Uchikawa, Seiichi 内川 聖一 (うちかわ・せいいち)
Softbank Hawks | #1 | OF
Born: 08/03/1982 (age 35)
Height: 185cm
Weight: 90kg
Bats: R
Throws: R
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Oita
Draft: 2000, 1st Round
History: 大分工高-横浜

[12/25/2017] Seiichi Uchikawa to be listed as infielder

The Softbank Hawks announced today that Seiichi Uchikawa’s registered position will change from outfielder to infielder.

Source: Softbank 12/25/2017


[12/18/2017] Seiichi Uchikawa signs new two-year contract

Thirty-five-year-old Seiichi Uchikawa finished the final year of a four-year contract this season. He reached a new agreement with the Softbank Hawks on December 18 for a new two-year deal. His salary next year will be 400 million yen plus incentives (up fifty million yen from this season).

Source: Sanspo 12/18/2017


Seiichi Uchikawa: Did You Know


October 20, 2017 vs Rakuten at YafuOku Dome – Uchikawa homered in his third straight Climax Series game and joined Sho Nakata (2014, Final Stage, first three games) as the only players in Climax Series history to hit home runs in three consecutive games.

Uchikawa pushed his Climax Series hit total to forty, which is good for a second place tie with Shinnosuke Abe on the all-time list. Kazuhiro Wada holds the record with forty-six. Uchikawa also pushed his Climax Series RBI total to twenty-one, also good for second on the all-time list, behind Wada’s twenty-four.

Source: Sponichi 10/20/2017, Sponichi 10/21/2017

October 21, 2017 vs Rakuten at YafuOku Dome – Uchikawa homered in his fourth straight game and tied Sho Nakata’s record for home runs in consecutive Climax Series games. Uchikawa is the first player to record all four home runs during one Climax Series stage. Nakata hit one home run during the last game of the First Stage and three home runs during the next three games in the Final Stage.

Uchikawa’s Climax Series RBI total now sits at twenty-two.

Source: Daily Sports 10/21/2017, Nikkan Sports 10/21/2017




[7/26/2017] Seiichi Uchikawa out with avulsion thumb fracture

Seiichi Uchikawa was taken off the active roster today with an avulsion fracture in his left thumb. He suffered the injury while playing first base in the eighth inning of a game against the Chiba Lotte Marines at YafuOku Dome on July 23. He was examined at a hospital in Sendai (MRI, CT scan) on July 25 and diagnosed with an avulsion fracture in the ulnar base of the proximal phalanx. He will most likely require about six weeks for a full recovery.

Source: Tokyo Sports 7/26/2017, Daily Sports 7/26/2017, Sponichi 7/26/2017, Nikkan Sports 7/26/2017

[UPDATE 8/8 @ 9:31pm]

The media learned on August 7 that Uchikawa might not be able to return to the active roster before the end of the season. The six week window was apparently how long he needed to keep his thumb immobile. The actual window might be more like eight to twelve weeks.

Source: Daily Sports 8/8/2017

[UPDATE 9/5 @ 3:27pm]

Uchikawa is still unable to swing the bat. He is playing light games of catch and taking easy fielding practice.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/5/2017

[UPDATE 9/9 @ 12:02am]

Uchikawa’s cast was removed on September 5. He used a tennis ball for soft-toss batting and light fielding practice on September 6. He moved up to a hard ball for soft-toss batting practice on September 7 and took about fifty swings. Assuming no major setbacks, he could start taking batting practice against a pitching machine on September 20. There is a chance he might be able to return to the active roster in early-October.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/8/2017, Daily Sports 9/8/2017, Sponichi 9/8/2017

[UPDATE 9/18 @ 4:02pm]

Uchikawa might be ready to play in rehab games some time this week. He participated in pennant celebrations on September 16 and worked out at Seibu 2 Stadium on September 17.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/18/2017

[UPDATE 9/21 @ 4:53pm]

Uchikawa could return to the active roster in time for a game against the Rakuten Eagles at YafuOku Dome on September 25. He worked out for about two hours at the Chikugo facilities on September 20. He is slated to join the Ni-gun team on September 22 and will play in rehab games as a designated hitter on September 23 and 24 against Hanshin.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/21/2017

[UPDATE 9/23 @ 10:41pm]

Uchikawa started at designated hitter and batted fourth against Ni-gun Hanshin today. He went 0-for-2: line out to third, fly out to right. He was removed from the game in the fourth inning.

