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[8/31/2016] Nikkan Sports: Saburo to retire

According to report by Nikkan Sports, Saburo is scheduled to hold a press conference on September 1 to announce his retirement. He turned forty this year and has spent all of his time at Ni-gun this year. Since his dream was to play until he was forty, he may have decided there was nothing else for him to accomplish.

Source: Nikkan Sports 8/31/2016


[7/18/2016] Hideki Okajima decides to retire

Hideki Okajima has decided to retire. He thanked fans through a blog update he posted earlier today.

It has been a while.
How is everyone?
I hope everyone is okay, despite the hot weather.

Today, I
announce my retirement.

Your enthusiastic cheers gave me strength
and I am very grateful for that.
The media also provided me with support
I may have inconvenienced you at times,
but I was able to put together some good memories.

Thank you very much.

All that is left now is the ceremonial first pitch. I will enjoy that!

Okajima is scheduled to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before a Yankee-Red Sox game at Fenway on August 11.

Source: Daily Sports 7/18/2016