Kishi, Takayuki 岸 孝之 (きし・たかゆき)
Rakuten Eagles | #11 | P
Born: 12/03/1984 (age 34)
Height: 180cm
Weight: 77kg
Bats: R
Throws: R
Blood Type: A
Hometown: Miyagi
Draft: 2006, Kibo-waku
History: 名取北高-東北学院大-西武
Roster Changes: added 03/28/2016, removed 04/24/2016, added 06/16/2016

[8/14/2018] Takayuki Kishi taken off active roster with knee inflammation

Takayuki Kishi was pulled from his start on August 11 after just one inning because of discomfort in his leg. Kishi apparently felt the discomfort in his leg before the start.

Kishi was taken to a hospital in Sendai for tests and was diagnosed with a mild case of pes anserinus tendinitis. He was taken off the active roster on August 12.

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[4/23/2017] Takayuki Kishi late scratch from start

Takayuki Kishi was scratched from his start during line-up exchanges before the start of today’s game against the Softbank Hawks. He was replaced as a precaution after he complained of pain in his lower back during his pre-game bullpen session. He is not expected to be with the team when they travel to Tokyo. The Rakuten Eagles are planning to take a wait and see approach.

Source: Sport Hochi 4/23/2017, Nikkan Sports 4/23/2017, Sponichi 4/23/2017

[UPDATE 4/25 @ 6:48pm]

Kishi did not participate in practices on April 24 and instead rested. His back condition is not considered serious. There are currently no plans for him to get it tested at a hospital. He is considered day-to-day. The Eagles might skip him once in the rotation, depending on his condition. If not, his next start could come on April 30 against Nippon Ham at Sapporo Dome.

Source: Nikkan Sports 4/25/2017, Daily Sports 4/25/2017, Sports Hochi 4/25/2017, Sponichi 4/25/2017

[UPDATE 4/28 @ 7:35pm]

Kishi is currently slated to get a start on April 30 against Nippon Ham at Sapporo Dome.

Source: Sponichi 4/28/2017


[3/26/2017] Takayuki Kishi’s opening day start could be in jeopardy

The Rakuten Eagles announced today that Takayuki Kishi was examined at a hospital in Tokyo and diagnosed with influenza B. He was recently named this year’s opening day starter, but might end up having to miss the game.

Japhet Amador (March 22) and Yuichi Adachi (March 23) are also out with influenza B.

Source: Daily Sports 3/26/2017, Daily Sports 3/26/2017, Sports Hochi 3/26/2017

[UPDATE 4/2 @ 12:23am]

Kishi rejoined the team on March 31 and participated in practices before the Orix game. He could get his first start of the season either during the Lotte (April 8-9) or Seibu series (April 11-12).

Source: Daily Sports 4/2/2017


Takayuki Kishi: Did You Know



Kishi is a fan of the horror genre. He is hooked on the Walking Dead series. He forgot to pack his iPad for spring camp and is using his iPhone to watch episodes. He placed an order for an adapter so that he can connect his phone to a TV.

Source: Tokyo Sports 2/10/2017



October 15 vs Seibu at MetLife Dome – Kishi picked up a victory against his former team, the Seibu Lions, and became the first pitcher in Playoff/Climax Series history to record a victory against a former team.

Kishi was 1-3 in five Climax Series games during his time with Seibu. His victory with Rakuten made him the seventh player in Playoff/Climax Series history to record at least one win with two different teams. The other six: Kiyoshi Toyoda (Seibu 2, Yomiuri 1), Dennis Houlton (Softbank 1, Yomiuri 1), Toshiya Sugiuchi (Softbank 1, Yomiuri 1), Takahiro Mahara (Softbank 2, Orix 1), Kenichi Nakata (Chunichi 4, Softbank 2), and Hideaki Wakui (Seibu 2, Lotte 1).

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/16/2017


June 7 vs Yomiuri at Tokyo Dome – Kishi started the day at 1,943 strikeouts. He reached 1,500 when he struck out Kazuma Okamoto looking in the sixth inning. He became the fifty-fourth player in NPB history to reach the milestone. He joined Toshiya Sugiuchi, Hideaki Wakui, Chihiro Kaneko, and Tsuyoshi Wada as the only active players in the NPB with 1,500 or more strikeouts.

