[6/15/2017] Osaka Shinkin obtains naming rights to Maishima Stadium

Osaka City Dome announced today that they signed Osaka City Shinyo Kinko to a naming rights contract for Maishima Baseball Stadium. Beginning today, and for a period of three years, the official name of the stadium will be Osaka City Shinyo Kinko Stadium, or City Shinkin Stadium.

The stadium has hosted amateur baseball games since it opened in April 1996. Osaka City Dome gained exclusive rights to the stadium and various properties around the stadium for fifty years in April 2016. Osaka City Shinyo Kinko has helped promote baseball in Osaka through its own tournament, the Osaka Shinyo Kinko Cup. The tournament celebrated its twenty-eighth anniversary this year.

Source: Osaka City Dome 6/15/2017, Nikkan Sports 6/15/2017

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