2017 Central League Climax Series Schedule

Final Stage

Best of Seven (Hiroshima has one game advantage)
Yokohama leads series, 3-2.

Date Time Gm Venue Away Score Home Attendance Time
10/18 Wed 18:00 1 Mazda Stadium Yokohama
L: Ishida
0-3 Hiroshima
W: Yabuta
30810 1h37m
10/19 Thu 18:00 2 Mazda Stadium Yokohama
W: Hamaguchi
6-2 Hiroshima
L: Nomura
31165 3h40m
10/20 Fri 18:00 3 Mazda Stadium Yokohama
W: Ino
Sv: Y. Yamasaki
1-0 Hiroshima
L: Johnson
31279 3h23m
10/21 Sat 13:30 Mazda Stadium Yokohama rain out Hiroshima    
10/22 Sun 13:30 Mazda Stadium Yokohama rain out Hiroshima    
10/23 Mon 18:00 4 Mazda Stadium Yokohama
W: Wieland
4-3 Hiroshima
L: Yabuta
31311 3h26m
10/24 Tue 18:00 5 Mazda Stadium Yokohama   Hiroshima    
10/25 Wed 18:00 6 Mazda Stadium Yokohama   Hiroshima    

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2017 Pacific League Climax Series Schedule

Final Stage

Best of Seven (Softbank has one game advantage)
Softbank wins series, 4-2.

Date Time Gm Venue Away Score Home Attendance Time
10/18 Wed 18:00 1 YakuOku Dome Rakuten
W: Shiomi
Sv: Y. Matsui
3-2 Softbank
L: Higashihama
35125 3h5m
10/19 Thu 18:00 2 YakuOku Dome Rakuten
W: Song
Sv: Y. Matsui
2-1 Softbank
L: Senga
36380 3h31m
10/20 Fri 18:00 3 YakuOku Dome Rakuten
L: Fukuyama
5-7 Softbank
W: Iwasaki
Sv: Sarfate
35333 3h16m
10/21 Sat 13:00 4 YakuOku Dome Rakuten
L: Song
3-4 Softbank
W: Ishikawa
Sv: Sarfate
37455 3h21m
10/22 Sun 13:00 5 YakuOku Dome Rakuten
L: Mima
0-7 Softbank
W: Takeda
35387 2h41m
10/23 Mon 18:00 6 YakuOku Dome Rakuten   Softbank    
10/24 Tue 18:00 alt YakuOku Dome Rakuten   Softbank    
10/25 Wed 18:00 alt YakuOku Dome Rakuten   Softbank    

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2018 Hanshin Tigers Coaching Staff

Ichi-gun Coaching Staff

Position Name JPN Name ENG Uni Age
Manager 金本 知憲 Kanemoto, Tomoaki 6 49
Head/Hitting Coach 片岡 篤史 Kataoka, Atsushi 81 48
Strategy/General Coach 高代 延博 Takashiro, Nobuhiro 70 63
Chief/Fielding/Base Coach 平田 勝男 Hirata, Katsuo 78 58
Pitching Coach 香田 勲 Koda, Isao 90 52
Pitching Coach 金村 暁

Kanemura, Satoru

73 41
Battery Coach 山田 勝彦 Yamada, Katsuhiko 82 48
Hitting Coach 平野 恵一 Hirano, Keiichi 76 38
Infield/Base Coach 久慈 照嘉 Kuji, Teruyoshi 71 48
Outfield/Base Coach 中村 豊 Nakamura, Yutaka 87 44
Training Coach 伊藤 敦規 Ito, Atsunori 91 54

Ni-gun Coaching Staff

Position Name JPN Name ENG Uni Age
Manager 矢野 燿大 Yano, Akihiro 88 48
Pitching Coach 高橋 建 Takahashi, Ken 72 48
Pitching Coach 福原 忍 Fukuhara, Shinobu 85 40
Battery Coach 藤井 彰人 Fujii, Akihito 89 41
Hitting Coach 濱中 治 Hamanaka, Osamu 79 39
Fielding/Base Coach 藤本 敦士 Fujimoto, Atsushi 74 40
Fielding/Base Coach 筒井 壮 Tsutsui, So 96 42
Ikusei Coach 安藤 優也 Ando, Yuya 86 39
Ikusei Coach 新井 良太 Arai, Ryota 83 34

Source: Hanshin 10/23/2017


[10/22/2017] Hanshin Tigers interested in Ryoma Nogami

Thirty-year-old Ryoma Nogami earned his domestic free agent option last year. He may be thinking about exercising the option this winter. The Hanshin Tigers are interested and might consider pursuing him if he becomes available.

The Tigers are looking for additional arms for their starting rotation, particularly after they lost Randy Messenger to an injury and struggled to fill his spot. It did not help that Shintaro Fujinami needed to spend a bulk of time at Ni-gun making adjustments to his mechanics this year. Takumi Akiyama and Atsushi Nomi were the only two pitchers that managed to keep their spots in the rotation the entire season.

Nogami does like playing for the Seibu Lions and could end up staying with them, but is also said to be interested in listening to offers from other teams.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/22/2017


[10/22/2017] Softbank Hawks advance to Nippon Series

The Softbank Hawks beat the Rakuten Eagles at YafuOku Dome 7-0 today and took the Final Stage of the Climax Series, 4-2. The Hawks will advance to the Nippon Series for the seventeenth time in franchise history, and first time since 2015. The Hawks are the first Pacific League team to make the Nippon Series after losing the first two games of the Final Stage.