Source: Sports Hochi 6/7/2018, Nikkan Sports 6/7/2018, Daily Sports 6/8/2018


[12/15/2016] Seibu Lions opt for money only compensation for Takayuki Kishi

Seibu official Haruhiko Suzuki told reporters today that they were planning to go with money only compensation for losing Takayuki Kishi to the Rakuten Eagles through free agency. The Lions received the Eagles’ list of protected players on December 7. They were looking for a pitcher that could contribute right away, but could not find one that filled their needs.

Kishi’s salary this season was an estimated 225 million yen. As an class A free agent, the Lions are entitled to eighty percent of his salary (about 180 million yen) as compensation.

Source: Sponichi 12/15/2016, Sports Hochi 12/15/2016


[11/17/2016] Takayuki Kishi to sign with the Rakuten Eagles

Thirty-one-year-old Takayuki Kishi has decided to sign with the Rakuten Eagles. He visited the Seibu Lions in Tokorozawa, Saitama today and informed team officials, including Senior Director Hisanobu Watanabe, of his decision. According to Nikkan Sports, the Rakuten Eagles may have offered a four-year deal worth as much as 1.6 billion yen.

Source: Daily Sports 11/17/2016, Sponichi 11/17/2016, Nikkan Sports 11/17/2016, Nikkan Sports 11/17/2016

[UPDATE 11/19 @ 1:25am]

The Eagles held a press conference for Kishi at kobo Stadium on November 18. He has been assigned the uniform number 11.

Source: Rakuten announcement, Rakuten announcement (press conference details)

[UPDATE 11/19 @ 5:43pm]

According to media reports, the two sides agreed to a four-year contract that might be worth as much as 1.6 billion yen (four-year total and after full incentives). His base salay next year will be an estimate 225 million yen.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/19/2016, Daily Sports 11/19/2016

[UPDATE 12/7 @ 9:33pm]

The Lions told the media today that they received a list of protected players from the Eagles.

Source: Sponichi 12/7/2016

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[2016 Free Agency] Takayuki Kishi Rumors

Date Team Update
@ 04:13
Rakuten The Eagles offer may have been four years and about 2 billion yen. Source: Tokyo Sports 11/12/2016
@ 00:31
Rakuten The Eagles may have offered Kishi a multi-year deal and the uniform number 11. Source: Sanspo 11/11/2016
@ 22:01
Rakuten Kishi’s meeting with the Eagles took place at a hotel in Tokyo at 17:00. The meeting lasted about an hour. Senichi Hoshino attended the meeting. The Eagles may have offered a four-year deal. Source: Tokyo Sports 11/11/2016
@ 13:59
Rakuten The Eagles offer could be four years at about 2.0 billion yen. Source: Sponichi 11/11/2016
@ 12:51
Rakuten The Eagles could offer a four-year deal worth about 1.6 billion yen. They have also talked to Takahiro Shiomi about a uniform number change so that they can offer Kishi the number 11. Source: Daily Sports 11/11/2016

@ 23:01

Rakuten The Eagles are planning to meet Kishi on November 11. Vice Chairman Senichi Hoshino and Team President Yozo Tachibana are expected to attend the meeting. Source: Sanspo 11/10/2016

Seibu’s last offer: four years about 1 billion yen
2016 Salary: 225 million yen

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[9/27/2016] Takayuki Kishi could exercise FA option

Takayuki Kishi has not mentioned anything to the media, but there is a chance he could exercise his option. He does enjoy playing for the Seibu Lions, but is also interested in finding out what kind of value he has on the free agent market.

If Kishi decides to exercise his option, a number of teams will most likely be interested, beginning with the Rakuten Eagles. The Eagles could have a slight advantage over other teams (not including Seibu) since they are located close to his home town in Sendai.

