Norberto, Jordan ジョーダン (じょーだん)
Chunichi Dragons | #99 | P
Born: 12/07/1986 (age 31)
Height: 183cm
Weight: 88kg
Bats: L
Throws: L
Blood Type: B
History: エドビルへ・ブラボ・カスティージョ高-ダイヤモンドバックス-アスレチックス-1Aハドソンバレー
Roster Changes: removed 03/26/2016, added 04/06/2016, removed 04/15/2016, added 04/25/2016, removed 05/03/2016, added 05/13/2016, removed 07/08/2016, added 07/19/2016, removed 07/20/2016, added 07/30/2016, removed 09/08/2016

[6/20/2018] Yakult Swallows to part ways with Jordan Armengot

The Yakult Swallows announced today that they decided to part ways with thirty-one-year-old Jordan Armengot. They have filed paperwork to place Armengot on waivers.

Armengot is currently in the United States due to problems with his lower body.

Source: Daily Sports 6/20/2018, Chunichi 6/20/2018, Sanspo 6/20/2018


[4/28/2018] Jordan Armengot returns to US for second opinion

Jordan Armengot had issues with his upper body during spring camp and may have developed lower body problems while working out at Ni-gun. The Yakult Swallows announced on April 28 that Armengot returned to the United States for additional tests. There is no timetable for his return.

Source: Sponichi 4/28/2018, Nikkan Sports 4/28/2018


[12/16/2017] Yakult Swallows add Jordan Norberto Armengot

The Yakult Swallows announced on December 15 that they reached an agreement with thirty-one-year-old Jordan Norberto Armengot. He was assigned the uniform number 40.

Jordan Norberto Armengot’s full name was registered as Jordan Norberto when he played for the Chunichi Dragons. His full name will be changed to Jordan Armengot. His uniform name will change from Jordan to Armengot.

According to media reports, the two sides agreed to a one-year deal worth an estimated 650,000 US dollars plus incentives.

Note: Armengot had a run with Wladimir Balentin when he hit him with a pitch during a game on July 8, 2016. Balentien felt the HBP was on purpose and as he walked toward the mound, threw his helmet toward Armengot. Both benches cleared and in the end, Balentien was ejected from the game.

Source: Yakult 12/15/2017, Sanspo 12/16/2017, Sponichi 12/16/2017, Nikkan Sports 12/15/2017, Nikkan Sports 12/16/2017, Sports Hochi 12/16/2017, Tokyo Sports 12/15/2017


[12/6/2017] Yakult interested in Jordan Noberto, Chunichi looking to sign two new foreign pitchers

The Chunichi Dragons announced on December 5 that they are not going to offer thirty-year-old Jordan Noberto a contract for the 2018 season. The Dragons were initially planning to hold on to Noberto, but may have decided to part ways with him because they are close to signing two new foreign pitchers.

The Yakult Swallows may be interested in Noberto. They are still looking for a left-handed pitcher that can pitch out of the bullpen.

Source: Sanspo 12/6/2017, Sports Hochi 12/6/2017, Daily Sports 12/6/2017, Nikkan Sports 12/6/2017


[9/26/2017] Chunichi not planning to offer Valdes a new contract

The Chunichi Dragons announced today that thirty-nine-year-old Raul Valdes returned to the Dominican Republic on September 25. They Dragons are not planning to sign him to a new contract. This will most likely be his last year with the team.

Valdes will not be retiring. He is planning to play winter ball this year.

Source: Sanspo 9/26/2017, Nikkan Sports 9/26/2017

[UPDATE 9/27 @ 5:40pm]

The Dragons are also expected to part ways with Elvis Araujo and Jorge Rondon.

Source: Sports Hochi 9/27/2017

[UPDATE 10/8 @ 3:32am]

Rondon and Araujo have left Japan.

Source: Sports 10/7/2017

[UPDATE 10/12 @ 1:21am]

Jordan returned home on October 11. The Dragons are planning to offer him a contract for the 2018 season.

Source: Sponichi 10/11/2017


[7/13/2017] Jordan Norberto taken off active roster with shoulder pain

Jordan Norberto was taken off the active roster today with left shoulder pain. Norberto gave up four runs over three innings and committed two balks against the Hanshin Tigers on July 11. He complained of pain in his shoulder the following day.

Source: Sports Hochi 7/13/2017


[2/7/2017] Jordan Norberto’s wife gives birth to boy

The Chunichi Dragons announced today that Jordan Norberto’s wife gave birth to the couple’s fourth child, a boy, on February 5.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/7/2017


[1/6/2017] Chunichi Dragons add Elvis Araujo, Jorge Rondon

The Chunichi Dragons officially announced today that they reached agreements with twenty-five-year-old Elvis Araujo and twenty-eight-year-old Jorge Rondon. Araujo was assigned the uniform number 49 and Rondon the uniform number 91.

According to media reports, Araujo agreed to a contract worth an estimated eighty million yen plus incentives and Rondon a contract worth an estimated fifty million yen plus incentives. Both players will also receive a signing bonus worth an estimated twenty million yen.

The Dragons also officially announced that they signed Jordan Norberto to a new contract worth an estimated thirty million yen plus incentives (no change over last year).

In other news, the media learned on January 5 that the Dragons are going to sign twenty-three-year-old Leonardo Urgelles to an Ikusei contract. Chunichi is planning to sign one more Cuban player (a pitcher) to an Ikusei contract.

Source: Chunichi announcement, Daily Sports 1/6/2017, Nikkan Sports 1/6/2017, Nikkan Sports 1/6/2017Sports Hochi 1/6/2017

[UPDATE 1/25 @ 4:45pm]

The Dragons held a press conference for Araujo and Rondon today.

Source: Chunichi announcement


[12/28/2016] Chunichi Dragons to add Jorge Rondon, Elvis Araujo

The media learned today that the Chunichi Dragons are going to sign twenty-eight-year-old pitcher Jorge Rondon and twenty-five-year-old Elvis Araujo. The media also learned that the Dragons re-signed Jordan Norberto. Official announcements are expected to be made after the New Year break.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/28/2016, Sanspo 12/28/2016, Daily Sports 12/28/2016


[12/23/2016] Updates on Ross Ohlendorf, Elvis Araujo, Jordan Norberto

The Yakult Swallows are interested in thirty-four-year-old pitcher Ross Ohlendorf. They see him as an arm that might be able to help bolster their starting rotation.

The Chunichi Dragons were also reportedly interested in Ohlendorf, but have apparently turned their attention to twenty-five-year-old pitcher Elvis Araujo. An announcement of agreement could be made within the next few days.

The Dragons are also planning to sign Jordan Norberto to a new contract.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/23/2016, Nikkan Sports 12/23/2016Sports Hochi 12/23/2016, Sports Hochi 12/23/2016Daily Sports 12/23/2016

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