Source: Daily Sports 9/23/2017, Sports Hochi 9/23/2017

[UPDATE 9/24 @ 3:46pm]

Assuming no setbacks, Uchikawa will remain at Ni-gun until at least September 28. From there, he could join the Ichi-gun team in time for an Orix game on September 30.

Source: Sponichi 9/24/2017

[UPDATE 9/25 @ 1:22am]

Uchikawa played in another Ni-gun rehab game on September 24. He went 2-for-4 (single to center in the second and single to right in the eighth) against Hanshin.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/24/2017

[UPDATE 9/27 @ 10:47pm]

Uchikawa got the start at designated hitter and batted fourth against Ni-gun Chunichi earlier today. He went 1-for-3: strikeout looking, ground out to short, double to left-center.

Source: Sports Hochi 9/27/2017

[UPDATE 9/28 @ 9:36pm]

Uchikawa is still set to return to the active roster in time for an Orix game at Kyocera Dome on September 30.

Uchikawa played in a Ni-gun game against Chunichi at Tama Home Stadium Chikugo on September 27. He got the start at designated hitter and went 1-for-3 with a double. He was slated to play some defense, but was moved to designated hitter because field conditions were not ideal.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/28/2017

[UPDATE 9/29 @ 12:18am]

Uchikawa got the start a first and batted fourth during a Ni-gun game against Chunichi on September 28. He went 1-for-3: Ks, 1B7, F8. He was scheduled to play until the fifth, but asked for another at bat and remained in the game until the sixth.

Added additional information from game on 9/30 @ 12:50am.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/28/2017, Nikkan Sports 9/29/2017


[6/2/2017] Seiichi Uchikawa tweaks neck while swinging bat

Seiichi Uchikawa appeared to tweak something near the base of the left side of his neck after a swinging strike during an at bat in the seventh inning of tonight’s game against the Yokohama Bay Stars. He left the field for treatment and was ultimately replaced by a pinch-hitter. He was sent to a hospital in Kanagawa for tests.

Source: Sponichi 6/2/2017

[UPDATE 6/3 @ 9:13pm]

Uchikawa was taken off the active roster today as a precaution. He will remain with the Ichi-gun team for the time being.

Source: Nikkan Sports 6/3/2017, Daily Sports 6/3/2017, Sponichi 6/3/2017

[UPDATE 6/4 @ 6:49pm]

The Softbank Hawks announced today that Uchikawa was diagnosed with cervical sprain.

Source: Nikkan Sports 6/4/2017, Sponichi 6/4/2017

[UPDATE 6/10 @ 10:56pm]

Uchikawa might not be ready to rejoin the active roster until after Inter-league play. Kimiyasu Kudo does not want to rush his return.

Source: Sponichi 6/10/2017

[UPDATE 6/11 @ 9:56pm]

Uchikawa will not be with the team during the next road series that begins on June 13 (vs Yomiuri at Tokyo Dome). He will instead remain in Fukuoka and continue his rehab. The Hawks might wait until after the Inter-league season ends to add him to the active roster.

Source: Daily Sports 6/11/2017, Sports Hochi 6/11/2017

[UPDATE 6/21 @ 12:12pm]

Uchikawa started taking living batting practice at the Chikugo facilities on June 20. He will join Ichi-gun practices on June 21. Since he has not played in any games for almost three weeks, he might be get a few at bats during a Ni-gun game on June 22. Depending on his condition, he might be okay to return to the active roster on June 23.

Source: Sports Hochi 6/20/2017Sports Hochi 6/21/2017, Sponichi 6/21/2017, Daily Sports 6/21/2017, Sanspo 6/21/2017

[UPDATE 6/21 @ 9:51pm]

Uchikawa is still having problems with his neck. He did not swing the bat at full strength during batting practice today. He will not be playing in a Ni-gun rehab game on June 22.

Source: Nikkan Sports 6/21/2017

[UPDATE 6/24 @ 9:30pm]

Uchikawa could return to the active roster on June 27. The Hawks would like to give him a chance to play in a couple of games at Ni-gun, but that might not be possible depending on weather conditions.

