 2:51pm]

Arai went 0-for-2 (G6, F7) in the last regular season game of his career on October 10. Teammates tossed him into the air five times after the game.

Source: Daily Sports 10/11/2017

[UPDATE 10/12 @ 12:14am]

Arai held a press conference on October 11 and announced his decision to retire. He told the media he decided to retire because he started the year thinking that this would be his last chance to make it. He thought about a lot of things and ultimately felt this was the right time to retire.

The first person he sought advice from was his brother Takahiro. He talked to him in July. His brother’s advice: it is your life, you make the call.

Source: Hanshin 10/11/2017


[10/6/2017] Tetsuya Matsumoto decides to retire

Tetsuya Matsumoto held a press conference on October 6 and announced that this would be his last year. He told reporters that he decided to retire because he was unable to make the active roster this year. He talked things over with his family and made the decision. His last official game will be the Farm Championship on October 7.

Matsumoto began his career when the Yomiuri Giants selected him in the third round of the Ikusei draft in 2006. He quickly made the seventy-man roster before the start of the 2007 regular season, but did not play in any Ichi-gun games until the following year on May 28, 2008. He played his first full season in 2009 and won the Rookie of the Year award. He made the All-Star team in 2010 and helped the Giants win two Nippon Series championships (2009 and 2012).

Source: Yomiuri 10/6/2017, Tokyo Sports 10/6/2017, Sponichi 10/6/2017, Sanspo 10/6/2017, Nikkan Sports 10/6/2017

[UPDATE 10/7 @ 10:39pm]

Matsumoto got some playing time during the Farm Championship game today. He entered the game as a pinch-hitter in the bottom of the eighth and grounded out to third. He remained in the game and played center in the top of the ninth. Teammates tossed him into the air eight times after the game.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/7/2017

[UPDATE 11/24 @ 3:45pm]

The Giants held a retirement ceremony for Matsumoto during Fan Festa on November 23.

Source: Yomiuri 11/24/2017


[10/5/2017] Kentaro Takasaki and Shinji Ohara to retire

The Yokohama Bay Stars announced today that thirty-two-year-old Kentaro Takasaki and thirty-two-year-old Shinji Ohara are retiring.

Takasaki started his career with Yokohama in 2007. He pitched in 178 games and recorded twenty-five wins to forty losses. H also notched a save and eleven holds. He pitched 616.1 innings with a 4.22 ERA and 1.40 WHIP.

Ohara also began his career with Yokohama. He pitched in a career high seventy-one games in his first year. Over his career, he appeared in 243 games, won ten, lost three, saved two, and notched fifty-five holds. He tossed 188.0 innings and finished with a 3.26 ERA and 1.24 WHIP.

Source: Yokohama 10/5/2017 (Takasaki), Yokohama 10/5/2017 (Ohara)


[10/4/2017] Takahiro Imanami to retire

Thirty-two-year-old Takahiro Imanami was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease last year. He has found it difficult to keep up with other players since then and has decided to retire.

Imanami started his career with the Nippon Ham Fighters in 2007. He was later traded to the Yakult Swallows partway through the 2014 season.

Source: Daily Sports 10/4/2017, Sponichi 10/4/2017