The Lions may have already approached Kishi with a multi-year extension.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/27/2016, Daily Sports 9/27/2016

[UPDATE @ 11:42pm]

Kishi has an international FA option and may have some interest in playing in the Majors.

Source: Sanspo 9/27/2016

[UPDATE 9/28 @ 2:09pm]

The Rakuten Eagles are very interested in Kishi and could offer him a sizable multi-year deal, if he decides to test the free agent market. Their offer could be bigger than his current deal with the Seibu Lions (three years, 1.2 billion yen).

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/28/2016

[UPDATE 9/29 @ 1:30pm]

The Lions may have offered Kishi a two-year deal worth around 500 million yen. They could keep their offer on the table even if he decides to exercise his option (something they usually do not do).

Source: Sports Hochi 9/29/2016

[UPDATE 10/12 @ 6:57am]

It might be down to two options for Kishi: return to Miyagi (Rakuten) or stay in Tokorozawa (Seibu). There are several problems with either option. Kishi has struggled with injuries the last few years and may be concerned about the cold weather in Miyagi. The Lions spent a lot on Ernesto Mejia and might not have quite as much left to spend on Kishi.

Heading overseas is also an option, but there might not be a lot of interest because of his injuries.

Source: ZakZak 10/11/2016

[UPDATE 10/30 @ 7:03pm]

Kishi is strongly considering exercising his free agent option. He may have already told the Lions about his desire to test the market. He is probably not interested in the international market.

Source: Daily Sports 10/30/2016, Nikkan Sports 10/30/2016, Nikkan Sports 10/30/2016, Sponichi 10/30/2016

[UPDATE 11/1 @ 5:06pm]

The Lions still have one last final meeting with Kishi. They plan to wait for a good reply, even if he decides to exercise his free agent option. They are not planning to make changes to their offer since they believe it is solid.

Source: Sponichi 11/1/2016

[UPDATE 11/2 @ 4:00pm]

Kishi told the media after practices at Seibu Prince Dome today that he wanted to test the free agent market. He is not necessarily looking to leave the team, but might if he gets a better offer.

Rakuten Eagles Vice Chairperson Senichi Hoshino seems ready to jump into negotiations as soon as Kishi officially becomes a free agent.

Source: Sports Hochi 11/2/2016, Nikkan Sports 11/2/2016Daily Sports 11/2/2016, Daily Sports 11/2/2016, Daily Sports 11/2/2016Sponichi 11/2/2016

[UPDATE 11/3 @ 12:19pm]

The Seibu Lions are not planning to get into a bidding war to keep Kishi. They feel they offered him a fair deal.

Source: Daily Sports 11/3/2016

The Rakuten Eagles might be preparing the uniform number 11 and a four-year deal that could be worth as much as 1.6 billion yen (total would include incentives and bonuses). The Seibu Lions’ offer is believed to about about 1.0 billion yen over four years.

Source: Sports Hochi 11/3/2016

[UPDATE 11/3 @ 10:00pm]

The Lions may have offered Kishi up to four years at about one billion yen (total).

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/3/2016

[UPDATE 11/3 @ 10:30pm]

The Eagles might offer Kishi a three-year deal worth over 1.2 billion yen and the uniform number 11.

The Lions may have first offered a two-year deal. Their last offer may have been four years.

Source: Sponichi 11/3/2016, Sponichi 11/3/2016


[9/6/2016] Takayuki Kishi scratched from today’s start

Takayuki Kishi was scratched from his start against the Rakuten Eagles at kobo Stadium today. Kona Takahashi was named as his replacement.

Kishi was a late scratch because he developed a fever.


[8/30/2016] Seibu Lions want to keep Takayuki Kishi in Saitama

Thirty-one-year-old Takayuki Kishi is in the final year of a three-year contract. The Seibu Lions are considering a number of options, including offering the right-hander another multi-year deal. Kishi earned his domestic FA option in 2014 and his international FA option last year. He missed about two months of the season this year with an injury to his right adductor, but still managed to notch his 100th career victory on August 16.

Source: Sports Hochi 8/30/2016, Daily Sports 8/30/2016