[4/27/2017] Nippon Ham Fighters’s ten-game losing streak

According to Sports Hochi:

The Nippon Ham Fighters have been through five double-digit losing streaks in the team’s history:

  • fourteen-game losing streak: July to August 1984 (three ties)
  • eleven-game losing streak: May to June 2005 (two ties)
  • ten-game losing streak: August 1959 (one tie)
  • ten-game losing streak: July to August 1968 (one tie)
  • ten-game losing streak: April 2017 (no ties)

The Fighters are the third team in NPB history to go on a ten-game losing streak during the year after they finished in first place. The other two teams: 1961 Taiyo (eleven-game losing streak) and 1976 Hiroshima (eleven-game losing streak).

Source: Sports Hochi 4/27/2017

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