Yoshitomo Tsutsugo: Did You Know

Tsutsugo apparently speaks better Spanish than English. He speaks to manager Alex Ramirez in Spanish.

Source: Tokyo Sports 2/16/2017


Tsutsugo hit the Hato Sabure sign out in right during a game against the Chunichi Dragons on July 12. The company presented the slugger with a year’s worth of Hato Sabure and a Hato Sabure cushion. A red star was placed on the billboard to mark the location.

Source: BayStars Sokuho @ NanJ


Tsutsugo signed a contract with baseball equipment supplier IP Select. He is currently using their Armonia Espada training bat.

Source: Sports Hochi 5/2/2017, Daily Sports 5/2/2017

Tsutsugo gifted special order Slugger baseball gloves to ten staff members before a Hanshin games on September 27, 2017. He wanted to thank them for their help and support.

Source: Sanspo 10/6/2017

Tsutsugo developed pain in his neck in June caused by a herniated disc. He played through the injury, despite feeling a lot of pain when swinging the bat.

Source: Sponichi 10/25/2017

Tsutsugo went out shopping for a necklace with a T or Y toward the end of the season, but none were in stock. He ended up purchasing a necklace with the letter S, for Super Tsutsugo.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/3/2017, Nikkan Sports 11/4/2017


October 24, 2017 vs Hiroshima at Mazda Stadium – Tsutsugo hit home runs in the fifth and seventh innings and became the thirteenth player (accomplished fourteen times) to hit two home runs in one Playoff/Climax Series game and the ninth player to hit home runs in consecutive plate appearances in one Playoff/Climax Series game.

Tsutsugo also hit a home run on October 23 and became the first player to hit three home runs in two Climax Series games.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/25/2017

Tsutsugo has five walk-off hits:

  1. 2012/08/25 against Yomiuri – double
  2. 2016/06/04 against Lotte – home run
  3. 2016/07/22 against Yomiuri – home run
  4. 2016/08/13 against Hiroshima – single
  5. 2017/07/23 against Yomiuri – home run

Source: Sponichi 8/14/2016, Sponichi 7/24/2017

Tsutsugo homerless streaks:

  • 2012, June to August, 142 plate appearances
  • 2012, September to October, 94 plate appearances
  • 2017, from the start of the season, 91¬†plate appearances

Source: Sanspo 4/28/2017


  • 2016 – 105kg
  • 2017 – 98 to 99kg

Source: Sanspo 7/3/2017

Salary Progression

  • 2010 – 8.00M
  • 2011 – 9.00M
  • 2012 – 12.00M
  • 2013 – 19.50M
  • 2014 – 16.00M
  • 2015 – 46.00M
  • 2016 – 100.00M
  • 2017 – 300.00M

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