Kimiyasu Kudo was tossed into the air seven times; Seiichi Uchikawa five times. Uchikawa was presented with the Climax Series MVP. He went 7-for-18 with seven RBI and hit home runs in four straight Final Stage games.

[UPDATE 10/22 @ 10:04pm]

The Hawks prepared 3,000 bottles of beer, 480 cans of cola, four barrels of sake, and sixty bottles of sake for their post-game celebration.

Source: Tokyo Sports 10/22/2017, Sponichi 10/22/2017


[10/21/2017] Brad Eldred taken off active roster with wrist pain

Brad Eldred was taken off the active on October 21 after he developed pain in his right wrist earlier in the morning. The Hiroshima Carp decided to take him off the active roster because he was unable to take batting practice.

Source: Daily Sports 10/21/2017, Sponichi 10/21/2017, Nikkan Sports 10/21/2017, Nikkan Sports 10/21/2017

[UPDATE 10/22 @ 9:43pm]

Eldred will get the wrist checked out at a Hiroshima hospital early this coming week.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/22/2017


Phoenix League Rained Out on October 21 and 22

All games on October 21 were canceled due to rain.

  • Rakuten Eagles vs Softbank Hawks at Hyuga Okuragahama Baseball Ground
  • Yakult Swallows vs Chunichi Dragons at Saitobaru Sports Park Baseball Field
  • Yomiuri Giants vs Hanshin Tigers at Ivy Stadium
  • Seibu Lions vs Hiroshima Carp at Tenpuku Stadium
  • Yokohama Bay Stars vs Doosan Bears at Kiyotake Sogo Sports Park Baseball Stadium 2
  • Shikoku Island League vs Samsung Lions at Ikimeno Mori Stadium 2

Games on October 22 were canceled due to a typhoon.

  • Softbank Hawks vs Yomiuri Giants at Kiyotake Sogo Sports Park Baseball Stadium 2
  • Orix Buffaoes vs Rakuten Eagles at Ivy Stadium
  • Hanwha Eagles vs Seibu Lions at Nango Stadium
  • Chunichi Dragons vs Chiba Lotte Marines at Ikimeno Mori Stadium 2
  • Hiroshima Carp vs Yokohama Bay Stars at Tenpuku Stadium
  • Hanshin Tigers vs Nippon Ham Fighters at Hyuga Okuragahama Baseball Ground
  • Doosan Bears vs Yakult Swallows at Saitobaru Sports Park Baseball Field

[10/21/2017] Naoki Miyanishi considering his options

Thirty-two-year-old Naoki Miyanishi earned his international free agent option last year. He has already met with the Nippon Ham Fighters once after the season and was happy when they asked him to stay. He is open to staying, but is also interested in exploring the free agent market.

Miyanishi will be meeting with team officials for a second meeting later this month. He might not have a decision until November.

Source: Sports Hochi 10/21/2017, Nikkan Sports 10/21/2017, Sponichi 10/21/2017


[10/21/2017] Fukuda to be named new Dragons chief player rep

The media learned on October 20 that Nobumasa Fukuda will be named the new Chunichi Dragons’ chief player representative. The change will become official during a player meeting in November.

Fukuda will be taking over for Yudai Ono. Ono has been the Dragons’ chief player representative since 2016.

Source: Sponichi 10/21/2017


[10/21/2017] Japan Student Baseball Association Punishments

The Japan Student Baseball Association met on October 20 to determine punishments for the following cases:

High School

Game Suspensions

Tana (Kanagawa)
Bullying (internal)
Six months beginning on September 12
Tanabe (Kyoto)
Violence (internal)
Three months beginning on October 11


Imabari Nishi (Ehime) deputy director
Tresspassing, child prostitution/child pornography violation
Indefinite, beginning on July 25
Nabari (Mie) manager
Violence (internal)
One month beginning on September 11
Hachinohe Nishi (Aomori) manager
Violence (internal), abusive language
One year beginning on September 5
Gojo (Nara) manager
Violence (internal), abusive language
Six months beginning on August 24
Taira Koygo (Fukushima) director
Secret filming
One year beginning on August 25
Hidaka Nakatsu (Wakayama) director
Delayed report
One month beginning on September 23
Unnamed school manager
Violation of rules to protect youths
Indefinite, beginning on January 18
Toyama Kogyo (Toyama) manager
Violence (internal) and delayed report
Three months beginning on September 1
Sasebo Jitsugyo (Nagasaki) director
Violence (internal) and delayed report
Six months beginning on October 2
Momoishi (Aomori) director
Driving under the influence
One year beginning on September 28


Source: Jiji 10/20/2017


2018 Seibu Lions Coaching Staff News

October 21 @ 16:48 – The Seibu Lions announced the following changes/additions to their staff:

  • Eiji Kiyokawa – Ni-gun pitching coach > Ikusei coach
  • Toshihiro Iwao – batting practice pitcher
  • Tatsuyuki Uemoto – bullpen catcher
  • Yuji Onizaki – Ikusei coach

Source: Seibu 10/21/2017


[10/20/2017] Akira Nakamura’s home run hits spectator

Akira Nakamura hit a home run during tonight’s game against the Rakuten Eagles at YafuOkue Dome that hit a female spectator in the head. She was given treatment at the stadium and was then taken to a hospital because she suffered a laceration. She never lost consciousness.

The female spectator was wearing a Nakamura uniform at the time. The ball that hit her bounced into the terrace seats in front of her. The Softbank Hawks presented her with a game-used ball autographed by Nakamura.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/20/2017