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[10/31/2018] Nippon Ham Fighters select Kitahiroshima for new stadium

The Nippon Ham Fighters announced that they selected Kitashiroshima, Hokkaido as the location for the new stadium. Construction is slated to begin in May 2020. If everything goes to plan, the new facilities should be ready by March 2023. Additional information will be released on November 5.

Source: Nippon Ham 10/31/2018, Daily Sports 10/31/2018, Sports Hochi 10/31/2018

[UPDATE 11/5 @ 4:26pm]

The Fighters released additional information about the new stadium today. Some highlights:

  • Cost: around sixty billion yen
  • Capacity: about 35,000
  • Natural grass
  • Retractable roof
  • Schedule
    • November 2018 – design
    • Spring 2020 – construction begins
    • January 2023 – construction ends
    • March 2023 – opening

Source: Nippon Ham 11/5/2018 (in English)


[3/27/2018] Nippon Ham Fighters select Kitahiroshima for their new stadium

The Nippon Ham Fighters announced that they selected Kitahiroshima Sogo Sports Park, located in Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido, as the primary candidate site for their new stadium. They are also preparing to establish a company that will handle all decisions moving forward.

Source: Nippon Ham 3/26/2018, Sponichi 3/26/2018, Nippon Ham Fighters 3/26/2018, Daily Sports 3/26/2018


[6/29/2017] Preliminary Information and Concept Art for new Nippon Ham stadium

The Nippon Ham Fighters and parent company Nippon Ham unveiled preliminary information and concept art for their new stadium today. Their goal is to create a facility that can become a symbol of Hokkaido and a cornerstone of the community. They want to help promote wellness and health through sport and food.

Nippon Ham is ultimately hoping to create Asia’s number one ballpark.

Concept art can be seen at the link below.

Source: Nippon Ham 6/29/2017


[2/2/2017] Sapporo City may have attractive spot for new Nippon Ham stadium

Sapporo City may have found an attractive spot for a new stadium for the Nippon Ham Fighters. But since they do not own the land, they will first need to work out some sort of an agreement with the current owners.

The plot of land under consideration is about a kilometer from Sapporo Dome and covers about sixty hectares (145 acres). The land is owned by Hakko Gakuen and is currently being used by the Hokkaido Agricultural Technical College for farming and livestock.

Source: Sponichi 2/2/2017, Daily Sports 2/2/2017, Nikkan Sports 2/2/2017

[UPDATE 3/24 @ 12:34am]

Sapporo City is planning to submit proposal for two locations: one in Kita Ward, partially on Hokkaido University grounds, and another in Toyohira Ward near Hakko Gakuen.

Source: Sponichi 3/23/2017, Sanspo 3/23/2017

[UPDATE 4/13 @ 5:11pm]

Sapporo City Mayor Katsuhiro Akimoto met Nippon Ham Team Representative Toshimasa Shimada earlier today and formally submitted the city’s stadium proposal. Two were locations were included in the proposal: an area in the Kita Ward that includes Hokkaido University property (about ten hectares) and an area in the Toyohira Ward near Hakko Gakuen (about thirteen hectares). The city would like to see the Fighters stay.

Source: Daily Sports 4/13/2017, Sponichi 4/13/2017, Nikkan Sports 4/13/2017

[UPDATE 5/2 @ 10:42pm]

The Fighters and Sapporo City held their first meeting on May 1. The city provided the team with more information about the available land and area transportation. The Fighters asked the city about the possibility of expanding the size of the property, since they are interested in building a natural grass domed stadium with commercial areas on about twenty hectares of land. The two sides are brainstorming various possibilities.

The Fighters have already met Kitahiroshima City five times to discuss their proposal. They will meet Sapporo City once or twice a month moving forward. They are hoping to have a decision some time around March 2018.

Source: Sanspo 5/2/2017, Sponichi 5/2/2017

[UPDATE 12/17 @ 12:46am]

It may now be down to the following two locations: Kitahiroshima General Sports Park and Makomanai Park.

Source: Sanspo 12/15/2017, Sponichi 12/16/2017


[12/19/2016] Nippon Ham Fighters to begin serious discussions on new stadium

The Nippon Ham Fighters announced on December 19 that they created a joint task force with parent company Nippon Ham that will be responsible for conducting research into the logistics of building a new stadium. The Fighters are currently accepting proposals for the Hokkaido area. They are hoping to lighten the financial burden and strengthen community ties by involving as many local governments and businesses as possible. They plan to set a course of direction by March 2018.

Source: Sponichi 12/19/2016, Daily Sports 12/19/2016, Daily Sports 12/19/2016

[UPDATE 12/21 @ 1:01am]

The mayor of Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido submitted a proposal to the Fighters on December 20. Plans included a natural grass stadium with a retractable roof inside Kitahiroshima Sports Park.

Source: Daily Sports 12/20/2016, Nikkan Sports 12/20/2016


[6/14/2016] One possible location for Nippon Ham’s new stadium

The media learned on June 14 that Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido is a location that Nippon Ham is considering for their new stadium. Kitahiroshima Mayor Masami Ueno told the media that he was planning to begin discussions of what the city can do to attract the team during upcoming city meetings. The mayor is also planning to visit the Fighters on June 17 to let them know of their intentions.

Nippon Ham is said to be considering fifteen to twenty locations for their new stadium. The city of Kitahiroshima began discussing options when they found out in March that their proposed Kitahiroshima Sports Park site was included in the list.

Source: Nikkan Sports 6/14/2016, Daily Sports 6/14/2016


[5/24/2016] Nippon Ham Fighters thinking about building their own stadium

The Nippon Ham Fighters are said to be interested in building their own stadium in or around the Sapporo area (fifteen to twenty locations in all) by about 2024 (twenty years since their move to Hokkaido in 2004). They believe a new stadium will help pave the path to a more productive relationship with Hokkaido and bring the organization more financial stability.

The Fighters are currently using Sapporo Dome as their home stadium. The city of Sapporo owns the stadium and Sapporo Dome Company manages and operates the facilities. It costs the organization about eight million yen in base fees a day (or about 1.3 billion yen a year). If attendance goes over 20,000, they have to pay an addition 400 yen per head.

Source: Sponichi 5/24/2016, Nikkan Sports 5/24/2016, Nikkan Sports 5/24/2016

[UPDATE 5/26 @ 4:19am]

A few more bits about the stadium plans.

  • Possible locations including areas inside Sapporo and Kitahiroshima
  • Seating capacity will be about 30,000
  • It will not be a multi-use stadium
  • They are considering a retractable domed stadium and natural grass
  • There may be additional facilities, like retail stores and/or hotels
  • Plans are still in the exploratory stage, nothing has been set in stone
  • Sapporo mayor Katsuhiro Akimoto would like to see the team stay in Sapporo

Source: Sanspo 5/25/2016, Sponichi 5/25/2016, Nikkan Sports 5/25/2016

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