[5/23/2017] Kyo Okunami suspended after traffic accident

The Orix Buffaloes announced today that Kyo Okunami was involved in a traffic accident that resulted in injuries while driving with a suspended license (thirty-day suspension due to speeding). The Buffaloes are taking his actions very seriously and have already given him an indefinite suspension (no practices, dormitory confinement, dormitory service work).

The accident took place at around 19:30 on May 22. Okunami was on his way to a nearby convenient store when he attempted a left turn and crashed into a two-person motorcycle. A man and woman riding the motorcycle were taken to a hospital for minor injuries. They did not require a hospital stay.

Added additional information on 5/24/2017 @ 5:37pm.

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[UPDATE 8/3 @ 10:15pm]

The Buffaloes announced today that they terminated their contract with Okunami. The team was already planning to senryokugai him at the end of the season and felt the twenty-one-year-old might be better served if he was cut loose now. Okunami also reportedly told team officials that he wanted to return to Hiroshima as soon as possible so that he could get started on the next chapter of his life.

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