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Yuki Yanagita: Did You Know


Yanagita tossed a bullpen session during fall camp on November 16. He threw seven to eight pitches at 144km/h with 2,300 revolutions. He jokingly told Kimiyasu Kudo he could pitch in relief with at least six days of rest in between each appearance.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/16/2017


[11/15/2017] Softbank Hawks Championship Parade on November 26

The Softbank Hawks Championship Parade is scheduled to take place on Meiji Street in Fukuoka on November 26. The parade will begin at 11:00am near the Gofukucho Intersection in Hakata Ward and end at the Heiwadai Intersection in Chuo Ward (a stretch of about 2.3 kilometers in about thirty minutes).

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/15/2017


Seigi Tanaka: Did You Know


Kimiyasu Kudo is thinking about giving Tanaka a chance to ease into Ichi-gun in 2018 by using him out of the bullpen.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/15/2017, Sponichi 11/15/2017


[11/13/2017] Kenji Akashi not going to use FA option

Kenji Akashi spoke to reporters after fall camp practice on November 13 and indicated that he was not going to use his domestic free agent option. He said even though he wanted to talk to other teams, he decided to stay because he wanted to play for a strong team and felt there was still something for him to accomplish with the Softbank Hawks.

Source: Sponichi 11/13/2017, Sanspo 11/13/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/13/2017

[UPDATE 11/14 @ 3:34pm]

The Softbank Hawks may have offered Akashi a multi-year deal.

Akashi earned his domestic option in May. The Hawks reportedly asked him to stay in June.

Source: Sponichi 11/14/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/14/2017, Sports Hochi 11/14/2017

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[11/11/2017] Softbank sends Ayatsugu to Rakuten for Nishida

The Softbank Hawks and Rakuten Eagles reached an agreement on a one-for-one player trade on November 11. The Hawks will send twenty-four-year-old Ayatsugu Yamashita to the Rakuten Eagles for twenty-six-year-old Tetsuro Nishida.

Source: Rakuten 11/11/2017, Softbank 11/11/2017

[UPDATE 11/16 @ 11:26pm]

The Hawks held a press conference for Nishida on November 15. He was assigned the uniform number 22. His salary will be an estimated twelve million yen.

Source: Softbank 11/15/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/16/2017

The Eagles held a press conference for Yamashita on November 16. He was assigned the uniform number 29. His salary will be an estimated 10.6 million yen.

Source: Rakuten 11/16/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/16/2017


[11/11/2017] Softbank sends Hiroki Yamada to Yakult

The Softbank Hawks announced on November 11 that they agreed to a trade that will send twenty-nine-year-old Hiroki Yamada to the Yakult Swallows. No other players will be exchanged.

Yamada was assigned the uniform number 34 by the Swallows. He will join their fall camp in Matsuyama on November 12.

Source: Yakult 11/11/2017, Softbank 11/11/2017


[11/10/2017] Keizo Kawashima will not use FA option

Thirty-four-year-old Keizo Kawashima met with the Softbank Hawks at YafuOku Dome on November 10 and later told reporters that he decided not to use his domestic free agent option. He said he decided to stay because the team said they needed him.

Source: Sponichi 11/10/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/10/2017


2018 Softbank Hawks Coaching Staff

Ichi-gun Coaching Staff

Position Name JPN Name ENG Uni Age
Manager 工藤 公康 Kudo, Kimiyasu 81 54
Head Coach 達川 光男 Tatsukawa, Mitsuo 79 62
Strategy/Battery Coach Assistant 森 浩之 Mori, Hiroyuki 86 52
Chief Pitching Coach 倉野 信次 Kurano, Shinji 94 43
Pitching Coach 若田部 健一 Wakatabe, Kenichi 72 48
Pitching Coach 高村 祐 Takamura, Hiroshi 98 48
Hitting Coach 立花 義家 Tachibana, Yoshiie 83 59
Hitting Coach 藤本 博史 Fujimoto, Hiroshi 76 54
Infield/Base Coach 水上 善雄 Mizukami, Yoshio 80 60
Outfield/Base Coach 村松 有人 Muramatsu, Arihito 93 44
Battery Coach 吉鶴 憲治 Yoshitsuru, Kenji 95 46

Ni-gun Coaching Staff

Position Name JPN Name ENG Uni Age
Manager 小川 一夫 Ogawa, Kazuo 71 63
Pitching Coach 久保 康生 Kubo, Yasuo 84 59
Pitching Coach 佐久本 昌広 Sakumoto, Masahiro 91 43
Hitting Coach 大道 典良 Omichi, Noriyoshi 75 48
Hitting Coach 飯田 哲也 Iida, Tetsuya 78 49
Infield/Base Coach 松山 秀明 Matsuyama, Hideaki 74 50
Outfield/Base Coach 井出 竜也 Ide, Tatsuya 87 46
Battery Coach 的山 哲也 Matoyama, Tetsuya 85 47

San-gun Coaching Staff

Position Name JPN Name ENG Uni Age
Manager 関川 浩一 Sekikawa, Koichi 88 48
Pitching Coach 田之上 慶三郎 Tanoue, Keisaburo 82 46
Pitching Coach 入来 祐作 Iriki, Yusaku 99 45
Hitting Coach 吉本 亮 Yoshimoto, Ryo 70 37
Infield/Base Coach 笹川 隆 Sasagawa, Takashi 97 38
Outfield/Base Coach 高波 文一 Takanami, Fumikazu 92 42
Battery Coach 加藤 領健 Kato, Ryota 96 35
Rehab Coach 斉藤 学 Saito, Manabu 73 54

Source: Softbank 11/9/2017


[11/9/2017] Ryota Igarashi not expected to use FA option

Thirty-eight-year-old Ryota Igarashi joined fall camp on November 8. He finished off a two-year deal this season and holds a free agent option. He is not expected to use his option and will most likely stay with the Softbank Hawks.

Source: Daily Sports 11/9/2017


[11/6/2017] Shinya Tsuruoka planning to exercise FA option

Thirty-six-year-old Shinya Tsuruoka is planning to exercise his free agent option. He exercised his first option after the 2013 season and signed with the Softbank Hawks. He re-earned the option this year and would like to go to a team that will give him more playing time. He was a third catcher for the Hawks this year, behind Takuya Kai and Hiroaki Takaya. Tsuruoka played in twenty-nine games this season and got the start at catcher twice.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/6/2017

[UPDATE 11/7 @ 3:59pm]

Tsuruoka filed for free agency today. He told reporters he wanted a chance to start over from scratch with a shot at winning the everyday job behind home plate.

Source: Daily Sports 11/7/2017Sports Hochi 11/7/2017, Sponichi 11/7/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/7/2017

NPB Standings [Full]
Hiroshima 143 88 51 4
Hanshin 143 78 61 4
Yokohama 143 73 65 5
Yomiuri 143 72 68 3
Chunichi 143 59 79 5
Yakult 143 45 96 2
Softbank 143 94 49 0
Seibu 143 79 61 3
Rakuten 143 77 63 3
Orix 143 63 79 1
Nippon Ham 143 60 83 0
Lotte 143 54 87 2
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