Eldred, Brad エルドレッド (えるどれっど)
Hiroshima Carp | #55 | INF
Born: 07/11/1980 (age 39)
Height: 196cm
Weight: 122kg
Bats: R
Throws: R
Blood Type: N/A
History: フロリダインターナショナル大-パイレーツ-ロッキーズ-タイガース-3Aトレド
Roster Changes: removed 06/15/2016, added 08/13/2016, removed 10/01/2016, added 10/11/2016

[9/28/2018] Brad Eldred heads to US for additional tests on neck

The Hiroshima Carp announced that Brad Eldred will temporarily return to the United States for additional tests on his neck. There is no timetable for when he will rejoin the team.

Source: Daily Sports 9/28/2018, Sanspo 9/28/2018

[UPDATE 9/29 @ 5:24pm]

Eldred first started having problems with his neck during a three-game series against Ni-gun Orix that started on September 7. He still felt pain a few days later and it got worse when he fielded a grounder during a game. He will set a schedule after he gets the neck checked out.

Source: Sponichi 9/29/2018, Daily Sports 9/29/2018


[12/27/2017] Hiroshima Carp finalize 2018 contracts for Johnson, Eldred, Batista, and Mejia

The Hiroshima Carp announced that they finalized the 2018 contracts for the following four players:

Salaries are estimates.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/27/2017


[10/25/2017] Hiroshima Carp: foreign player status

The media learned that the Hiroshima Carp are not planning to offer twenty-eight-year-old Bradin Hagens a contract for 2018. The Carp are also not planning to offer new contracts to thirty-year-old Ryan Brasier and thirty-two-year-old Ramiro Pena. Hiroshima will most likely make a decision on twenty-nine-year-old Jay Jackson after seeing what else is available.

Thirty-three-year-old Kris Johnson will be in the second year of a three-contract next year. Thirty-seven-year-old Brad Eldred will be in the second year of a two-year contract. The Carp locked up twenty-five-year-old Xavier Batista and twenty-four-year-old Alejandro Mejia to six-year contracts this year.

Source: Chunichi Sports 10/25/2017, Sports Hochi 10/25/2017, Nikkan Sports 10/25/2017, Daily Sports 10/25/2017, Daily Sports 10/25/2017, Sponichi 10/25/2017

[UPDATE 11/2 @ 3:43pm]

The Carp announced on November 1 that they were not going to offer Hagens, Brasier, and Pena contracts for the 2018 season.

Source: Sanspo 11/1/2017

[UPDATE 11/3 @ 8:55pm]

Jackson returned home on November 3.

Source: Daily Sports 11/3/2017

[UPDATE 11/4 @ 1:45pm]

Jackson would like to return to Hiroshima next year. He is apparently open to playing for other NPB teams, if it comes down to that.

Source: Sponichi 11/4/2017, Daily Sports 11/4/2017Sports Hochi 11/4/2017

[UPDATE 11/22 @ 1:10am]

Batista and Mejia left Japan on November 21 for the Dominican Republic.

Source: Daily Sports 11/21/2017


[10/21/2017] Brad Eldred taken off active roster with wrist pain

Brad Eldred was taken off the active on October 21 after he developed pain in his right wrist earlier in the morning. The Hiroshima Carp decided to take him off the active roster because he was unable to take batting practice.

Source: Daily Sports 10/21/2017, Sponichi 10/21/2017, Nikkan Sports 10/21/2017, Nikkan Sports 10/21/2017

[UPDATE 10/22 @ 9:43pm]

Eldred will get the wrist checked out at a Hiroshima hospital early this coming week.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/22/2017


[7/12/2017] Brad Eldred leaves games with hamstring discomfort

Brad Eldred developed discomfort in his left hamstring while running to second base on a hit by Yoshiyuki Ishihara in the sixth inning. He was replaced by a pinch-runner and examined by the team doctor. He most likely suffered a cramp in his leg. There was no bleeding, so the Hiroshima Carp do not think it is a strain. He is considered day-to-day.

Source: Daily Sports 7/12/2017


Brad Eldred: Did You Know


Eldred will set a new record for foreign Hiroshima Carp players by returning for his seventh season with the club in 2018. The previous record of six years was held by Jim Lyttle (1977-1982).

Source: Sports Hochi 12/28/2017


July 1, 2017 vs Chunichi at Mazda Stadium – Eldred blasted home runs in three consecutive plate appearances. He became the sixth player (accomplished seven times) in Hiroshima Carp franchise history to achieve the feat.

Source: Nikkan Sports 7/2/2017


Eldred’s wife gave birth to the couple’s fourth child in January 2018.

Source: Daily Sports 1/30/2018


[2/12/2017] Brad Eldred ends practices early with lower back discomfort

Brad Eldred began feeling discomfort in his lower back when he attempted to glove a ball during infield workouts on February 12. He ended his practices early and returned to the team hotel for rest. He is considered day-to-day.

Source: Daily Sports 2/12/2017

[UPDATE 2/13 @ 11:46pm]

Eldred was examined at a hospital in Nichinan today and was diagnosed with chronic facet joint pain. He will undergo medical treatment for a week.

Source: Daily Sports 2/13/2017

[UPDATE 2/23 @ 12:10am]

Eldred returned to general practices on February 22 for the first time in about ten days.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/22/2017


[11/18/2016] Hiroshima Carp resign Eldred, Jackson, and Hagens

The Hiroshima Carp announced today that they signd Brad Eldred, Jay Jackson, and Bradin Hagens to new contracts. According to media reports:

Source: Hiroshima announcement, Hiroshima announcement, Chunichi Sports 11/18/2016, Daily Sports 11/18/2016, Sports Hochi 11/18/2016


[9/3/2016] Brad Eldred takes pitch off left hand

Brad Eldred was removed from Saturday’s game against the Yakult Swallows after he took a pitch off his left hand during his at in the ninth inning. He left the field for treatment and was replaced by a pinch-runner. The media later learned there was some bleeding from the nail on his left pinky. He is considered day-to-day.

Source: Daily Sports 9/3/2016


[6/29/2016] Brad Eldred injury update

Brad Eldred (right thigh) worked out at the Ono facilities on June 29. He day included playing catch, running dashes, and taking batting practice. He resumed batting practice on June 25 and outdoor running on June 26. Assuming he continues to make progress, he could begin playing in rehab scrimmages/games at Ni-gun some time next week.

Source: Daily Sports 6/29/2016