Tokyo Yakult Swallows (東京ヤクルトスワローズ)

Harutaka Kuramoto (Yakult): Did You Know



January 27 – Kuramoto currently weighs around ninety-four kilograms. At this time last year, he weighed about ten more kilograms.

Source: Daily Sports 1/27/2019


[1/24/2019] Ryota Igarashi returns to the Yakult Swallows

The Yakult Swallows held a press conference to formally announce the return of thirty-nine-year-old Ryota Igarashi. He was assigned the uniform number 53. According to media reports, the two sides agreed to a salary of twenty million yen plus incentives.

Igarashi began his NPB career when the Swallows selected him in the second round of the 1997 draft. He left the Swallows after the 2009 season through free agency and spent the next three seasons in the Majors. He returned to Japan in 2013 and signed with the Softbank Hawks.

Source: Yakult 1/24/2019, Daily Sports 1/24/2019, Tokyo Sports 1/24/2019, Sponichi 1/24/2019


[12/25/2018] Yakult Swallows finalize contracts with Balentien, Buchanan, Huff, McGough, Suarez

The Yakult Swallows announced that they finalized salaries and contracts for five foreign players.

(Salaries are estimates)

Source: Yakult 12/25/2018, Tokyo Sports 12/25/2018, Nikkan Sports 12/25/2018, Sponichi 12/25/2018, Sports Hochi 12/25/2018, Daily Sports 12/25/2018, Daily Sports 12/25/2018


[12/21/2018] Tomotaka Sakaguchi agrees to three-year contract

Thirty-four-year-old Tomotaka Sakaguchi finalized to a new three-year contract with the Yakult Swallows on December 21. The contract does not have a set salary, which means it will fluctuate year to year. His salary in 2019 will be an estimated 140 million yen, up 40 million yen from this year.

Source: Daily Sports 12/21/2018, Sports Hochi 12/21/2018, Sponichi 12/21/2018, Sanspo 12/21/2018


[12/13/2018] Yakult Swallows reach agreement with Albert Suarez

The media learned on December 12, through Yakult Swallows official Masayuki Okumura, that the Yakult Swallows have reached an agreement with twenty-nine-year-old Albert Suarez. The right-handed pitcher is the older brother of Softbank’s Robert Suarez.

Source: Sanspo 12/12/2018, Sanspo 12/13/2018


[12/11/2018] Nippon Ham, Yakult agree on two-for-two trade

The Nippon Ham Fighters and Yakult Swallows agreed on a trade. The Fighters will send twenty-seven-year-old Hirotoshi Takanashi and twenty-one-year-old Kengo Ota to the Swallows for twenty-nine-year-old Ryo Akiyoshi and twenty-seven-year-old Ryota Yachi.

Source: Nippon Ham 12/11/2018, Yakult 12/11/2018

[UPDATE 12/18 @ 10:44am]

The Fighters held a press conference for Akiyoshi and Yachi on December 17. They were assigned the uniform numbers 39 and 32, respectively.

Source: Nippon Ham 12/17/2018

[UPDATE 12/19 @ 1:09am]

The Swallows held a press conference for Takanashi and Ota on December 18. Takanashi was assigned the uniform number 14, Ota the number 46.

Source: Yakult 12/18/2018


[11/27/2018] Yakult Swallows add Hayato Terahara

The Yakult Swallows announced that they reached an agreement with Hayato Terahara. The Swallows see Terahara as someone that might be able to provide innings out of the bullpen. According to media reports, the two sides agreed to a one-year deal worth an estimated twenty-two million yen.

Source: Yakult 11/27/2018, Sanspo 11/27/2018, Nikkan Sports 11/27/2018, Sponichi 11/27/2018

[UPDATE 12/10 @ 12:50pm]

Terahara was assigned the uniform number 35.

Source: Sponichi 12/10/2018, Daily Sports 12/10/2018, Nikkan Sports 12/10/2018


[11/19/2018] Yakult Swallows uniform number changes

The Yakult Swallows announced uniform numbers changes for the following three players:

Source: Yakult 11/19/2018


Yakult Swallows 2019 Coaching Staff

Ichi-gun Coaching Staff

Uni Position Name
80 監督
小川 淳司
Junji Ogawa
86 ヘッドコーチ
Head Coach
宮本 慎也
Shinya Miyamoto
89 投手コーチ
Pitching Coach
田畑 一也
Kazuya Tabata
98 投手コーチ
Pitching Coach
石井 弘寿
Hirotoshi Ishii
81 打撃コーチ
Hitting Coach
石井 琢朗
Takuro Ishii
76 打撃コーチ
Hitting Coach
宮出 隆自
Ryuji Miyade
95 内野守備走塁コーチ
INF/Base Coach
土橋 勝征
Katsuyuki Dobashi
71 外野守備走塁コーチ
OF/Base Coach
河田 雄祐
Yusuke Kawada
83 バッテリーコーチ
Battery Coach
衣川 篤史
Atsushi Kinugawa
74 巡回コーチ
Roving Coach
杉村 繁
Shigeru Sugimura

Ni-gun Coaching Staff

Uni Position Name
99 監督
高津 臣吾
Shingo Takatsu
78 チーフコーチ
Chief Coach
橋上 秀樹
Hideki Hashigami
72 投手コーチ
Pitching Coach
小野寺 力
Chikara Onodera
84 投手コーチ
Pitching Coach
松岡 健一
Kenichi Matsuoka
82 打撃コーチ
Hitting Coach
Yuichi Matsumoto
85 打撃コーチ
Hitting Coach
北川 博敏
Hirotoshi Kitagawa
75 内野守備走塁コーチ
INF/Base Coach
森岡 良介
Ryosuke Morioka
73 外野守備走塁コーチ
OF/Base Coach
福地 寿樹
Kazuki Fukuchi
87 バッテリーコーチ
Battery Coach
福川 将和
Masakazu Fukukawa

Source: Yakult 10/31/2018


2018 Yakult Swallows Draft Results

Round Name Pos Team T B Ht Wt DOB NK SA SP SH DS TC
1 清水 昇
Shimizu, Noboru
P 国学院大
Kokugakuin U
R L 180 84 1996/10/15 A A A A A A
2 中山 翔太
Nakayama, Shota
OF 法政大
Hosei U
R R 185 95 1996/09/22 B B B B B B
3 市川 悠太
Ichikawa, Yuta
P 明徳義塾高
Meitoku Gijuku HS
R R 184 76 2001/03/29 B B B B B B
4 濱田 太貴
Hamada, Taiki
OF 明豊高
Meiho HS
R R 178 80 2000/09/04 B C B C B  
5 坂本 光士郎
Sakamoto, Koshiro
P 新日鐵住金広畑
Shin Nittetsu Sumikin Hirohata
L L 180 74 1994/09/09 B B B B B A
6 鈴木 裕太
Suzuki, Yuta
P 日本文理高
Nihon Bunri HS
R R 182 87 2000/08/02 C B C   C B
7 久保 拓眞
Kubo, Takuma
P 九州共立大
Kyushu Kyoritsu U 
L L 175 75 1996/07/27 C B        
8 吉田 大成
Yoshida, Taisei
INF 明治安田生命
Meiji Yasuda Seimei
R L 174 78 1995/03/07   C C      
I1 内山 太嗣
Uchiyama, Taishi
C 栃木 (BCL)
R R 172 77 1996/04/21     B      
I2 松本 友
Matsumoto, Yu
INF 福井 (BCL)
R L 180 82 1995/02/05 B C C   C