Mike, Kazuma 三家 和真 (みけ・かずま)
Born: 08/12/1993 (age 25)
Height: 180cm
Weight: 80kg
Bats: B
Throws: R
Blood Type: B
Hometown: Wakayama
History: 雑賀小学校, 西浜中学校, 市立和歌山高校, , 広島-信濃

[12/12/2016] Chiba Lotte Marines add Kohei Shibata, Kentaro Inomoto, and Kazuma Mike

The Chiba Lotte Marines held a press conference on December 12 and announced that they signed thirty-year-old outfielder Kohei Shibata, twenty-five-year-old infielder Kentaro Inomoto, and and twenty-two-year-old outfielder Kazuma Mike. The three players attended a tryout with the team during fall camp last month. Uniform numbers will be assigned at a later date.

According to media reports, Shibata agreed to a contract worth seven million yen and Inomoto and Mike each agreed to contracts worth five million yen.

Source: Lotte announcement, Nikkan Sports 12/12/2016Nikkan Sports 12/12/2016Nikkan Sports 12/12/2016

[UPDATE 12/20 @ 11:10pm]

Lotte announced today that Shibata was assigned the uniform number 00, Mike the number 61, and Inomoto the number  70.

Source: Daily Sports 12/20/2016


[11/13/2016] Chiba Lotte Marines to give three players a tryout

The Chiba Lotte Marines announced that they invited thirty-year-old Kohei Shibata, twenty-five-year-old Kentaro Inomoto, and twenty-three-year-old Kazuma Mike to a tryout during fall camp, between November 15 and 17.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/13/2016

[UPDATE 11/16 @ 5:39pm]

Mike played in an intra-squad game on November 16. He got the start center and batted ninth for the Reds. He went 2-for-2: single to left in the third, single to center in the fifth, HBP and one RBI in the sixth.

Source: Sanspo 11/16/2016

[UPDATE 11/18 @ 12:08am]

Shibata played in an intra-squad game on November 16. He started in center and batted seventh for the Whites. He reached on an error in his first at bat and promptly stole second. He grounded out to short and lined out to short in his next two at bats.

Source: Daily Sports 11/17/2016

[UPDATE 11/18 @ 5:35pm]

Shibata started in center and batted lead-off during an intra-squad game on November 17. He made a nice catch on defense in the first inning. He recorded a single to right in the bottom of the first and a timely triple to left-center in the second. He worked out an eleven-pitch walk in the fifth.

Source: Daily Sports 11/18/2016

[UPDATE 12/2 @ 9:14pm]

Lotte announced today that Inomoto, Shibata, and Mike passed their tryouts with the team.

Source: Daily Sports 12/2/2016