Chunichi Dragons (中日ドラゴンズ)

Hiroki Kondo: Did You Know



August 7 – Kondo announced on August 6 that he filed marriage papers with a twenty-six-year-old woman from Shizuoka on July 30. They are planning to hold a ceremony in December.

Source: Nikkan Sports 8/7/2018, Sponichi 8/7/2018


[7/28/2018] Ryosuke Hirata has a bruised left pinky

Ryosuke Hirata got the start in right against the Yomiuri Giants on July 28. He was hit by a pitch on his left pinky during his first at bat in the first inning. He was helped off the field for treatment and ultimately replaced by a pinch-runner.

Hirata was taken to a hospital in Tokyo for test and was diagnosed with a bruise.

Source: Sponichi 7/28/2018, Sports Hochi 7/28/2018, Nikkan Sports 7/28/2018


[7/25/2018] Zoilo Almonte hurt left wrist

Zoilo Almonte hurt his left wrist during a game against the Yakult Swallows at Jingu Stadium on July 21. He was taken off the active roster on July 22. He resumed practices on July 24 at Nagoya Stadium.

Almonte started feeling discomfort in left wrist earlier this month. He aggravated it when he struck out during the Yakult game on July 21. He was examined at a hospital in Nagoya on July 23, but nothing serious was discovered (just swelling).

Source: Sports Hochi 7/24/2018, Sponichi 7/24/2018, Nikkan Sports 7/24/2018


[7/24/2018] Steven Moya out with hamate fracture

Steven Moya hurt his right hand when he fouled off a pitch during his at bat in the eighth inning of a game against the Yakult Swallows on July 22. He was examined at a hospital in Nagoya on July 23 and diagnosed with a hamate fracture. He was taken off the active roster on the same day.

Source: Nikkan Sports 7/22/2018, Sponichi 7/23/2018, Sponichi 7/24/2018, Nikkan Sports 7/24/2018, Chunichi 7/24/2018


[7/20/2018] Chunichi Dragons interested in Joely Rodriguez

The Chunichi Dragons are interested in twenty-six-year-old pitcher Joely Rodriguez. According to Sponichi, the Dragons are planning to give Rodriguez a tryout. They see him as a possible left-handed option out of the bullpen.

Source: Sports Hochi 7/20/2018, Sponichi 7/20/2018

[UPDATE 7/26 @ 10:34am]

The Dragons held a press conference for Rodriguez on July 25. He was assigned the uniform number 57. According to media reports, the two sides agreed on a contract worth an estimated thirty million yen plus incentives.

Source: Chunichi 7/25/2018, Daily Sports 7/25/2018, Nikkan Sports 7/25/2018, Sports Hochi 7/25/2018


[7/20/2018] Chunichi Dragons add Hiroto Fuku to their seventy-man roster

The Chunichi Dragons announced on July 19 that they added Ikusei pitcher Hiroto Fuku to their seventy-man roster. His uniform number will change from 234 to 34.

Source: Chunichi 7/19/2018, Nikkan Sports 7/19/2018, Daily Sports 7/19/2018


[7/19/2018] Seibu Lions acquire Ryuya Ogawa in trade

Seibu Lions announced today that they acquired twenty-six-year-old Ryuya Ogawa in a trade with the Chunichi Dragons for cash considerations.

Source: Seibu 7/19/2018, Chunichi 7/19/2018, Sanspo 7/19/2018, Daily Sports 7/19/2018, Sponichi 7/19/2018


[7/7/2018] About the Yakult-Chunichi cancellation on Friday

The Yakult-Chunichi game at Nagoya Dome on Friday was canceled because the Swallows’ equipment truck was delayed.

The Yakult Swallows were in Hiroshima for three games prior to their series against the Dragons in Aichi. Their game against the Carp on Thursday was rained out. The team still held workouts at Mazda Stadium until the evening. Equipment was then loaded onto a truck. Yakult players headed to Nagoya and safely made it to the team hotel. The equipment truck lagged behind due to delays caused by heavy rains.

On Friday, representatives from Yakult and Chunichi discussed their options. The Dragons wanted to wait until about 5:45pm to make a decision and were willing to delay the start of the game by an hour. But 3:45pm, Chunichi announced that the game was being canceled.

The Swallows’ equipment truck left Hiroshima at around 7:00pm on July 5 and was scheduled to arrive in Nagoya at around 2:00am on July 6, but it did not arrive until about 4:30am on July 7. Incidentally, the Carp also traveled on Thursday. Their truck left at 4:15pm on July 5 and arrived in Tokyo on Friday morning.

This was the second game to be canceled because of delayed equipment. The first time was Nankai vs Nippon Ham at Korakuen on July 13, 1979 (traffic delays caused by a five in a highway tunnel).

Nagoya Dome Cancellations

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[6/29/2018] Chunichi Dragons top one million in attendance

The Chunichi Dragons topped one million in attendance on June 29, their thirty-fifth home game of the year. The Dragons needed thirty-eight home game to reach the same milestone last year.



[6/24/2018] Ryosuke Hirata sits out a game

Ryosuke Hirata was hit by a pitch on near his right knee during a game against the Yokohama Bay Stars on June 23. He did not participate in pre-game practices and was left out of the starting line-up on June 24.

The Chunichi Dragons did not want to push Hirata because he had problems with his right knee last year. Hirata is hoping to return to the starting line-up on June 26.

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