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[2/15/2019] Yuki Yanagita suffers mild leg injury

Yuki Yanagita developed discomfort in the back of his right thigh while running during workouts on February 14. He was examined at a hospital in Miyazaki and diagnosed with a mild injury to his right external hit rotator. His workouts will be adjusted over the next two to three days. Assuming everything goes smoothly, he could return to regular workouts on February 19.

Source: Sanspo 2/15/2019, Daily Sports 2/15/2019, Sports Hochi 2/15/2019, Sponichi 2/15/2019, Nikkan Sports 2/15/2019


[2/15/2019] Koya Takahashi has elbow surgery

The Hiroshima Carp announced that Koya Takahashi had surgery on his left elbow (medial collateral ligament reconstructive surgery and ulnar neurolysis) on February 14. He will most likely miss the entire 2019 season.

Source: Sports Hochi 2/15/2019, Nikkan Sports 2/15/2019, Sanspo 2/15/2019, Daily Sports 2/15/2019


[2/13/2019] Sho Nakata strains leg during practice game

Sho Nakata hurt his right leg during a practice game against the NC Dinos (KBO) on February 11. He was examined at a hospital on the same day and diagnosed with a strain in his right adductor. It might be about three weeks until he is ready to play in games again.

Source: Sponichi 2/13/2019, Nikkan Sports 2/13/2019, Daily Sports 1/13/2019, Tokyo Sports 1/13/2019


[2/13/2019] Daisuke Matsuzaka diagnosed with shoulder inflammation

Daisuke Matsuzaka developed discomfort in his right shoulder after a fan yanked his arm during an informal high-five session a few days ago. The Chunichi Dragons announced on February 11th that they decided to shut down Matsuzaka’s throwing arm to avoid further complications. The veteran was examined at a hospital in Okinawa on February 12 and diagnosed with inflammation in his right shoulder. He could end up traveling to Nagoya or the Kanto area for additional tests.

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[UPDATE 2/15 @ 12:59am]

Matsuzaka left Okinawa on February 14. The Dragons announced that he will get additional tests and treatment for his shoulder on February 15. He is slated to provide Chunichi officials with a report on his status on February 16. Daily Sports is also reporting that Matszuaka’s throwing arm might be shut down for at least two weeks.

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[UPDATE 2/17 @ 11:34am]

Matsuzaka is not expected to rejoin the team in Okinawa this month. He will instead spend most of his time in Nagoya for rehab and treatment. Assuming no issues, he might be able to resume throwing some time in early March and be ready to join the Ichi-gun team in May.

Source: Sanspo 2/16/2019, Nikkan Sports 2/16/2019, Sponichi 2/16/2019, Sports Hochi 2/16/2019, Daily Sports 2/16/2019


[2/8/2019] Makoto Aiuchi reassigned to Ni-gun camp

The Seibu Lions announced that they reassigned Makoto Aiuchi to Ni-gun. The media is reporting that the decision was made because Aiuchi developed pain in his left knee.

Source: Seibu 2/8/2019, Nikkan Sports 2/8/2019


[2/8/2019] Takero Okaijma to have shoulder surgery

Takero Okaijma is planning to have surgery on his left shoulder some time earlier next week. He will most likely require about six months for a full recovery.

Okajima was examined at a hospital in Chiba on February 6 and joined Ni-gun camp in Kumejima on February 8. He has had problems with his shoulder since he dislocated it during a game against Orix on July 23, 2017.

Source: Sanspo 2/8/2019

[UPDATE 2/13 @ 10:46am]

Okajima went under the knife at a hospital in Chiba on February 12. The procedure lasted about two hours and was complete in the morning. He will most likely require over six months for a full recovery.

Source: Sanspo 2/13/2019, Nikkan Sports 2/13/2019, Sponichi 2/13/2019, Daily Sports 2/13/2019. (added additional sources on 2/14 @ 1:17am)


[2/8/2019] Michihiro Ogasawara suffers orbital floor fracture

Chunichi Dragons’ Ni-gun Manager Michihiro Ogasawara struck his face when he fell from his bed at his hotel room on February 7. He was taken to a hospital in Okinawa for tests after attending a pre-practice meeting. The Chunichi Dragons announced today that Ogasawara was diagnosed with a right orbital floor fracture. He did not suffer any other damages and is expected to resume his managerial duties on February 9.

Source: Daily Sports 2/8/2019, Sports Hochi 2/8/2019, Sponichi 2/8/2019, Nikkan Sports 2/8/2019


[2/3/2019] Yuta Kuroki diagnosed with elbow inflammation

Yuta Kuroki was taken to a hospital in Miyazaki after complaining of discomfort in his right elbow. An MRI revealed some ligament inflammation on the medial side of the elbow. His arm will be shut down as he begins a rehab program.

Source: Sanspo 2/3/2019, Daily Sports 2/3/2019, Nikkan Sports 2/3/2019


[2/3/2019] Shosei Nakamura diagnosed with stress fracture in rib

Shosei Nakamura was examined at a hospital after developing pain in the right side of his back during batting practice. The Hiroshima Carp announced today that he was diagnosed with a stress fracture in the first rib on his right side. He will be reassigned to San-gun for rehab and treatment.

Source: Sponichi 2/3/2019, Nikkan Sports 2/3/2019, Daily Sports 2/3/2019


[2/3/2019] Shuto Takajo out with calf strain

Shuto Takajo developed tightness in his left calf during the first day of spring camp on February 1. He was examined at a hospital in Miyazaki on February 2 and diagnosed with a grade 1 strain in his left gastrocnemius muscle.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/2/2019, Daily Sports 2/2/2019

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