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[3/25/2019] Akira Nakamura diagnosed with dysautonomia

Akira Nakamura had been making his way back from a right oblique contusion when he was also diagnosed with dysautonomia. He is getting rest at home and treatment at a hospital. It is uncertain how much time he will need for a full recovery.

Source: Tokyo Sports 3/23/2019, Nikkan Sports 3/23/2019, Sports Hochi 3/23/2019, Sanspo 3/23/2019, Daily Sports 3/23/2019, Sponichi 3/23/2019


[3/22/2019] Rakuten Eagles add Luis Jimenez to seventy-man roster

The Rakuten Eagles announced that they added Luis Jimenez to their seventy-man roster. His uniform number will change from 124 to 99.

Source: Rakuten 3/22/2019, Sponichi 3/22/2019, Daily Sports 3/22/2019, Sports Hochi 3/22/2019


[3/22/2019] Nick Martinez diagnosed with strain in forearm

Nick Martinez developed some discomfort in his right arm while pitching in a Ni-gun game against Yakult on March 20. The Nippon Ham Fighters announced on March 22 that Martinez was examined at a hospital in Sapporo and diagnosed with a strain in his right forearm flexor (first degree).

Martinez’s right arm will be shut down for two weeks and might require about four weeks for a full recovery.

Source: Nippon Ham 3/22/2019, Jiji 3/22/2019, Nikkan Sports 3/22/2019, Daily Sports 3/22/2019


91st Spring Koshien Schedule

First Round

Date Start Gm First Base Score Third Base
03/23 Sat 10:30 1 Kure
Shiritsu Wakayama
  13:00 2 Takamatsu Shogy
Kasukabe Kyoei
  15:30 3 Riseisha
03/24 Sun 9:00 1 Nissho Gakuen
  11:30 2 Meiho
  14:00 3 Yonago Higashi
Sapporo Otani
03/25 Mon 9:00 1 Tsuda Gakuen
Ryukoku Dai Heian
  11:30 2 Morioka DaiFu
Ishioka Daiichi
  14:00 3 Yamanashi Gakuin
Sapporo Daiichi
03/26 Tue 9:00 1 Chikuyo Gakuen
Fukuchiyama Seibi
  11:30 2 Koryo
Hachinohe Gakuin Kosei
  14:00 3 Tomioka Nishi
03/27 Wed 9:00 1 Akashi Shogyo
  11:30 2 Matsuyama Seiryo
  14:00 3 Keishin
Toin Gakuen
03/28 Thu 9:00 1 Kumamoto Nishi
Chiben Wakayama

Second Round

Date Start Gm First Base Score Third Base
03/28 Thu 11:30 2      
  14:00 3      
03/29 Fri 9:00 1      
  11:30 2      
  14:00 3      
03/30 Sat 9:00 1      
  11:30 2      
  14:00 3      


Date Start Gm First Base Score Third Base
03/31 Sun 8:30 1      
  11:00 2      
  13:30 3      
  16:00 4      


Date Start Gm First Base Score Third Base
04/02 Tue 11:00 1      
  13:30 2      


Date Start Gm First Base Score Third Base
04/03 Wed 12:30      

[3/14/2019] Seiichi Uchikawa hurts left wrist

Seiichi Uchikawa hurt his left wrist while running the bases during a game against the Yomiuri Giants on March 13. He was examined at a hospital in Fukuoka and diagnosed with a bone bruise on his left triquetrum. He will not travel with the team and will workout at the farm facilities in Chikugo. He might be able to rejoin the Ichi-gun team on March 20.

Source: Sponichi 3/14/2019, Daily Sports 3/14/2019, Sanspo 3/14/2019, Nikkan Sports 3/14/2019


[3/14/2019] Hiroshima Carp sign Juan Santana to Ikusei contract

The Hiroshima Carp announced that they signed twenty-four-year-old infielder Juan Santana to an Ikusei contract. His salary will be an estimated 2.3 million yen. He was assigned the uniform number 146.

Source: Hiroshima 3/14/2019, Sponichi 3/14/2019, Sanspo 3/14/2019, Daily Sports 3/14/2019, Nikkan Sports 3/14/2019, Sports Hochi 3/14/2019


[3/14/2019] Yokohama Bay Stars and Arizona Diamondbacks sign working agreement

The Yokohama Bay Stars and Arizona Diamondbacks have signed a three-year working agreement.

… As part of the agreement, the teams will exchange information and non-uniformed personnel with each other throughout the season, including regular visits to both Arizona and Japan.

… In addition to assistance related to professional scouting, player development, roster management, sports medicine and analytics, the teams will work with one another on fan experience, stadium operations, marketing and ticketing initiatives.

Source: Yokohama 3/14/2019, Arizona Press Release,


[3/14/2019] Takeya Nakamura slowed by ankle discomfort

The Seibu Lions announced on March 13 that Takeya Nakamura will spend time working out at Seibu 2 Stadium due to discomfort from his right ankle. He was scratched from a game against Orix on March 12 after he started feeling discomfort in the ankle during pre-game practices. He is slated to rejoin the Ichi-gun team on March 19.

Source: Tokyo Sports 3/13/2019, Nikkan Sports 3/13/2019, Sanspo 3/13/2019


[3/14/2019] Akira Nakamura out with contusion on right side

Akira Nakamura was taking a break from workouts and exhibition games after he developed discomfort in his right side on March 9. The Softbank Hawks announced that Nakamura was examined at a hospital in Fukuoka on March 12 and diagnosed with a contusion in his right oblique muscle.

Source: Daily Sports 3/13/2019, Sports Hochi 3/13/2019, Sponichi 3/13/2019, Nikkan Sports 3/13/2019, Sanspo 3/13/2019, Nishinippon Shimbun 3/13/2019


[3/13/2019] Tsuyoshi Nishioka to join Tochigi Golden Braves

The BC League’s Tochigi Golden Braves announced that they added thirty-four-year-old Tsuyoshi Nishioka to their roster. He was assigned the uniform number 1. A press conference is scheduled for March 18.

Source: Tochigi 3/12/2019, Sponiochi 3/12/2019, Nikkan Sports 3/12/2019, Sanspo 3/12/2019, Tokyo Sports 3/12/2019, Daily Sports 3/12/2019