Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters (北海道日本ハムファイターズ)

[2/12/2018] New protective netting at Sapporo Dome

The Nippon Ham Fighters announced that they are adding new protective netting along the infield seats at Sapporo Dome. Construction will take place between February 14 and 26.

The new netting will come into view for people sitting in rows 1 through thirty on the first and third base infield sides.

Infield protective netting at Sapporo Dome was once removed in 2006. However, a woman lost sight in her right eye after a ball struck her during a Seibu – Nippon Ham game on August 21, 2010. The woman filed a lawsuit and the Sapporo High Court awarded her about 33.57 million yen in damages on June 2016.

Source: Nippon Ham 2/12/2018, Tokyo Sports 2/12/2018


[2/6/2018] Sho Nakata cuts short game of catch with shoulder discomfort

Sho Nakata felt some discomfort while playing catch on February 5 (local time) and was later examined at a hospital. The Nippon Ham Fighters do not think Nakata’s condition is serious. They believe he will be fine if they shut him down from throwing for a few days.

Source: Daily Sports 2/6/2018, Sanspo 2/6/2018, Sports Hochi 2/6/2018

[UPDATE 2/7 @ 4:10pm]

Nakata was examined at a hospital in Arizona on February 5 and 6 (local time) and diagnosed with inflammation in his right shoulder. He will be shut down from throwing at least until the start of the third block of camp on February 10.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/7/2018, Daily Sports 2/7/2018, Sports Hochi 2/7/2018, Sponichi 2/7/2018

[UPDATE 2/9 @ 2:38pm]

Nakata ended practices early on January 8 to get an injection to help him deal with the pain.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/9/2018


[2/5/2018] Nippon Ham Fighters: Sky Blue Alternate Uniforms

The Nippon Ham Fighters unveiled new sky blue alternate uniforms today as part of their fifteenth anniversary project.

The sky blue color is a part of the Fighters’ color palette and appears on the home uniform (left shoulder). The color represents the blue skies and the supportive cheering fans. Sky blue was selected as the base color as a reminder of the cheering fans.

The uniform is asymmetrical (a design element that has been used since 2004). By reworking the design but keeping things simple, the pattern is a reminder of how important the past is while moving forward into the future.

Hokkaido is written across the chest as a sign of pride. The cap also carries the H from Hokkaido.

The uniforms will be worn by players and coaches during the We Love Hokkaido 2018 series, as well as a number of other games.


Replica uniforms will be given away to ticket holders on May 5 and May 19; and a limited number to fan club members on April 21 and May 15.

Source: Nippon Ham 2/5/2018


[2/3/2018] Kohei Arihara shut down with shoulder inflammation

Kohei Arihara was examined (MRI) at a hospital in Arizona on February 2 and diagnosed with inflammation in his right shoulder. He will be shut down until the end of Arizona camp on February 14 and will be re-examined after he returns to Japan.

Arihara was set to toss a bullpen session on February 2, but the session was canceled. He also skipped playing catch.

Source: Sports Hochi 2/3/2018, Sponichi 2/3/2018, Nikkan Sports 2/3/2018, Tokyo Sports 2/3/2018, Daily Sports 2/3/2018


[1/30/2018] Nippon Ham Fighters and Oakley sign agreement

The Nippon Ham Fighters announced today that Oakley will be their official supplier for outer and training wear in 2018. Oakley’s relationship with the Fighters first began in 2016 when it supplied the team with training wear and caps during spring camp in Arizona. Nippon Ham decided to expand their agreement because players and staff were impressed with the Oakley brand.

(Mizuno will continue to supply their uniforms and caps.)

Source: Nippon Ham 1/30/2018


[1/26/2018] Nippon Ham Fighters: Asia Friendship Series in Hokkaido

The Nippon Ham Fighters announced on January 26 that they will be playing a two-game series against the CPBL’s Lamigo Monkeys as part of their fifteenth anniversary project.

Asia Friendship Series in Hokkaido

Tickets for all seats will be 1,000 yen.

Source: Nippon Ham 1/26/2018


[1/19/2018] Kotaro Kiyomiya slowed by bone contusion

Kotaro Kiyomiya hurt his right hand during rookie workouts at the Kamagaya facilities on January 18 — he felt tightness on the outer portion of his right thumb during weight training exercises. He was examined at a hospital in Tokyo today (x-rays and MRI) and diagnosed with a bone contusion on his right thumb.

Kiyomiya’s workouts will be limited for about a week. He will be re-examined on January 26. He should be okay to attend Ichi-gun spring camp.

Source: Sanspo 1/19/2018, Nikkan Sports 1/19/2018, ZakZak 1/19/2018, Daily Sports 1/19/2018

[UPDATE 1/23 @ 12:15am]

Kiyomiya resumed playing catch on January 22 (maximum distance of twenty meters at sixty to seventy percent). He told reporters he felt no pain and that throwing was never an issue. He is hoping to get the green light to resume hitting workouts after a follow-up examination on January 26.

Source: Daily Sports 1/22/2018, Nikkan Sports 1/22/2018, Sponichi 1/22/2018, Sanspo 1/22/2018

[UPDATE 1/26 @ 11:18am]

The Fighters announced on January 25 that Kiyomiya was re-examined (MRI) on the same day and cleared to attend spring camp in the United States. Ichi-gun players are scheduled to leave for Arizona on January 28.

Source: Nippon Ham 1/25/2018

[UPDATE 1/28 @ 2:38pm]

Kiyomiya resumed hitting practices on January 27 (soft-toss batting practice).

Source: Daily Sports 1/27/2018

[UPDATE 2/5 @ 4:06pm]

Kiyomiya did not take any batting practice during the first block of spring camp (February 1-3) because his thumb is still not fully healed. He has not taken any batting practice for five consecutive days. He might not do much hitting during the second block of spring camp either. The Fighters are being cautious because they do not want him to suffer any setbacks.

Source: Sponichi 2/5/2018


[1/17/2018] Ryosuke Kishisato has surgery to treat inguinal hernia

The Nippon Ham Fighters announced today that Ryosuke Kishisato had a procedure to treat a left inguinal hernia at a hospital in Tokyo. There were no complications during the surgery.

Kishisato will require about two months for a full recovery. He is expected to start a rehab program at the Kamagaya facilities after he is discharged from the hospital on January 20.

Source: Sanspo 1/17/2018, Nikkan Sports 1/17/2018


[1/15/2018] Nippon Ham Fighters: uniform number assignments

The Nippon Ham Fighters announced the following uniform number assignments today:

Source: Nippon Ham 1/15/2018


[1/6/2018] Nippon Ham Fighters add Nick Martinez

The Nippon Ham Fighters announced today that they reached an agreement with twenty-seven-year-old Nick Martinez. He has not yet been assigned a uniform number. According to media reports, the two sides agreed to a one-year contract worth an estimated 200 million yen plus incentives. The Fighters believe Martinez will be able to compete for a spot in the starting rotation.

Source: Nippon Ham 1/6/2018, Daily Sports 1/6/2018, Nikkan Sports 1/6/2018, Sponichi 1/6/2018, Sanspo 1/6/2018

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