Yanuki, Toshiyuki 矢貫 俊之 (やぬき・としゆき)
Born: 12/14/1983 (age 35)
Height: 190cm
Weight: 95kg
Bats: R
Throws: R
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Fukushima
Draft: 2008, 3rd Round
History: 仙台育英高-常磐大-三菱ふそう川崎-日本ハム
Roster Changes: added 06/17/2016, removed 07/31/2016

[12/20/2016] Updates on Ryoji Katsuki, Kenta Kurihara, Katsuhiko Saka, Toshiyuki Yanuki, Atsushi Okamoto

When Ryoji Katsuki’s father passed away on November 20, 2006, he thought about quitting baseball because he was worried about his mother and because he ruptured a ligament in his right elbow. His manager at the time pushed him to keep playing. He had surgery on his elbow and his team, the Golden Larks, made it to the Inter-city Tournament in 2007 and 2008. He later became the first player in Golden Larks’ history to make it to the NPB (2008 draft, sixth round). He was senryokugaied by Lotte on October 1, 2016. He gave himself about a week after the draft on October 20 to find a new team. He received no offers and returned to his former manager on October 29. He was again persuaded to keep playing and agreed to return to the Golden Larks as a player/coach.

Source: Sponichi 12/16/2016

Kenta Kurihara developed chronic pain in his right elbow. He had surgery three times (2008, 2012, 2014) with hopes that his condition would improve. But the pain never fully went away and he was unable to regain the powerful swing he once had. One of the reasons why he retired this year was because he was unable to make the active roster — he had not played in an Ich-gun game since 2013.

Source: Sponichi 12/18/2016

Katsuhiko Saka considered retirement when he was senryokugaied by the Hanshin Tigers, but still felt he was healthy enough to play. He took part in the twelve team tryouts last month and went 2-for-5. He started off with the strong desire to return to the NPB, but without any offers, he expanded his options. He is currently planning to sign with the 06 Bulls as a player/coach.

Source: Sponichi 12/19/2016

Toshiyuki Yanuki is set to join the Yomiuri Giants’ staff, effective January 1, 2017.

Source: Sponichi 12/20/2016

Atsushi Okamoto decided to retire this year because he felt he reached the end of the line. Okamoto was never quite the same after he suffered a stress fracture in his hip in 2010. He also continued to feel pain after he had surgery on his right elbow last year. He slowly started losing stream and made the decision to retire in September this year.

Source: Sponichi 12/20/2016


[12/8/2016] Updates on Toshiyuki Yanuki, Jun Hirose

Yomiuri senryokugai Toshiyuki Yanuki has decided to retire. He attended the twelve team tryouts in November. He faced three hitters, allowed one hit, and topped out at 146km/h. He waited for offers, but did not receive any. He was disappointed, but decided he was going to take it as a sign that he should find a new job while he was still physically strong.

Jun Hirose considered retirement last year because the injuries were starting to take a toll. He decided to give it another try after talking to his old college manager. But then he hurt his right shoulder during a Ni-gun game against Chunichi on August 20 (he was attempting to make a throw from left to home plate and felt pain from his shoulder to his finger tips) and he knew his career was over for sure. He took a lot of pride in his throwing ability. He led the league in assists with ten in 2010. Without his arm, he knew he would never make it back to the active roster.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/7/2016, Sponichi 12/7/2016Sponichi 12/7/2016, Sponichi 12/8/2016