[3/27/2017] Yomiuri Giants sign Kyosuke Takagi to Ikusei contract

The Yomiuri Giants announced today that they signed Kyosuke Takagi to an Ikusei contract after the NPB commissioner’s office accepted his request to be reinstated. He was assigned the uniform number 028 (starting over from zero plus his old uniform number).

The league discovered Takagi was involved in a gambling ring last year and issued a suspension that would last at least one year. The suspension tentatively ended on March 21. There was no guarantee he would be allowed back into the league, but the NPB commissioner accepted and approved his application.

Takagi spoke at a press conference held earlier today and again apologized for the things he did. He said he understood the gravity of his actions and promised never to gamble again. He said he knew it was not going to be easy to make up for all the wrongs he committed, but also felt that his only chance to make things right was through baseball.

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[UPDATE 3/28 @ 10:29pm]

Takagi’s Ikusei contract will be worth between 2.3 and 2.4 million yen (estimate).

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/28/2017, Sponichi 3/28/2017

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