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[6/15/2018] Hiroki Uemoto has left knee surgery

The Hanshin Tigers announced on June 15 that Hiroki Uemoto was discharged from a hospital in Osaka after successful reconstructive surgery on his left knee (anterior cruciate ligament) and some rehab. Uemoto hurt his knee when he slid into second base during a game against the Chunichi Dragons at Koshien Stadium on May 5. He had to be taken off the field on a stretcher.

Source: Hanshin 6/15/2018, Nikkan Sports 6/15/2018, Daily Sports 6/15/2018, Sanspo 6/15/2018

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[6/15/2018] Tsuyoshi Ishizaki has elbow cleaning

The Hanshin Tigers announced on June 15 that Tsuyoshi Ishizaki was discharged from a hospital in Osaka after having successful surgery to clean his right elbow.

Source: Hanshin 6/15/2018, Daily Sports 6/15/2018, Nikkan Sports 6/15/2018


[6/15/2018] Hanshin Tigers reach agreement with Efren Navarro

The Hanshin Tigers announced today that they reached an agreement with thirty-two-year-old Efren Navarro.

Source: Hanshin 6/15/2018

[UPDATE 6/18 @ 1:59am]

The Tigers held a press conference for Navarro on June 17. He was assigned the uniform number 99. According to media reports, the two sides agreed to a one-year contract worth an estimated 300,000 US dollars.

Source: Hanshin 6/17/2018, Sanspo 6/17/2018, Daily Sports 6/17/2018, Sports Hochi 6/17/2018, Nikkan Sports 6/17/2018, Tokyo Sports 6/17/2018

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[6/9/2018] Hanshin Tigers exploring overseas market

According to a number of reports from this morning, the Hanshin Tigers are exploring the overseas market. Possible interests include thirty-two-year-old Efren Navarro (currently seems to be the front-runner), thirty-one-year-old Nick Buss, and twenty-seven-year-old Kennys Vargas.

The Tigers added Wilin Rosario during the winter with hopes that he would be enough to get them through the season, but he was taken off the active roster on June 3 because of his struggles at the plate. The front office is now considering other alternatives, including the possibility of finding someone that might be able to supplement Rosario, and not necessarily replace him.

Source: Sponichi 6/9/2018, Sports Hochi 6/9/2018, Daily Sports 6/9/2018, Nikkan Sports 6/9/2018, Sanspo 6/9/2018

[UPDATE 6/10 @ 1:06pm]

The Tigers may be close to finalizing a deal for Navarro, according to at least two media sources from this morning.

Source: Sports Hochi 6/10/2018, Daily Sports 6/10/2018


[5/26/2018] Hanshin Tigers top one million in attendance

The Hanshin Tigers topped one million in attendance in their twenty-fourth home game of the season (one fewer game than last year). They are the first team to reach one million this season.



[5/9/2018] Shintaro Fujinami tosses seven shutout innings at Ni-gun

Shintaro Fujinami got a start against Ni-gun Orix on May 8 and tossed seven shutout innings. He faced twenty-seven hitters, gave up five hits, walked two, struck out nine, and topped out at 154km/h. He threw 102 pitches, seventy for strikes.

Source: Hanshin 5/8/2018, Daily Sports 5/9/2018


Hiroki Uemoto: Did You Know


May 4 vs Chunichi at Koshien Stadium – Uemoto recorded a modasho in his third straight game. He is the first Hanshin Tiger to get modasho in three consecutive games since Matt Murton in 2013. Murton also set the franchise record of four in 2013. The Central League record of five was set by Michio Nishizawa in 1954.

Source: Daily Sports 5/5/2018, Daily Sports 5/4/2018, Nikkan Sports 5/5/2018


[5/5/2018] Hiroki Uemoto hurts leg while stealing second

Hiroki Uemoto hurt his left leg while sliding into second base during a stolen base attempt in the first inning of today’s game against the Chunichi Dragons at Koshien Stadium. He could not get up and had to be taken off the field on a stretcher. He was taken to a hospital in Amagasaki for tests.

Source: Sports Hochi 5/5/2018, Sports Hochi 5/5/2018, Daily Sports 5/5/2018, Nikkan Sports 5/5/2018, Sanspo 5/5/2018

[UPDATE 5/6 @ 11:59pm]

Uemoto was taken off the active roster today. He was examined by a team doctor at the stadium clubhouse and diagnosed with a possible anterior cruciate ligament injury. He is scheduled to undergo additional tests.

Source: Nikkan Sports 5/6/2018, Sanspo 5/6/2018, Daily Sports 5/6/2018, Sponichi 5/6/2018

[UPDATE 5/9 @ 1:19am]

The Tigers announced on May 8 that Uemoto was examined at a hospital in Osaka and diagnosed with an ACL injury. There is no timetable on his recovery.

Source: Sanspo 5/8/2018, Sponichi 5/8/2018


[4/26/2018] Marcos Mateo taken off active roster

Marcos Mateo was taken off the active roster today because he has plans to return to the Dominican Republic for the birth of his child.

Source: Nikkan Sports 4/26/2018


[4/16/2018] Randy Messenger earns domestic FA option

Thirty-six-year-old Randy Messenger earned his domestic free agent option today with eight years of service time on the active roster. Messenger told reporters he was not interested in playing for another team and that he wanted to finish his career with the Hanshin Tigers.

Messenger is the ninth foreign player to earn a free agent option. He will not count against the foreign player cap next year.

Source: Sanspo 4/16/2018, Nikkan Sports 4/16/2018, Daily Sports 4/16/2018, Daily Sports 4/16/2018

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Seibu 143 79 61 3
Rakuten 143 77 63 3
Orix 143 63 79 1
Nippon Ham 143 60 83 0
Lotte 143 54 87 2
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