Source: Sponichi 6/24/2017

[UPDATE 7/8 @ 2:30am]

Uchikawa is still working his way back from a cervical sprain. Softbank will most likely continue to use him in a limited capacity during the remaining games of the first-half.

Source: Sports Hochi 7/7/2017


[2/25/2017] Seiichi Uchikawa leaves games early with bruised right shoulder

Seiichi Uchikawa suffered an injury when he crashed into Ayatsugu Yamashita at first base during today’s practice game against the Softbank Hawks. Uchikawa could not catch a low throw from catcher Seiji Kobayashi on a bunt and was attempting to retrieve the ball when he crashed into Yamagshita running toward first.

A stretcher was brought out onto the field, but Uchikawa was able to get up and walk with help from a trainer. He was taken to a hospital in Miyazaki for tests (x-ray and MRI) and was diagnosed with a bruised right shoulder. He is considered day-to-day.

Source: Daily Sports 2/25/2017, Daily Sports 2/25/2017Nikkan Sports 2/25/2017, Nikkan Sports 2/25/2017, Sponichi 2/25/2017, Sponichi 2/25/2017

[UPDATE 3/1 @ 12:31pm]

Uchikawa made it into the CPBL game on February 28 as a pinch-hitter and popped out to second. He is feeling better, but still has reservations about throwing the ball.

Source: Sponichi 3/1/2017


[9/16/2016] Seiichi Uchikawa could be ready to get the start at first base

Seiichi Uchikawa (back, neck, left arm, left foot) feels he is good enough to make the starting line-up at first base on September 17 against Orix.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/16/2016, Sponichi 9/16/2016


[9/7/2016] Seiichi Uchikawa leaves after fouling pitch off right calf

Seiichi Uchikawa fouled a pitch off his right calf during Wednesday’s game against the Orix Buffaloes at YafuOku Dome and most likely suffered a bruise. The incident took place during his second at bat in the fourth inning. He was later replaced by a pinch-hitter for his fourth at bat in the eighth inning.

The Softbank Hawks are uncertain if Uchikawa will be able to play on Thursday. They are taking a wait-and-see approach.

Source: Sanspo 9/7/2016, Nikkan Sports 9/7/2016, Sponichi 9/7/2016


[8/28/2016] Seiichi Uchikawa leaves after collision at first base

Seiichi Uchikawa was removed from today’s game against the Chiba Lotte Marines at YafuOku Dome after a collision involving Lotte’s Alfredo Despaigne at first base in the top of the eight inning.

Despaigne hit a grounder to short. Kenta Imamiya fielded the ball and made a throw to first. The throw was wide and took a hop. Uchikawa tried to glove the ball as Despaigne reached first and the two collided and fell.

Uchikawa walked off the field with a slight limp and was replaced by Kenji Akashi. Despaigne remained in the game, but Shota Omine took his spot in the ninth.

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[UPDATE 8/28 @ 9:58pm]

Uchikawa suffered a bruise on his left arm and showed signs of whiplash. The Hawks will wait to see how he is feeling tomorrow before they decide what to do next.

Source: Sponichi 8/28/2016

[UPDATE 8/30 @ 12:59am]

In addition to the bruised left arm and whiplash, Uchikawa also suffered an abrasion near his left ankle. He received treatment for his injuries in Fukuoka on August 29, then traveled with the team to Tokyo for a three-game series against Seibu that begins on August 30. Kimiyasu Kudo plans to make a decision on Uchikawa after he has had a chance to see him during practices on August 30.

Source: Sponichi 8/29/2016Daily Sports 8/29/2016


[8/15/2016] Seiichi Uchikawa may not have to be taken off active roster

Seiichi Uchikawa was examined at a hospital in Fukuoka today. Tests revealed an abnormality in his back. A herniated disc was ruled out. He will be checked again tomorrow. He might not have to be taken off the active roster if he gets a day or two of rest.

Uchikawa left a Lotte game on August 13 early with pain in his lower back. He missed his first game of the year on August 14.

Source: Sponichi 8/15/2016, Daily Sports 8/15/2016, Nikkan Sports 8/15/2016