[5/27/2017] Shintaro Fujinami taken off active roster

Shintaro Fujinami was taken off active roster today and reassigned to Ni-gun for a tune-up. He practiced at the Ni-gun facilities today.

Source: Daily Sports 5/27/2017, Sponichi 5/27/2017

[UPDATE 5/19 @ 4:34pm]

Fujinami is slated to start a Ni-gun game on June 3 against Chunichi on seven days of rest.

Source: Nikkan Sports 5/29/2017

[UPDATE 6/3 @ 9:12pm]

Fujinami started a Ni-gun game against Chunichi earlier today. He allowed a run on three hits over five innings of work. He walked one, struck out five, and topped out at 154km/h.

Fujinami gave up a run on a walk and two hits in the first inning. After that, he allowed just one infield hit.

Source: Sports Hochi 6/3/2017, Nikkan Sports 6/3/2017, Daily Sports 6/3/2017Sponichi 6/3/2017

[UPDATE 6/11 @ 12:11am]

Fujinami started a Ni-gun game against Softbank today. He gave up two runs on four hits over six innings. He threw 116 pitches, walked five, and struck out eleven. He put runners on first and second, the struck out three in a row to end the first inning. He topped out at 155km/h.

Source: Daily Sports 6/10/2017, Daily Sports 6/10/2017, Nikkan Sports 6/10/2017, Nikkan Sports 6/10/2017Sponichi 6/10/2017

[UPDATE 6/16 @ 7:02pm]

Fujinami started a Ni-gun game against Orix today and tossed six shutout innings. He threw ninety-nine pitches, allowed two hits, walked/hit five, threw two wild pitches, struck out ten, and topped out at 157km/h.

Source: Nikkan Sports 6/16/2017, Daily Sports 6/16/2017

[UPDATE 6/17 @ 3:57pm]

Fujinami apparently threw 230-240 pitches on June 16: ninety-nine during the game and the rest during a bullpen session before the game.

Source: Nikkan Sports 6/17/2017

[UPDATE 6/21 @ 12:21pm]

Fujinami was scheduled to start another Ni-gun game on June 23 against Hiroshima at Koshien Stadium. However, his outing was pushed back a day to June 24 because Koyo Aoyagi is now slated to start the game on the 23rd.

Modified information based on newer update from 6/21

Source: Nikkan Sports 6/20/2017, Nikkan Sports 6/21/2017

[UPDATE 6/24 @ 4:10pm]

Fujinami started a Ni-gun game against Hiroshima today. He gave up two runs on five hits over seven innings of work. He walked two, struck out seven and topped out at 154km/h.

Source: Daily Sports 6/24/2017, Sponichi 6/24/2017

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