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[3/8/2019] Takahiro Norimoto to have elbow cleaned out

The Rakuten Eagles announced that Takahiro Norimoto will have his right elbow cleaned out at a hospital in Tokyo on March 11. Norimoto decided to have the surgery after he was examined at a hospital earlier this month. A timetable for his recovery will be released after he goes under the knife.

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[UPDATE 3/13 @ 11:07am]

The Eagles announced on March 12 that Norimoto had surgery on his elbow on March 11 and will require about four months for a full recovery.

Source: Rakuten 3/12/2019, Daily Sports 3/12/2019, Sponichi 3/13/2019, Nikkan Sports 3/12/2019


[3/8/2019] Daichi Takeyasu has some discomfort in his right shoulder

Daichi Takeyasu might not make the opening day Ichi-gun roster due to discomfort in his right shoulder. His condition does not appear to be serious, but the Orix Buffaloes do not want to rush Takeyasu and will most likely have him make his way back up to Ichi-gun after working out at Ni-gun.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/8/2019


[3/8/2019] Yoshio Itoi slowed by leg inflammation

Yoshio Itoi tweaked his legs when he slipped during fielding practice on March 5. Hanshin Head Coach Masaji Shimizu told reporters on March 7 that doctors found some inflammation in the veteran’s legs. Shimizu also said the injury was not serious and that doctors gave Itoi the green light to move around.

Itoi was originally slated to play in his first exhibition game on March 12, but might not see his first game until around March 16.

Source: Daily Sports 3/8/2019, Nikkan Sports 3/8/2019


[3/6/2019] Tomoaki Egawa has surgery on his lower back

The Softbank Hawks announced that Tomoaki Egawa had surgery to treat a herniated disc in his lower spine at a hospital in Tokushima. He will remain in the hospital for about ten days and will require around three months for a full recovery.

Egawa strained his back just before the start of spring camp on January 28. He opted for surgery after consulting with doctors.

Source: Sponichi 3/6/2019, Sanspo 3/6/2019


[3/6/2019] Tetsuya Utsumi diagnosed with mild strain in left forearm

Tetsuya Utsumi felt discomfort in his left forearm after pitching in an exhibition game against Hiroshima on March 2. The Seibu Lions announced that Utsumi was examined at a hospital in Tokyo on March 4 and diagnosed with mild strain in his left flexor digitorum superficialis muscle. He could end up missing the start of the regular season.

This is not the first time Utsumi has had problems with his left forearm. He missed some time during the 2015 season with inflammation in the same general area.

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[3/4/2019] Kotaro Kiyomiya tweaks right wrist while fouling off pitch

Kotaro Kiyomiya hurt his right wrist while fouling a pitch off during his at bat in the ninth inning of an exhibition game against Yokohama at Sapporo Dome on March 3. He was pulled from the game as a precaution. Kiyomiya also hurt he same wrist last fall and had additional problems with it last month.

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[UPDATE @ 10:37pm]

The Nippon Ham Fighters announced that Kiyomiya was examined at a hospital in Tokyo today and diagnosed with a fracture in his right hamate bone. A timeline for his recovery has not yet been released. Surgery could be an option.

The NPB also announced that Kiyomiya will not participate in the Japan vs Mexico exhibition games later this month. No one will be taking his spot on the roster.

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[UPDATE 3/5 @ 2:36pm]

According to the latest reports, Kiyomiya will have (or may have already had) surgery on his wrist today.

Source: Sports Hochi 3/5/2019, Sponichi 3/5/2019

[UPDATE 3/6 @ 10:11am]

Kiyomiya had surgery on his wrist at a hospital in Tokyo on March 5. There were no complications. He will begin a rehab program at the Ni-gun facilities in Kamagaya on March 12 and will most likely need about three weeks for a full recovery. 

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[3/2/2019] Kazuki Tanaka twists right ankle during Lamigo game in Taiwan

Kazuki Tanaka hurt his right ankle during an exhibition game against the Lamigo Monkeys (CPBL) on March 1. He was chasing after a ball in right during the sixth inning when he hurt his right ankle. He had difficulty walking and had to be taken off the field on a stretcher. He was able to walk on his own when the team returned to their hotel after the game. The Rakuten Eagles are not too concerned. There is a good chance he will not be able to participate in the upcoming Samurai Japan series against Mexico (March 9, 10).

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[UPDATE @ 10:42pm]

The NPB announced that Orix’s Koji Oshiro will replace Tanaka on the Samurai Japan roster.

Source: Samurai Japan 3/4/2019, Sponichi 3/4/2019, Sports Hochi 3/4/2019, Daily Sports 3/4/2019, Nikkan Sports 3/4/2019


[2/25/2019] Daiki Enokida returns to Tokyo with shoulder tightness

The Seibu Lions announced that Daiki Enokida returned to Tokyo to continue his workouts at Seibu 2 Stadium. The reason for the move, according to media reports, is likely because Enokida has some tightness in his left shoulder.

Source: Seibu 2/25/2019, Nikkan Sports 2/25/2019, Sponichi 2/25/2019


[2/25/2019] Ko Shimozuru tweaks leg while running bases

Ko Shimozuru hurt his left leg while running the bases during the sixth inning of a practice game against the Nippon Ham Fighters on February 23. He was taken to a hospital in Okinawa for tests and diagnosed with some inflammation in his left hamstring.

Source: Daily Sports 2/23/2019, Sanspo 2/23/2019, Sports Hochi 2/23/2019


[2/22/2019] Sho Iwasaki has some inflammation in his right elbow

Sho Iwasaki was examined at a hospital in Fukuoka after developing discomfort in his right elbow. He returned to Miyazaki on February 21 and told reporters there was some inflammation in the elbow. He also told reporters he should be able to resume playing catch in about a week.

Source: Daily Sports 2/21/2019, Nikkan Sports 2/21/2019