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[1/12/2018] Seibu hires Jose Fernandez as US scout

The Seibu Lions announced on January 12 that they added Jose Fernandez to their staff as an international scout in charge of the US region, effective January 1.

Fernandez spent eleven seasons in the NPB. He played for Lotte (2003), Seibu (2004-2005, 2010-2011), Rakuten (2006-2008, 2012), and Orix (2009, 2013).

Source: Seibu 1/12/2018


[1/7/2018] Kazuhisa Makita reaches agreement with San Diego Padres

Kazuhisa Makita has apparently signed a two-year deal worth close to four million US dollars with the San Diego Padres, according to Jon Heyman. The Seibu Lions later announced that Makita reached an agreement with San Diego. The Padres also made an official announcement at their site.

Source: San Diego 1/6/2018, FanRag Sports 1/6/2018, Sanspo 1/7/2018, Nikkan Sports 1/7/2018, Daily Sports 1/7/2018, Tokyo Sports 21/7/2018, Sports Hochi 1/7/2018

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Naoaki Matsumoto: Did You Know


Matsumoto (27) filed marriage papers with a twenty-seven-year-old woman in March 2017. The two met when they were students at Kantaiheiyo University.

Source: Sports Hochi 12/20/2017


Shogo Noda: Did You Know


Noda went on a three-day fast that consisted of drinking nothing but water and cold pressed juice between December 7 and 9, 2017. His weight dropped from 71 to 67.5 kilograms. He now plans to add muscle and make it to spring camp next year at around seventy kilograms.

Source: Sports Hochi 12/18/2017, Nikkan Sports 12/18/2017


[12/18/2017] Seibu Lions take Hayato Takagi as FA compensation

The Seibu Lions and Yomiuri Giants announced today that the Lions selected twenty-eight-year-old pitcher Hayato Takagi as part of their compensation package for losing thirty-year-old pitcher Ryoma Nogami to the Giants via free agency.

Takagi spent three years in the Yomiuri organization after being selected in the third round of the 2014 draft. In sixty-seven games and 308.0 innings of work, he went 15-21 with a 3.56 ERA and 1.21 WHIP.

Source: Seibu 12/18/2017, Yomiuri 12/18/2017, Nikkan Sports 12/18/2017, Tokyo Sports 12/18/2017, Sponichi 12/18/2017

[UPDATE 12/20 @ 2:45pm]

The Lions held a press conference for Takagi today. He was assigned the uniform number 20.

Source: Seibu 12/20/2017

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Seibu Lions: 2018 Spring Camp

Seibu Lions 2018 Spring Camp Details

Group A (Planned)

February 1 (Thu) – 18 (Sun)
Days Off: February 5 (Mon), 10 (Sat), 15 (Thu)

Venue: Nango Chuo Park in Nichinan, Miyazaki

February 20 (Tue) – 25 (Sun)
Days Off: —

Venue: Haruno General Sports Park in Kochi

Group B (Planned)

February 1  (Thu) – 23 (Fri)
Days Off: February 5 (Mon), 10 (Sat), 15 (Thu), 19 (Mon)

Venue: Haruno General Sports Park in Kochi

Additional information will be added to this post as it becomes available.

Source: Seibu 12/18/2017


[12/16/2017] Kochi Haruno General Sports Park to undergo renovations ahead of spring camp

The media learned on December 15 that the indoor practice facilities at Kochi Haruno General Sports Park will be redone with artificial turf. The practice facilities are currently dirt. People close to the situation have told reporters that the Seibu Lions asked for the change to artificial turf and that the facilities will be ready for spring camp.

The new turf at the facilities will be made by Sekisui Jushi and will be similar to what is used at Nagoya Dome and Sapporo Dome. The total cost is expected to be about 140 million yen.

Source: Sports Hochi 12/16/2017


[12/12/2017] Tomoya Mori returns to Japan after hurting knee

The Seibu Lions announced on December 12 that Tomoya Mori will return to Japan after he hurt his left knee. Mori felt discomfort in the knee while running out an infield grounder during a Melbourne Aces game three to four days ago.

Mori’s condition does not seem to be serious, but the Lions did not want to take any chances and decided to call him back from Australia. He will undergo tests after he returns to Japan.

Source: Tokyo Sports 12/12/2017

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[12/12/2017] Seibu Lions add pitchers Neil Wagner and Fabio Castillo

The Seibu Lions announced today that they reached agreements with pitchers Neil Wagner and Fabio Castillo. The thirty-three-year-old Wagner was assigned the uniform number 12 and the twenty-eight-year-old Castillo the number 47.

According to media reports, Wagner’s deal will be worth 800,000 US dollars and Castillo’s 900,000 US dollars. The Lions are planning to use Wagner in relief and Castillo in the starting rotation.

Source: Seibu 12/12/2017, Daily Sports 12/12/2017


[12/11/2017] Seibu Lions receive list of players from Yomiuri Giants

Seibu Lions’ official Haruhiko Suzuki told the media on December 11 that they received a list of unprotected players from the Yomiuri Giants. The Lions will check the list to see if there is a player they want as part of their compensation package for losing Ryoma Nogami. They are hoping to reach a decision by December 25.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/11/2017, Sponichi 12/11/2017

[UPDATE 12/14 @ 4:50pm]

The Lions are planning to select a player as part of their compensation package. Pitching is a priority, but they are also open to selection a position player as well.

Source: Daily Sports 12/14/2017, Sponichi 12/14/2017, Sports Hochi 12/14/2017

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